Best holiday destinations in April: Our agenda

Discover the best holiday destinations in April: for those who know how to avoid the summer crowds while taking advantage of the mild temperatures.
Best holiday destinations in April: Our agenda

In May, you're free to do as you wish! But why not jump the gun and go on holiday in April? With the imminent arrival of sunny days, the start of spring and warming temperatures, it's the perfect opportunity to avoid the summer crowds while enjoying fabulous landscapes in luxury holiday destinations.

Whether you choose to go to France or abroad, with family or friends, thanks to this guide, you can discover the best holiday destinations in April.


It's a pleasure to take advantage of the low season to discover new cultures! In April, you are as close as possible to the locals, you take advantage of the absence of the crowd to live like a resident. There are a multitude of pleasures to experience in April: seeing nature reborn little by little under the first rays of the spring sun, trees budding, flowers blooming. Need more inspiration? Here is a peek at our selection of the best holiday destinations April, to be discovered in more detail in the rest of the article:

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best holiday destinations in april IN europe

Only a few hours by train or plane, there are a multitude of European destinations, each more charming than the next. Browse our article to find out the best holiday destinations in April in Europe (to be published soon). Here is an overview with 4 of our favorite destinations in Europe in April, for a weekend or 2 weeks, with family or friends:  

Best holiday destinations for a weekend in April: The magic of Dubrovnik


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There's nothing like taking a few days to disconnect and enjoy the magic of spring. When you are wondering
what the best holiday destinations for a weekend in April (to be published soon) is, Croatia is an ideal answer. Dubrovnik, one of the most popular cities in the Mediterranean, is nicknamed "the Pearl of the Adriatic" and it isn't without reason. A weekend in Dubrovnik is synonymous with poetry, adventure and a change of scenery. Lose yourself in the old walled city, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a walk on the embankments which offer you an exceptional panorama of both the city and the sparkling water as far as the eye can see. While easter in Croatia doesn't usually make you think of chocolate: Croatians decorate eggs in a thousand colors before offering them.

Take a gourmet break by tasting an ice cream on the city's main artery, the Stradun, and stroll on its paved stones polished by the footsteps of locals and tourists for centuries. With the comfortable temperatures, you can even go for a walk with your feet in the water, without the tourist crowds of summer. 

Where to stay in Dubrovnik and its surroundings?

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In Villa Ivica, immerse yourself in a totally peaceful atmosphere. You are a stone's throw from a private beach, restaurants and bars. Its clear yet deep tones make it an ideal haven for a luxury holiday in Croatia. In the evening, the surroundings of the swimming pool light up for a moment of intimate relaxation.

For more weekend ideas in April, check out our article: best holiday destinations for a weekend in April (to be published soon).

Best holiday destinations in April for 3 days: the charm of Corsica


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If you are wondering what the best holiday destination is in April for 3 days (to be published soon), Corsica is our number one option: it is a destination that combines the sea air, the adventure of mountain hikes and the pleasure of local specialties. From North to South, it hides the perfect spots for a wonderful long weekend.

Enjoy the tranquility of the beaches of Corsica in April, when the temperatures have risen, but the crowds have yet to show. For the more daring, you can try to jump in for an awakening swim. For others, you can admire the landscapes by going for a hike along the coast. We have made a selection of the best images of beaches in Corsica on the Isle of Beauty for you. The fine sandy beaches and the magnificent coves near Propriano are our favourite, with their stunning colors and translucent waters.

Where to stay in Propriano?

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Villa Colomba is an architectural gem in the heart of the Isle of Beauty, not far from Propriano,
that blends into lush nature with its green roof and organic shapes. This villa is the perfect place to recharge your batteries in April, with its soothing pastel tones and stunning sea views.

Formore ideas, explore our article: Best holiday destinations in April 3 days (to be published soon).

Best holiday destinations in April for 5 days: discovering Tuscany

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Italy is a clever mix of architecture, culture, gastronomy and nature. With its mild temperatures and calm atmosphere, the region of Tuscany is the best holiday destination in April for 5 days (to be published soon). The fields are adorned in red with the flowering of poppies and the fruit trees are bright, offering up idyllic landscapes. The medieval city of Lucques is great to visit in the spring; strolling through its alleys and walls in a privileged manner. The month of April is also an opportunity to discover the antique markets and take home a piece of history in your suitcase.

Not far away is Florence, the cradle of the Italian Renaissance as evidenced by its majestic monuments such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, or the famous Ponte Vecchio. Between luxury designers, young emerging designers and vintage boutiques, Florence is also the ideal place for a shopping session during your luxury holiday in Italy. In April, the International Handicrafts Market (Mostra Mercato Internazionale dell Artigianato) is held in Piazza Adua, in the heart of the city where the know-how of artisans is in the spotlight from cosmetics to jewelry, clothing, local products, and more.

