The essentials for spectacular Mykonos holidays

Often considered the party island, beautiful Mykonos is a land with many facets. Between gastronomy, culture and postcard landscapes, discover Mykonos as you have never seen it.
The essentials for spectacular Mykonos holidays
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Since 1950, Mykonos, the Greek version of Ibiza, has been propelled to the forefront of the world stage for its frenzied and opulent evenings. But, during the day, a feeling of authenticity emanates from the alleys that one takes pleasure in walking, the face browned by the brilliant sun of Greece. Everywhere this duality resonates - refined gastronomy or picturesque restaurants, relaxation and celebration, the greek island of Mykonos is a paradise in the land of the Cyclades Islands. 

For all you need to know about Mykonos, discover our Le Collectionist guide.

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In the towns of the beautiful island of Mykonos, we immerse ourselves in the charm of Greek architecture. You get lost between the typical houses and the churches dedicated to Saint Nicolas, patron saint of fishermen, all whitewashed. 

Visit Chora

If you have followed our trip to the Greek Cyclades Islands , you now know that very often the big cities of the archipelago are called Chora. The explanation is simple: the word is derived from the capital.

Chora is the liveliest town in Mykonos. Stroll through the alleys with typical cubic houses, whitewashed, dotted with typical or luxurious shops, and restaurants of all ranges. 


Lose yourself in these charming alleys until you reach the old port of the ancient city, a few meters away. We are speechless in front of the colourful decor of Little Venice. Venture here for coffee time on a lively terrace bordered by the waves, with the famous windmills dominating the horizon in the background. 

Aro Mera

The second largest town in Mykonos, Aro Mera is one of the oldest villages on the island. During luxury holidays in Mykonos, we like to stroll in its quiet alleys in the shade of bougainvillea. For lunch, we taste the local cuisine on the terrace of a charming tavern. 

Continue the discovery with a short but exciting visit to the Orthodox Monastery of Panagia Tourliani. One is immediately marked by its imposing facade, its pretty fountain and its bell tower, a perfect example of the use of marble in the Cyclades region in the 16th century. Inside, the styles merge. The icons of 17th century Florentine artists blend with the oriental influences of the silver dragon incense holders adorning the walls. The visit ends with the ecclesiastical museum next door. 



Beyond its tumultuous reputation, Mykonos offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture. When the night owls are resting, venture to the mysterious places that dot the island. Put on a hat to protect yourself from the scorching sun and set off with us to explore these legendary places.

The treasures of Mykonos

Paraportiani Church

Among the more than 400 churches that dot Mykonos, this elegant 16th century Byzantine church inevitably catches the eye of visitors. In reality, this snow-coloured lime-robed building houses 5 chapels. In the Kastro district of Chora, it offers a real postcard spectacle.


Lena's House

A visit to this pretty 19th century house is one of our favoruites on the island. Throughout the rooms, we discover the furniture, jewellery, traditional outfits and costumes as well as the customs of a middle class Mykoniate family . It's a real leap in time that awaits you in the large living rooms and bedrooms of this residence. 

In the same spirit, one can visit the folklore museum of the island in which Professor Kyriazopoulos has been since 1962, with testimonies of the daily life on the island.

Mill of Kato Mili

These dazzlingly white windmills with blue thatched roofs stand up to the vagaries of the weather and are truly the emblem of the island. Perched on a promontory above the water, the 5 windmills of Kato Mili are an ideal meeting place to come and admire the spectacle of the sunset in Mykonos. 


The explorations


With Le Collectionist, let our tailors help you discover the wonders that surround the island of Mykonos. Embark on a catamaran for a timeless ride on the Aegean Sea. On the program: lunch prepared by the skipper and swim in turquoise waters in the idyllic setting of a secret cove on the island of Rhenia. 


On a ferry departing from the old port of Mykonos or with our luxury lifestyle concierge, set out to meet ancient history on the mystical island of the Cyclades. Delos is an extraordinary archaeological site. We visit the temples of Artemis and Apollo, of which the island is said to be the cradle, and we stroll in the heart of the impressive esplanade of the lions.



With an area of ​​only 105km2, the white island of Mykonos has no shortage of beaches to relax and enjoy a luxury beach holidays. On the one hand, we explore the mythical spots where party is king. The burning golden star and the transparent water meet the lively music of the many beach clubs. On the other hand, you can discover unspoiled beaches, perfect for resting away from the crowds. 

The living beaches of Mykonos

Kalo Livadi beach

Install your towel in one of the many popular beach bars and clubs on this sandy beach. When the heat gets too heavy, take a dip in the limpid Aegean water before returning to dry yourself to music, a freshly ordered drink in hand. Like many popular beaches on the island, from 4 p.m., we swap the quiet atmosphere for a festive spirit that stretches until the end of the night. 


To discover the mythical Mykonos, you absolutely have to spend an afternoon in the jet set landmark. Surrounded by hills, Psarou beach is lined with luxury hotels and restaurants on the land side and breathtaking sailboats on the sea side. Yet this fine sandy beach with Caribbean waters enjoys an Olympian calm. There are also many water sports. When night falls, the place does not lose its refined atmosphere, the evenings remain elegant, in a lounge atmosphere. 

