The top private villas in Greece for soaking up the rays

Pack your bags and discover the best private villas in Greece that will meet your desires for a holiday under the sun.
The top private villas in Greece for soaking up the rays
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In Greece, the sun is a blessing, its light illuminates the picturesque landscapes, gild the fine sand of the beaches, brings out the brightness of the cities or the colours of the countryside. It is for us one of the most beautiful luxury holiday destinations to taste the pleasure of the sun. From the mysterious islands of the Cyclades to the fortresses of Corfu, discover our most beautiful luxury villas in Greece.

soak up the sun in a villa on the seafront

With an average of 30 degrees in the summer, Greece is a destination of choice when the weather is fine. The heat calls us to the assault of the waves to cool us down. Some of our villas are veritable gates to the sea, just a few steps are enough to reach the goal, and relax on the burning sand of Greek beaches.

Villa Gaia

Overlooking the Aegean Sea, Villa Gaia is a luxurious residence with a very contemporary style. Surrounded by lush vegetation, set on a rocky promontory, its columns and grandeur evoke the temples of the past. Inside, the large windows diffuse the sunlight: it settles in the large spaces and highlights the play of shapes and textures that runs through the walls.




In this villa you live to the rhythm of the sea. There is no time to go swimming or relax on the small beach just below. In the morning, the sea and the coastline in front of us turn a cool blue while the sun sets dazzling spots on the surface of the water.

Villa Leonis

Villa Leonis borders the Aegean Sea. From this pretty house in Paros, a small winding path leads through wild flowers to an intimate beach. With no neighbours, peace and quiet is omnipresent. Around the swimming pool only the sound of the waves breaking on the sand breaks the silence.



From the living room, a glance through the bay windows lets us discover the sea. The large white sofas decorated with cushions evoke the crystalline water that stretches as far as the eye can see. In each room, mosaics and fabrics with geometric shapes bring cheerfulness and colour.

a villa close to the sun 

Like the young Icarus, we try to rise as close as possible to the rays of the sun. We are proud of the breathtaking view of the mountains, the sea, the towns and the countryside that our villa offers us. It is a time of contemplation and relaxation.

Villa Tsiropoules

In Paros, in the archipelago of the Cyclades, the villa Tsiropoules welcomes us in an exceptional painting. Outside the city, solitary and peaceful, it is nestled in the middle of a splendid Mediterranean garden. From the terrace you can discover the region, the sea and the other majestic islands of the Cyclades as an invitation to travel and discovery.


After a day in the footsteps of the pirates of Naoussa aboard Caique, a traditional sailing ship, we return to the heights of Paros in the villa Tsiropoules to dine with the family and share our new anecdotes of freebooters by candlelight.

Villa Hanaé

Villa Hanaé is situated in the heights of the island of Paros, in the midst of lavender and olive groves, it dominates the island's countryside as far as the sea and the surrounding islands. From the terrace you can see the island's peculiar reliefs, such as small dormant volcanoes. Inside the impeccable and pure lines are brilliantly contrasted by the colourful works that decorate the walls. On the terrace, an antique looking statue contemplates the horizon.



Leaning on the poolside, we refine the scope of our gaze to explore the villages that line the hills, letting ourselves be carried away by the heady scent of lavender to be carried by hand.

basking in the sun by the poolside

When the sunny days come, the beaches that border the lands of Greece fill up to the rhythm of the tides. In our villas in Greece you will find quiet and intimate places. You can sit around the swimming pool for an aperitif or read a book in the sun. Discover our selection of our most beautiful luxury holiday homes with swimming pool.

Villa Leto

Villa Leto perfectly sums up the authentic relaxing spirit of Greece. Its two fireplaces remind us of the villages with whitewashed houses that we visit during the day. Inside, white decorates all the rooms and furniture like canvases ready to welcome the outside light.



At the villa, we plunge into the turquoise water of its superb swimming pool, to relax our muscles after a long day of hiking on the roads of Mykonos. Later, we gather in a lively square in Chora, at the Caprice bar on Little Venice.

Villa Calie

From the coast, Villa Calie looks like a tangle of modern cubes, yet its stone cladding and white walls blend in perfectly with the local architecture of Paros. Its swimming pool, like a mirror of water, reflects the clean lines of the house and the terrace. Even the branches of a solitary olive tree find their images on the surface of the water.



Its interior elegantly blends wood and wicker. In the evening, the lights of the harbours and towns of the coast light up, a quiet sight to be observed around a large meal under the patio of the terrace of this luxury holiday home in Paros.

Explore Le Collectionist and find your luxury villa in Greece for an unforgettable holiday. You can also discover our guide to the Greek Islands here.

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