The best month to visit Ibiza: September

You may think summer is over after August. But those in the know will tell you that when it comes to Ibiza, it’s all about September. Close the summer in style, and enjoy one of our favourite months in Ibiza.
The best month to visit Ibiza: September
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While July and August are fun months to visit Ibiza, they’re also notoriously busy. You might find it hard to book tables at the island’s top restaurants or find a villa to stay in. This is why September is a great opportunity to come back to the island. Much like the beginning of summer, things are less busy. Everything feels more laid back, and the island starts to go back to its usual pace.

ibiza september

ibiza september

September is a month of two halves. The beginning brings more of a chilled vibe as the heat begins to release its grip. You’ll also find a little more space on the roads, in the clubs and on the beaches.  However, as we move to the end of the month, and the first of the closing parties start taking place, you’ll see the dance crazy crowds filling the island once more to wave their goodbyes for the year to the idyllic island of Ibiza.

Ibiza weather in September

The weather in September in Ibiza is great as temperatures drop from the crazy 30’s into the more manageable 20’s. You can finally stop wiping your upper lip every 4 seconds. Long lunches become the norm as the weather gets more tolerable. And many are taking to the quieter beaches to enjoy the true beauty of the island. Everyone has time to sit to take in the views and chat about the past season. It’s the ideal time to reflect and a time to really enjoy the island.

ibiza september

End the summer in style

Although the island is slowing down, there's still so much to see and do. From guided walks, paddle boarding excursions or a shopping spree at the hippy market it's all just a little more well... Ibizan.

The back end of the month also becomes all about the closing parties as everyone goes all out to end the summer with a bang. Closing parties in Ibiza are world renowned. Think in-demand DJ’s, all day parties, after parties and more, right until the first weekend of October.

Although, for those taking advantage of September with children or family, it's not just all about parties in Ibiza. The beaches are quiet then, and the sea is warm enough to paddle and to swim, if you are a little braver. It is more relaxed and laid back with a little less to do but still enough to keep everyone occupied. If you're going on holiday with family, check out our tips to have the best Ibiza family holidays.

ibiza september

However come at this time and stay a few days after the closing parties and you can enjoy deserted beaches. There are also no queues at the bar and prime seats in restaurants are all yours for the taking.

Benirras Beach

We all know what clubs have on offer, but why not explore some of the other options across the island? One of our favourites in September is the beautiful Benirras beach. The beach is not so crowded anymore, there are plenty of places to park, and the swimming is perfect. It's quite extraordinary. No wonder Conde Nast voted Benirras one of the top 10 beaches in the world. It's also where at sunset the drummers come together to lead the sun in the sky down towards the sea. It really is an event not to be missed.

If you need more ideas on where to spend your island sunset, check out our article on the best sunset restaurants Ibiza has to offer.

ibiza september

ibiza september

Wine tasting

Late August to early September is one of the best times to taste wine in Ibiza. Most of the wineries organise guided tours to discover their facilities and fields, as well as to observe the harvest. They also offer wine tastings to the most gourmet visitors looking to experience Ibiza through its flavours.

Besides the own vintages, very appreciated in the different houses, there are four wineries with controlled designation of origin: Can Maymó and Sa Cova, located in Sant Mateu d'Albarca, Ibizkus in Santa Eulària des Riu, and Can Rich, in Sant Antoni de Portmany. The latter is the only cellar on the island that produces ecological wines in all its varieties: red, white, rosé and sparkling. They all prepare wines harvested under the “Vino de la Tierra Illes Balears” label, a geographical indication used to designate the traditional wines of Ibiza.

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