The wild beaches 

Agios Sostis Beach

If you are looking for tranquility on the beaches of Mykonos, go to the peaceful and wild beach of Agios Sostis in the North. In the first heat of the day, we put our towel in front of a grandiose landscape. It is surrounded by small Greek beach restaurants where you can taste local dishes and fresh fish. But what makes us fall in love with this beach is its eponymous chapel which seems to protect the place from summer months' crowds with its aura. 


Fokos Beach

Accessible only by a steep path in the middle of the dunes, this beach has a dreamlike setting. The water is crystal clear, the coasts exceptionally intact. This is the beach for initiates. Here, there are no beach clubs, no deckchairs, and you will have to equip yourself with your parasol to protect yourself from the incandescent rays and your towel to relax in front of the rocky arch which rises a little less than 500 m above the sea. If you get hungry, discover the only tavern in the area where you can savour local cuisine and beautiful ceramics.


An extremely popular seaside resort, the white island of Mykonos prides itself on offering its visitors a particularly rich culinary scene. The upscale and refined restaurants are in abundance like the more typical establishments where you can taste squid or stuffed vine leaves. From the finest tables to the most picturesque restaurants, discover our selection of restaurants to visit during your trip to Mykonos. 



Kiki's Tavern

Authentic refuge during your stay, facing a preserved bay close to the beach of Agios Sostis, Kiki's Tavern is an address that we always rediscover with the same pleasure. On the rustic wooden tables, you can taste the finest Greek dishes: Greek salads, grilled octopus, vine leaves or feta, all the flavours of the region are served in a wonderful setting.


Nestled in a stone cave suspended above the Aegean Sea, Spilia is a must-see on the island. For 30 years, on its rocky terrace, by the water, we have tasted Mediterranean-Mykonian cuisine. We observe the kitchen ballet, which goes to look for the ingredients of your order in the natural basin below the restaurant before preparing them in front of your eyes.

Crested Dinner


Interni is arguably the most trendy restaurant on the island. In the heart of a majestic garden well kept on the main street of Chora, Interni and its refined decor welcomes you for a gourmet moment on tables with clean lines. We start the experience by ordering a perfect cocktail on the bar in the centre of the terrace. Seated at the table, we feast on the meat and fish offered by this luxury restaurant popular with the stars. 


Overlooking the quiet beach of Agia Anna Paranga, the Nesaea restaurant takes great care of its customers. The products come from local organic farming and make up the Greek menu finely revisited by chef Christos Athanasiadis. The restaurant offers an exceptional panorama over the blue waters of the Aegean Sea in an intimate and unpretentious setting. There is also an offer of vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.


Mykonos is an icon of the night. In its trendy establishments, you can have a simple drink with friends at sunset or experience the madness of the night in the most extravagant clubs in Greece. Find out how to spend your nights in Mykonos.

A Sunset Bar


Sit on the blue and white terrace of this bar in Little Venice. Order a chilled cocktail and lay your eyes on the waves rolling beneath your feet, blazing in the golden light of the sunset. 


Coffee aroma

Whether you come in the morning to replenish your energy with a fruit juice before setting off to explore the beaches or in the evening to taste perfectly crafted atypical cocktails, meet at the Aroma Café in the heart of Mykonos which is always a blast. 

Dance the night away

Jackie O '

In the old port of Chora, it is one of the island's most legendary institutions. A posh place on the seafront, where we come to savour delicious cocktails in front of the breathtaking shows of the talented drag queens. 


Cavo Paradiso

Dance the night away in a setting combining nature, opulence and refinement at Cavo Paradiso. Claptone, Nina Kravitz ... every summer, the big names in world music invade the island to play on the decks of this establishment perched on the cliffs of Mykonos. 


Discover with Le Collectionist an extraordinary selection for your villa holidays in beautiful Mykonos. With family or friends, our villas are refuges where your Tailors will bend over backwards to satisfy your desires and make your vacation unforgettable. 

Villa Noos

Villa Noos is synonymous with a relaxing stay under the scorching sun of Greece, facing an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. In the early morning, snuggled up comfortably in a large woven armchair, observe the first passages of the sailboats then head to the terrace for a breakfast prepared especially for you and your loved ones, to be enjoyed on the shaded sofas in front of the swimming pool. 

mykonos-holidays-villa-noos-couch -min

Villa Leto

The two minarets that rise from Villa Leto remind us of the picturesque villages located below. Natural stones dress the facade and blend the house into the decor, but when we walk through the doors, white and light surround us.

After a visit to the market with a local chef, we return to the villa with a basket full of fresh fish, ready to discover the typical recipes of the region in the large living spaces of the villa. 




Villa Kalia

Made of natural stones and lime, Villa Kalia is a haven of peace suspended above the cliffs of Mykonos. Inside, the immaculate white harmonises with the light wood which dresses the furniture, creating an incomparable feeling of peace.

At the end of the day, we sit on the steps of the pool's turquoise water with a Santorini wine and we admire the sunset which is reflected on the sea in front of us. 


Want to escape the time of a stay on the beaches of Mykonos? Discover all of our luxury rental villas in Mykonos.

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