Where to stay in Tuscany?
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Casa Lucca is a new-wave villa, mixing raw materials in harmony with the surrounding wild nature, and a modern design dotted with contemporary works full of character. The infinity pool blends into the mountainous landscape and allows you to fully experience the Tuscan atmosphere during the tranquility of April. And if you want to make it even more grand, you can even arrive by
helicopter to the villa.

For more ideas, explore our article: Best holiday destinations in April for 5 days (to be published soon).

Best holiday destinations for a long vacation: an enchanted break in Antiparos

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The Greek island of Antiparos is our destination of choice for an exotic holiday in April and a real break away from it all. With the feeling of being at the end of the world, its soft immaculate white architecture, narrow streets with adorable cats resting everywhere, its colorful flowers with tantalizing aromas, you'll never want to leave this island. After a winter break, it is in April that Antiparos once comes alive for you to enjoy the view without the summer crowds.

Antiparos has an exceptional, relaxed atmosphere. You can taste the specialties while strolling through its streets like a local enjoying the mild Mediterranean temperatures and in the evening, admire the sunset from Sifneiko Beach, on the sand, or at Sifneiko Cafe

Where to stay in Antiparos?

The CollectionVilla Ariane is to be taken in with its touches of acidulous colors in the middle of an infinity of white. Not a single neighbor - in the middle of nature, you are accompanied by the only noise of the elements and animals. In the evening, enjoy a cocktail on the terrace around the outdoor bar, with a breathtaking view of the sea.

For more ideas for a long vacation in April, explore our article: Best places to holiday in april (to be published soon).

best destination in april for a sun-holiday

After long winter months, synonymous with days that end at snack time, heavy sweaters and a few colds, we have only one desire: to find the heat and the blue sky. Our body needs vitamins D, to have a tan and especially to enjoy delicious cocktails in the sun. The question of what the best destination in April is for a sun-holiday (to be published soon) is therefore crucial. Here is an overview of our holiday ideas:

Where to go for a week in April in the sun: the tranquility of Ibiza


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In April, head for Ibiza: not to party surrounded by the crowds of tourists, but to discover the authentic side of this Balearic island, peaceful and untouched. Ibiza undergoes a metamorphosis during the high season and becomes the well-known spot of the international nightlife scene. You will then meet people from all walks of life united for a common cause: to party. But in Spring, with its mild temperatures and empty beaches, Ibiza has a special air. You can experience the island as close as possible to the local-way, according to their habits.

Explore the capital Eivissa as if you were alone in the world and discover its most authentic facets. You can walk through the almost deserted streets of the city and enjoy the special atmosphere of April in Ibiza. You can even be one of the first visitors to the Punta Arabi Hippy Market and stroll between artisans' and locals' stalls.

Where to stay in Ibiza?

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Villa Can Mut is the ideal place to extend your authentic experience of Ibiza by spending your evenings in a the island's typical country home, a finca. . Between the onset of excellent weather and cool temperatures at night, there is a subtle blend of warm interior and welcoming exterior. With lush nature, warm woods and bright colors, all of these give the villa a bohemian atmosphere that is reminiscent of the hippie age of Ibiza. We love to take advantage of the terrace and the curvaceous outdoor swimming pool.

For more ideas, explore our article: Best holiday destinations in April for sun (to be published soon).

Warm holiday destinations in April: Head for Marrakech


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If you want to find temperatures like July in April, Morocco is your best bet. Visiting Morocco, and more particularly Marrakech and its surroundings, in spring once again allows you to avoid the crowds and the hot summer heat of up to 35 degrees. Take a tour of the souk, smell its intoxicating scents and work on your negotiating skills with the merchants.

Discover part of the Moroccan heritage by going to the palm grove not far from the city to lose yourself in the middle of tropical nature and countless palm trees and walk its many hectares with our guide. And maybe even stop to taste the local specialties in the restaurants in the heart of the palm grove.

Where to stay in Marrakech?

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Riad Massa is a jewel in the heart of Marrakech with its patio surrounded by greenery, forming an oasis around the swimming pool. The decoration boasts tradition and design in a clever mix of genres. The best part: take advantage of the presence of the butler and a chef to fully experience your vacation.

For more ideas, explore our article: Warm holiday destinations in april (to be published soon).

Adventures in April: Discovering Portugal

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Once again, the advantage of spending a luxury holiday in Portugal in April is the low influx of tourist. You will be able to quietly discover the most popular places in the country. The Portuguese capital is a place of history and to experience it up close, we suggest for you to take the legendary tram. One of our favourite spots to take a break is the TimeOut Market to taste the specialties of Lisbon before resuming the visits.

With its wild and bohemian vibe, the fishing village of Comporta has become a privileged destination for holidays in Portugal immersed in luxury and nature. Explore its beaches and rice fields, on horseback or by bike, while taking advantage of the mild spring temperatures of around 19 degrees, neither too hot nor too cold. Take advantage of the low season to enjoy a shellfish dish accompanied by a glass of Alentejo wine at the Comporta Café, which is usually crowded with tourists in the summer.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, hides the jewel of Portugal: the island of Madeira. For a timeless stroll, go to the village of Santana, with its colorful little traditional houses surrounded by spring growth. The 'island of flowers' lives up to its name as it is in April that the flower festival is held, an event not to be missed in Funchal, the largest city on the island. On the program: a parade, and construction of the wall of hope by children as a symbol of peace. After the festivities, go for a walk in the colorful flower market.

