A tour of El Chiringuito Ibiza: Restaurant and Beach Club

Under the blazing sun of Ibiza, in the south of the island, lies El Chiringuito. More than just a beach club, it promises an exceptional day of relaxation.
A tour of El Chiringuito Ibiza: Restaurant and Beach Club
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Wake up in your villa carefully selected by Le Collectionist and set off towards the beaches in the south of the island. On todays program: we take you to discover El Chiringuito for a restful and gourmet day, with your feet in the warm sand of the White Island.

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It's a real pilgrimage during our luxury holiday in Spain: the Ibiza beach bar tour. The long beach of El Chiringuito in Ibiza is an enchanting setting, ideal for perfecting your tan, and surrender to the pleasure of the excellent service.


Lie on your towel on a soft sunbed: we guarantee that it's an unforgettable experience. 

The bar

After a refreshing swim in the sparkling blue water of Ibiza, roll back unto your sunbed and let the scorching Balearic sun dry your skin. What if we paired this afternoon with a cocktail carefully prepared by the bar of El Chiringuito


The menu is varied, rich in many cocktails with captivating flavours, full of invigorating juices for the body and soul. We advise you to decorate it with our favorite cocktail of the eponymous name of the bar, El Chiringuito, composed of rosé, strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and blueberry. As a group, don't hesitate to share a sangria made from fruit and fresh juice, served in a carafe for a convivial moment in the sun. 

Afternoon immersed in music

What would a beach club be without a musical background to rock you? Each year, El Chringuito prides itself on offering its customers sets beautifully prepared by the resident DJs of the establishment. With your feet in the water, in the restaurant or on your towel, music is everywhere to accompany your best days. 


Breakfast in the sun

In the early morning, rush to El Chiringuito to fully appreciate a breakfast in the freshness of the early hours. To start the day off well, recharge your batteries with one of the many juices with delicate flavours available at the restaurant's bar. You can also enjoy toasts, pancakes and pastries accompanied by homemade smoothies for a very complete brunch. 

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Meals by the beach

The love of the island and its riches is felt in every plate that comes out of the kitchen of Chef Jérome Palayer. In this restaurant in Ibiza, the dishes are made to highlight the products of the sea and the land of the island and the chef's French roots are clearly present on the menu. 


For lunch and dinner, enjoy these delicious dishes in a warm and relaxed setting. For lovers of typical charcuterie, you will be delighted by the restaurant's selection of Iberian hams.  

Small hollow at the beach

In addition to the typical catering, El Chiringuito offers its guests something to satisfy small appetites throughout the day. The club sandwiches are substantial and can be served on your sun beds, to enjoy with your feet in the sand! We particularly like the lobster rolls accompanied by homemade fries - we couldn't ask for a more refined snack. 



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Home for children

If you are going on holiday in Ibiza with your family, know that this club has a whole program especially aimed for kids. In addition to the joys of the beach and the building of sandcastles by the water's edge, the restaurant offers a dedicated space for them to have fun: painting masterpieces, making bracelets and meeting people's other children. A menu is also entirely devoted to their little stomachs. 

Events on El Chiringuito beach

On this private island beach, in this uncluttered and particularly sophisticated setting, you can also book to celebrate your precious moments by the water. Give them control, express your desires and let the team take care of everything.  


After a beautiful day between gastronomy and relaxation, it is high time to come back to enjoy your magnificent luxury villa rental in Ibiza.

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