Our best experiences for your family ski vacations

All over the Alps, our teams have found the best experiences for your family ski holidays. Discover the wonders of the mountain by our side.
Our best experiences for your family ski vacations
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It's a trip that we prepare with care and that we expect at the end of the summer. Young or old, first time, or a regular on the slopes - the joys of winter sports are limitless with the family. 

With Le Collectionist , choose your luxury chalet for an unparalleled ski vacation, put on your skis and take your whole tribe on board in our unique experiences carefully selected by our teams in the four corners of the Alpine resorts. Whether for your French Alps holiday or a Swiss Alps holiday, in all our destinations, the choices are endless to experience an extraordinary stay.


A trip to the mountains with the family is first and foremost the opportunity to tackle the slopes. Our luxury ski chalets are hidden in the most beautiful ski areas in the world. Experts, intermediaries or beginners, your whole tribe will find something for it.

Family ski holidays are a great way to come together. Go with your children and ski down the ski slopes together. Our Tailors have concocted many activities to allow you to experience unique moments with your loved ones during your luxury holidays in the snow. 


Torchlight descent

It is a magical, extraordinary experience that can be experienced in all our destinations. After a typical fondue in your alpine chalet, take your tribe to the top of the slopes and meet an experienced ESF instructor. For parents, we start the evening with a good glass of mulled wine, and for the little ones, a large glass of apple juice with cinnamon. At nightfall, set your torches on fire and set off on a magical descent through the immaculate snow and snow-capped fir trees. It is a delight and an original way to discover the resorts off the beaten track.

As a family, alongside the best teachers

If ski lessons are a must for beginners to better understand the snow, it can be frustrating for parents not to be with their children for these magical first times. To enjoy the pleasure of luxury ski holiday with them, nothing better than going on a private family excursion. Leave accompanied by our experts who will give the best advice to young and old alike. Share their know-how, their experience and discover the most remote corners of the ski areas in complete safety.


Is there a better way to visit the Alps with your children than to browse the fresh snow to meet mountain animals? This is what our luxury lifestyle concierge offers you through 3 unique experiences.  From Megève to Courchevel, here are three adventures to experience as a family.

Walk with furry companions 

Create magical memories for your children that will remain etched in their memories for a long time. Discover the wonderful world of mushers, drivers of sleds pulled by a team of dogs, the greatest mountain experts.

Put down your suitcases in a luxury chalet in Megève and go meet Bruno's dogs. During this walk, you get lost in the beauty of the large snow-covered spaces and in the absolute tranquility of Mont du Villard.


On Courchevel ski holidays, get on board alongside Guy. He has been walking the paths with his companions for 27 years. He will share with your family all his love for his animals and alpine nature. Departing from Champagny, 30 minutes from the resort, go for a magical family walk in the middle of the fir forest. It's a memorable activity, one of our favorites for a luxury family holiday .

Tobogganing and horses in Megève

In Combloux, just 15 minutes from the wonderful little resort of Megève, drop your children off on a sledge pulled by ponies in the powder. From 1 year old, it's a real adventure! Give them the reins and walk safely through the primitive forests, with a breathtaking view of Mont Blanc. Adults will not be left out since they can also participate in this activity.

Reindeer breeding in Megève

Take a jump to the frozen tundra in the middle of the French mountains and amaze your children as you explore the last reindeer herding in France. This refuge preserved between the pines offers you an immersive experience, between a bucolic walk with these animals of winter tales and meeting the owners to learn the secrets of breeding. An essential activity for families with children. 


This timeless meeting can end with a private dinner in a yurt where you can taste the wonders of the region. When the night comes, the Chalet Varan welcomes tired families in a typical alpine atmosphere combined with touches of modernity. 


During your family vacation, let your children discover the riches of the winter sky by digging into our experience notebook. If admiring the panoramas for the little ones is always impressive from the top of the ski lifts, nothing better than to roll your eyes or walk among the clouds to really enjoy these breathtaking views. 

Hot air balloon flight 

Several resorts offer this exciting activity from the age of 6. When conditions allow it, we witness the breathtaking spectacle of the balloon inflation then we take a seat aboard the basket for a ride between 45min and 1h15 depending on the winds.

In Megève, like Jules Vernes, you fly over the Aravis range or the Vanoise natural park. At the first light of day or at sunset, the 360 ​​° panorama is always breathtaking.


The climb is gentle, a feeling of freedom invades us as we brush against the treetops and get lost in the clouds. At the top of our climb, the children are delighted - this is an adventure not to be missed on a luxury France holiday.

Head in the stars at Gonergrat in Zermatt

Now let's go to a must-see place for your family Swiss Alps holiday . If you have chosen to go to Zermatt then it is imperative that your children discover the Gonergrat observatory. Under the unique starry ceiling of the mountain, at 3,100 meters above sea level, learn to recognize the different constellations and navigate using a star map under the watchful eye of local guide Peter Salzmann.


Young and old, the apotheosis is reached when visiting the dome of the observatory. This atypical construction dating from 1950 has something of a design by George Lucas. An astronomer will introduce you to the huge telescopes, one by one. The history of the sky and the universe is always a fascinating subject for children, especially when one adds to it the stories and legends of the Greek gods told around the constellations.


With our heads full of legends, we return to bed the children in the warmth of Chalet Hornil in Zermatt. In the early morning, this bright, charming house overlooking the small town of Zermatt is the perfect refuge for the little ones to spy on the comings and goings of the animals in the valley. Ibex , chamois, deer and marmots, all are there for our greatest pleasure.

Are you tempted by these experiences? With our luxury lifestyle concierge, discover all our experiences during your stays in our most beautiful destinations.

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