Where to stay in Madeira?

The CollectionThe panoramic view from Casa Madeira speaks for itself: the infinite views of the sea offers you an incredible sight from the comfort of your holiday home. This cocoon is the ideal place to enjoy the pleasures of April. The town centre and its shops are within walking distance, as well as the sea, of course.

For more ideas for an adventure in April, explore our article: Best hot holiday destinations in April (to be published soon).

best holiday destinations in april in france

Changing the vibe does not necessarily mean changing country. France has the advantage of having a multitude of landscapes: you can get lost in the landscapes of the end of the world of Brittany, immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Saint-Tropez and its sparkling blue sea, or explore the wild territories of the French Alps ... Between architecture and nature, France reveals its hidden secrets to those who know how to find them. Discover our article: Best holiday destinations in April in France (to be published soon). And here are three of our favorite destinations for a vacation in France in April:

Where to go in April in France in the sun: Saint-Tropez


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The South of France is not only reserved for idleness. Direction the Côte d'Azur, and more precisely Saint Tropez for its beautiful beaches and its friendly atmosphere. Our pleasure for the arrival of spring: a stracciatella ice cream from Barbarac to enjoy in the port, facing the sea

Behind its reputation as a festive city where the night scene is in full swing, an intimate small village atmosphere endures, especially in low season when you will have the city to yourself.

Where to stay in Saint-Tropez?

The CollectionWith its exposed stones and its heated infinity pool, Villa Charles blends into the seaside landscape. This blue of the pool, the sea and the sky, as far as the eye can see, is mesmerizing. Between the deckchairs and the garden furniture, the exterior offers an ideal environment for a relaxing holiday. But its access to the beach that is the absolute luxury of Villa Charles. Inside, the clean lines of the decoration blend with the dark tones of the wood. After a day of exploring the surroundings, sit back on the large sofas to watch a movie with family or friends.

Discover other sunny inspirations in our article: Best destination in April for a sun-holiday (to be published soon).

Best family holiday destination in April, the Breton option


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Brittany is an exceptional place for luxury holidays in France, with its green landscapes rubbing shoulders with a turquoise sea worthy of tropical islands. In the Pays de l'Aven, the town of Névez is renowned for its beautiful stone houses with blue shutters, surrounded by hydrangeas. You can stroll on the beach, with your feet in the water, and feel the invigorating freshness of the sea in early spring. Maybe even let yourself be tempted by a picnic on the sand.

The village of Pont-Aven is closely linked to pictorial art. Nature is part of the period buildings which have attracted many painters, including Gauguin. This atmosphere, both bohemian and bucolic, is found at the heart of the paintings of then and the galleries of today.

The month of April is the perfect opportunity to discover the city of Concarneau which, on every first Sunday of the month when spring arrives, bans all vehices to make the city fully pedestrian. Discover the coast in a different way with a peaceful stroll.

Where to stay in Finistère?

The CollectionIn the heart of the wild nature of Finistère, Villa des Voiliers offers you total peace, with the birds and their chirping as the only neighbors, but above all a clear view of the sea from the garden. To fully appreciate it, take a seat in the outdoor jacuzzi or in the swimming pool, depending on what you prefer.

For more inspiration for families: Best family holiday destinations in April (to be published soon).

April in the mountains, head to the French Alps


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You know the adage: in April, don't find yourself thinking it's summer just yet. Let's take it literally, by heading for the French Alps and their icy expanses. They are the ideal playground for your children, from toddlers to teenagers, with their magical atmosphere. Try your hand at the art of skiing with the family with the comfortable temperatures of spring and sunny days.

When your hands are numb with the cold and your nose turns red, it's time to warm up in a warm spot with a unique mountain vibe. Stop at Maison Chevallot: located in Tignes and Val d'Isère, this legendary address is run by an award-winning patissier, and offers gourmet pastries and pastries accompanied by tasty hot chocolate.

Where to stay in Tignes?

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Chalet Izzara is a paradise for children and adults who have kept their carefree nature. Between chalet, cabinet of curiosities, and a playground, this vacation rental has all the luxury you desire. Sit on the edges as a sofa, or play with the children in the ball pool in their room. When the children are asleep, take advantage of the swimming pool or sauna for a well-deserved rest.

best family holiday destinations in april

Between work and school, it is sometimes difficult to spend quality time with the family. Take advantage of the spring school holidays to take time with your little tribe. Wondering what are the best family holiday destinations? Explore our dedicated article for inspiration: on the best family holiday destinations in April (to be published soon).

Going in April gives you endless choices and destinations. The easiest way is to choose the best destination with Le Collectionist: browse our collections of luxury villas in France and Europe.

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