Our guide to visiting the mysterious island of Delos in Greece

Follow our conciergerie for a trip of a lifetime to Delos. A small island in the heart of the Cyclades, Delos is a Greek treasure not to be missed!
Our guide to visiting the mysterious island of Delos in Greece
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At the gates of Mykonos, board a catamaran and discover the island of Delos. With our luxury concierge services, explore the greatest myths of antiquity in Delos during your luxury Greece holidays.

The island of Delos is one of the most legendary in the Cyclades, and the perfect starting point for experiencing Greece as a novel.

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The island of Delos in history: a wonder of Greek mythology

A true archaeological treasure in Greece, legendary birthplace of the gods Apollo and Artemis, this small island, a stone's throw from our luxury villas in the Cyclades, is steeped in myth, of which its preserved temples are the last witnesses.

You don't have to go far on the island of Delos to understand why it is so closely linked to the myth of Apollo. Here, each archaeological site, each temple tells the story of the ancient city that the island sheltered and the worship it devoted to this god.

What to do on the island of Delos?

On the island of Delos, your day will certainly unfold like an ancient Greek myth. Visiting this sacred place, at the heart of a civilization that influenced humanity for millennia, is at once a journey through history, nature, and ancient spirituality.

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Visit the archeological sites on the Island of Delos

Take the Sacred Way, departure of our walk in the heart of this extraordinary site, to reach the agora and discover the sanctuary of Apollo and its three temples located just behind the Lions' Terrace. Symbolically, they protect the aura of this small piece of land in the Cyclades.

On the other side of the Sacred Lake, venture to the Lions' quarter and the remains of citizens' houses dating back to Ancient Greece.

Take the opportunity to tour of the island's archaeological museum. The ceramics, statues, and mosaics tell visitors about the life of local civilizations in the archaic, classical, and Hellenic periods.


Hike up Mount Cynthe for a magnificent view of the island of Delos

Only 20 minutes of walk separate the port of Delos from the highest point of the island. However, the mystical hike is rich in historical sites and ends with a breathtaking panorama over the Mediterranean and the Cyclades.

The gateway to this tour is the theatre district, a tangle of luxurious houses dating back to Antiquity. Hidden under your straw hat, imagine how the island of Delos's former inhabitants spent their days as you wander between the houses, discovering the mosaics that adorn their walls and floors. Venture to the ruins of the antique theater, the last remains to be seen before the ascent.



On the road, one last stop is required on the Terrace of the Foreign Gods. Formerly a prosperous trading port, the island was home to numerous temples dedicated to the deities of the merchants of the Mediterranean basin. The most spectacular, those of Isis and Serapis, can be discovered in the middle of the other Egyptian and Syrian temple ruins.

When you reach the top, let the wind cool you down. The breathtaking view from Mount Cynthe stretches over the island's different archeological sites and the Cycladic archipelago that stretches all around.

It's time to return to your cool villa in Mykonos for a nightcap at sunset. Tomorrow, set out by boat to discover the island of Rhenia. On this secret and deserted island, accessible only by sailboat, dive into crystal-clear waters and stop in a secluded cove for a picnic, feeling alone in the world.

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When to visit the island of Delos

Today, Delos is inhabited, so it's best to visit in summer and spring since the island is closed to visitors from November to late March.

Visiting the island of Delos in spring

Spring is our favourite season to visit the island of Delos, since temperatures are more balmy, archeological sites are less busy, and the landscape is dotted with wildflowers. Should you choose to visit Delos in spring, don't forget to consult its hours on the island's official website.

Visiting the island of Delos in summer

As in the rest of the Cycladic islands, summer is peak season on the island of Delos. In summer, the sites in Delos are typically open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., although these hours can change depending on the sea weather. Should you choose to visit Delos in summer, we suggest you go in the afternoon to avoid the morning crowds.


