Chalet des Soeurs and the rebirth of a convent in Megève

Isabelle and her husband Vivian went behind the scenes of their project: Chalet des Soeurs, a former convent in the heart of Megève transformed into a luxury chalet.
Chalet des Soeurs and the rebirth of a convent in Megève
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Isabelle Fali and her husband Vivian Ronez are passionate about real estate; they transform and renovate properties to put them up for sale or for rent. As a true tandem, the couple put their respective know-how at the service of their business and Megève, specifically, holds a very special place in their hearts.

Coming from the world of fashion, architect and decorator Vivian Ronez had already had a foothold in this mountain village for twenty years, where he had worked for several ready-to-wear boutiques. He passed on this love for the region to his wife, who was also entranced by the resort's special atmosphere.It’s in the heart of this village's narrow streets, where the architectural and historical gem that is Chalet des Soeurs is located, and one of the most beautiful homes in the world.




Isabelle Fali and Vivian Ronez already knew the region and its potential. As owners of their own family chalet, they invested in apartments and, in 2014, a chalet of incredible dimensions for the center of Megève: Chalet Aneo. On the strength of this successful experience, they became interested in the historic building just in front of it, which would soon become Chalet des Soeurs.

It was a former monastery that was a major landmark in Megève, but had been abandoned for many years and was falling into disrepair. To save it, the town hall launched a call for tenders, and the couple's project was selected. In 2017, the major renovation began and now after all the extensive work, we understand why.




In 2017, work began and lasted two years.  At first, the locals were reluctant to let "outsiders" take over a piece of their heritage, but ultimately they were amazed to see the chalet’s traditional design brought back to life. On the contrary, the chalet is sublimated by following the traditional aesthetic. It was in December 2019 that the first visitors passed through the door. It's success is there thanks to the luxurious quality of Chalet Des Soeurs combined with the exceptional location in the heart of the village, which is extremely rare for a property of this scale. 

Isabelle Fali's favourite moment? The end of the renovations, this magical moment when the project materialised and the building revealed all of its newfound splendour to the world. During the illumination of the fir tree of Megève, Chalet des Soeurs was presented to everyone's eyes. This inauguration was a milestone for the couple and the team in charge of the work, in celebrating the rebirth of part of the village's history. 



Vivian Ronez imagined the place and its layout, then called on local craftsmen, including Atelier Création Bois in Saint-Gervais, renowned for its carpentry work. Driven by a real desire for authenticity and conviviality, the couple decided on a decoration that contrasted with the neighbouring chalet, which is more modern and sophisticated. Thus, Chalet des Soeurs answers the eternal question of luxury: how to combine tradition and modernity? Tangy colours awaken the warmth of old wood, while the designer furniture blends perfectly with the exposed beams. The contemporary aesthetic gives this chalet steeped in history a modern atmosphere, balancing between elegance and conviviality. 

“We really like contemporary art and style, which we wanted to integrate into the decoration, just like color. The wood is quite dark, we had to compensate by bringing light into the chalet.”



Around the imposing fireplace is a spacious and welcoming living room. The curves of the sofa correspond to the lines of the Lounge Chair and the coffee tables. While comfortably seated on a bar chair, the outdoor landscape is displayed like an ultimate work of art. In summer, you are surrounded by greenery with a bird's eye view of the garden; in winter, the landscape is even more magical, enveloped in a thick blanket of sparkling snow.


Ideally located in the center of MegèveChalet des Soeurs gives a new vision of holidays in the mountains. Restaurants, bars and shops are easily accessible on foot. It is possible, and even encouraged, to leave the car aside during this parenthesis in this white paradise. We then adopt a slower pace, closer to nature and the amenities of the village , conducive to disconnection and relaxation. 

“... being able to be in the heart of the village, to open a door and go to a restaurant, have a drink, shop, go on the slopes but at the same time, once the door is closed, find yourself in a haven of peace with all the necessary comfort.”




Chalet des Soeurs is a special place with luxurious amenities: heated swimming pool, hammam, sauna, and cinema room. A multitude of spaces are dedicated to well-being and entertainment but the real luxury is spending quality time with your loved ones between its old wooden walls. Its location right in front of  Chalet Aneo also makes it possible to combine the best of the two buildings and to organise meetings in very large groups. Therefore, this 400 m2 chalet offers an ample amount of space that is rare in Megève




Discover the essential things to do in Megève:

  • Stroll through the galleries and discover new artists
  • Take a walk in the alpine surroundings
  • Soak up the atmosphere of this little fairytale village
  • Spend a day on the slopes

Try Isabelle Fali's favourite addresses: 

  • The White Owl in the heart of the village
  • The Delicium in Rochebrune for an Italian parenthesis
  • L'Epicurie, a delicatessen with exceptional products
  • Le Fournil de Megève, for a gourmet break

Chalet des Soeurs can be discovered with Le Collectionist. Let us create your tailor-made ski holidays in our luxury chalets in Megève.

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