Connecting with the seas in Greece

Follow us on our wanderings through the best addresses on these wild coasts, where we got lost only to find ourselves again through the serenity of the Mediterranean.
Connecting with the seas in Greece
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Scattered across the blue waters of the Aegean Sea, the many islands of Greece create a tapestry of beautiful natural scenes and interesting cultures. Each island is unique in in landscape, style and tradition, full of history and nature to explore. Join Le Collectionist as we take a tour through our favourite luxury holiday destinations in Greece, and what not to miss when you're there.

Last summer, we set off on an adventure aboard a sailboat along the Greek coast. From island to island we rediscovered our connection to the elements and opened our eyes to the world of a thousand wonders. 

Tranquil Ios

Ios is the first stop on our journey– and more specifically its unparalleled beaches. While it is known worldwide as the party capital and with a reputation that has lasted decades, Ios is also popular with those seeking calmness too. 

Must-do: Milopota beach


Rugged Sifnos

Here, we would spend our days hugging the Sifnian coast or heading to the nearby islands for the day. Armed with snorkels and flippers, we bothered as much fish as we could and basked in the incredibly clear waters.

Must-do: Polyaigos island



Magical Paros

Paros is one of our favourite Greek islands, one that we return to year after year. The island itself is magical and the epitome of the Greek idyll with winding cobbled streets lined with hidden gems and secret spots. 

Must-do: Eat at Siparos


Gastronomical Syros

Syros is an island famous for its excellent restaurants, and we have vivid memories of walking through Ermoupolis while snacking on delicious loukoumi, mandolata, and halvadopita (yes, it’s possible we have had them all at the same time).

Must-do: Eat at Mammo Wine & Food Bar


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Luxurious Mykonos

We soon set sail from Syros to the world-renowned Mykonos; also known as the Greek Ibiza. There’s nothing better than to spend days soaking in the duality of idleness and celebration that emanates from the alleys.

Must-do: Have a drink at Alemagou



Ancient Crete

With vast contrasts, Crete’s 1,046m long coastline rears up to 2,000m high summits. We had visited this island many times but the days spent admiring it from a different perspective reignited our love for this place.

Must-do: Triopetra beach


Undiscovered Patmos 

It was here where we grew our now unbridled appreciation for stunning pebble beaches. One of the island’s most beautiful is Lambi, in the north which is famous for its rare, multi-coloured pebble beaches. 

Must-do: Eat at Pleiades restaurant



Historical Corfu

Corfu has an intoxicating mix of historical monuments, lush hillsides, blue skies, sand and calm, azure waters. We spent our days admiring the olive tree-covered slopes, while revelling in the sea views.

Must-do: Eat at Etrusco

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Astonishing Zakynthos

While some see Zakynthos as the distilled version of the Ionian islands, the northern coast boasts some of the area’s most beautiful spots. The Blue Caves definitely lived up to their name and were great for snorkelling. 

Must-do: Swim with Loggerhead turtles 



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