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How to get to the island of Delos

The island of Delos can only be reached by boat from Mykonos. We suggest you let our luxury concierge service book you a private vessel so you can visit the island with total freedom.

Otherwise, you can also get a boat from the fishing port in the centre of Mykonos, where you can rent a motorboat or book a seat on a large caique to visit with a group. The trip typically takes between 45 minutes and an hour and a half, depending on the sailing conditions. Disembarkation at Delos usually takes place near the former Sacred Port, now silted up.

Generally speaking, a roundtrip to and from Delos from Mykonos by boat costs about 30 euros per person. You can book your tickets:

It is also possible to reach Delos by boat from Paros or Naxos.


Where to stay on the island of Delos

It's impossible to stay on the island of Delos itself, as it's an archeological site. To stay near the island, the best option is to choose from our luxury villas in Mykonos!

After your visit to Delos, why not see our essential tips for a luxury holiday in Mykonos?

Villa Artemia in Mykonos

A charming and immaculate home on the hills of Mykonos, Villa Artemia is ideally located to explore the mysterious island of Delos and enjoy your holidays in the Cyclades.

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Villa Artemia, Mykonos

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  • Villa Artemia, Mykonos
  • Infinity pool, garden, sea view
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Villa Hestia in Mykonos

Hiding behind a whitewashed facade typical of Mykonos, Villa Hestia houses a minimalist decor and a pool with a sea view, both ideal for unwinding under the Greek sun after your visit to Delos.

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Villa Hestia, Mykonos

What to know:

  • Villa Hestia, Mykonos
  • Infinity pool, sea view, garden, hammam, fireplace
  • 12 guests
  • From €9,100 per week

Villa Brooke in Mykonos

A haven nestled in the heights of Mykonos, Villa Brooke is the perfect vacation home for big families who enjoy relaxing facing stunning views, just a few minutes from the port of Mykonos!

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Villa Brooke, Mykonos

What to know:

  • Villa Brooke, Mykonos
  • Infinity pool, panoramic sea view, garden, jacuzzi, fitness room, air conditioning
  • 20 guests
  • From €44,100 per week

Are you still looking for just the right home? See our list of the best private villas under the Greek sun.

How much do the archeological sites in Delos cost?
The whole island of Delos is considered an archeological site. Ticket prices for visiting the site of Delos are as follows: 
  • €12 full price
  • €6 reduced price
  • Free for visitors under 25 from EU member states

You can buy your tickets directly when you arrive on the island of Delos, or let our luxury concierge service take care of all the details of your visit!

How long does a visit to Delos last?
The archeological site on the island of Delos has many treasures to discover, including:
  • The religious city of Apollo or Hieron (sanctuary)
  • The area around the Sacred Lake
  • The sanctuaries of Cynthe and the theatre district
  • The merchant port and small sanctuaries

A complete visit to the island of Delos usually takes between 3 and 4 hours.

Should you visit Delos alone or with a guide?

While it's entirely possible to explore the wonders of the island of Delos on your own, we can only advise you to enlist the knowledge of an expert guide to learn all about this mysterious island in the Cyclades!

Let our concierge service find you the perfect guide for your visit to Delos.

Which Greek island is closest to Delos?

The closest Greek island to Delos is without a doubt its neighbour, the island of Mykonos, only a few minutes away by boat!

To find out where to stay when you visit the island of Delos, explore our luxury villas in Mykonos.

Which other Cycladic islands should you visit?

If you ask us, there isn't a single Cycladic island that isn't worth visiting, given how this magnificent Greek archipelago bursts with pretty whitewashed homes, blossoming cobblestone streets, delicious tavernas, and ravishing fishing ports.

At the top of our ranking of the best islands to visit in the Cyclades, you'll find Mykonos, but also Sifnos, Paros, Antiparos, Syros, and Ios.


With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Mykonos has never been easier. Explore our collection and discover more ideas for your trip to the Greek islands of the Cyclades.

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