The most beautiful cities in Europe for your city-break

Are you planning a city break in Europe? Discover the most beautiful European cities to visit across Italy, Spain, France, Croatia and Portugal.
The most beautiful cities in Europe for your city-break
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From theatrical Gothic cathedrals to charming cobblestone streets, the most beautiful cities in Europe are brimming with culture, history and life. Whether you pack your itinerary with world-class museums or wander around like a local, explore the most beautiful European cities at your own pace. 

Paris, France: one of the most romantic cities in Europe

A city that needs no introduction, it will come as no surprise to find Paris on a list of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Embracing its heritage yet always innovating itself, Paris is a city where the past and future live side by side. 


Why we love it:

  • Historical charm: wander down the cobblestone streets and gaze up at the opulent Haussmann edifices that set the tone in one of the most beautiful cities in France

  • Word-class museums and monuments: from the Louvre and Notre-Dame which line the Seine to the Musée de Montmartre tucked away in the famous 18th arrondissement, you are never far away from history and culture in one of the prettiest cities in France

  • Phenomenal gastronomy: take a seat at one of the best restaurants in Paris and learn why French cuisine is one of the most revered in the world. 

In one of the most beautiful places in France, stay in our luxury Paris rentals which mirror the eternal beauty of this timeless city. 


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Florence, Italy: one of the most charming cities in Europe

Fall under an ancient spell on a Florence city-break with its Renaissance architecture and art-filled galleries. One of the most romantic city breaks in Europe, down every mosaic-like cobblestone street there is an ancient story to be told. 


Why we love it:

  • Phenomenal art: you don’t have to be an art historian to recognise the works of the great Renaissance masters on the walls of the Uffizi Gallery. Yet, in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, art and design is everywhere you look.  

  • Italian cuisine: in one of the best European city break destinations, even Florence's trattorias promise to give you a taste of the past with their family recipes. Whether you opt for homemade pasta in a quaint trattoria or a gourmet twist on tradition in one of Italy’s Michelin-starred restaurants, a feast awaits! 

  • Breathtaking heritage: Florence is a city that is saturated with history, where the stone and architecture tell you the story of the Renaissance and Medici family. With world-famous galleries, piazzas and churches vying for your attention, Florence is one of the best places to visit in Northern Italy

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Venice, italy: one of the most magical cities in europe

Step into the pages of the history books in Venice, indisputably one of the most beautiful places in Italy. Follow along the canals that snakes through the city and allow the gondoliers to show you one of the most romantic places in Europe that feels frozen in amber. 


Why we love it: 

  • Opulent buildings: Venice feels like a Renaissance labyrinth, where at every turn you might discover a palazzo or basilica. Don't forget to look up and discover intricate frescoes and gilded ceilings that reflect the golden sunlight.

  • Charming streets: whether it's a bookshop where cats roam through the piles of hardbacks or a secret garden hidden in an old convent, behind every door in Venice there is a story to tell

  • Breathtaking canals: the canals that traverse the city feel dream-like, where getting a gondola to your evening dinner reservation is the transport of choice. Take a seat at one of the candle-lit tables lining the water for an unforgettable evening.  

For a truly magical experience in on of the most beautiful cities in Europe, choose one of our breathtaking properties in Venice

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Dubrovnik, Croatia: one of the most enchanting cities in Europe 

Why choose between a city-break and seaside escape for your holidays in Europe when you can have both in Dubrovnik? Stroll along the ancient city walls, perched atop the rocky cliffs for the best vantage point of the glistening Adriatic Sea


Why we love it: 

  • Old-world charm: in Dubrovnik,  the spell-binding Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture narrates the tale of a city that was a trailblazer from the 13th century onwards across the Mediterranean. 

  • By the sea: Dubrovnik earns its reputation as the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, where the ancient buildings of the Old City look out towards the glistening sapphire waters and is one of the best family holiday destinations in Europe. 

  • Natural beauty: Dubrovnik is a city dreamed in technicolour, from the azure sea which contrasts against the terracotta clusters and the green hilltops in the distance. Make the most of the Mediterranean Dubrovnik weather and go hiking through one of the most beautiful places in Croatia. 

With no shortage of things to do Dubrovnik, choose one of our luxury rentals in Dubrovnik and fall under the spell of one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia

Looking for the perfect blend of culture and glorious weather? Get inspired with our selection of the best summer destinations in Europe.  

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Ibiza, Spain: one of the most vibrant cities in Europe

In Ibiza, vibrant culture lives alongside spectacular wilderness. In one of the best cities to visit in Spain, explore the old town, Dalt Vila, with its white-washed walls, winding streets. Then turn your gaze towards the skies and the 13th century Gothic cathedral that watches over one of the most beautiful cities in Spain


Why we love it:

  • Cultural hotspot: Ibiza’s energy is infectious and there are an infinite amount of things to explore, from the hippy markets of Las Dalias to the labyrinth of white-washed streets in its old town. Discover the best addresses in Ibiza with our dedicated guide

  • Natural beauty: make the most of the weather in Ibiza as from the ancient olive groves to the glistening turquoise waters at Ibiza's picturesque beaches, there are no shortages of untouched landscapes. 

  • Effervescent atmosphere: in Ibiza you can transport yourself from tranquil nature to vibrant nightlife in a matter of minutes. Whether you want to stay at the best beach parties until sunrise or enjoy a meal at one of Ibiza’s best restaurants with your loved ones, the White Island invites you to celebrate in one of the most beautiful places in Spain

Whether you want to be in the heart of the action or secluded in the spectacular countryside, we have the perfect luxury villa in Ibiza for you. 

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Lisbon, Portugal: one of the most colourful cities in Europe

The energy in Lisbon is radiant with its saturated hues and creative energy. Over centuries, it has nurtured its vibrant soul and standing in the old quarter, you can feel the pulse of the most beautiful cities in Portugal


Why we love it: 

  • Rich heritage: in a cultural hotspot like Lisbon, the museums celebrate not just the phenomenal creative output of the city but also its legendary history as a cosmopolitan trading centre

  • Awe-inspiring architecture: from the blue and white of the azulejos (tiles) to the sunflower yellow of the antique trams, the kaleidoscope of influences and saturated hues of Lisbon make it one of the most beautiful places in Portugal.
  • Vibrant food scene: Lisbon both champions its culinary heritage and warmly invites gastronomic inventors from around the globe. Of course, any trip to Lisbon wouldn’t be complete without a pastel de nata to fuel your steep ascent as you wander through the hilly city. 

Wondering how to travel in Europe with family? Discover our luxury villas around Lisbon to make the most of its cultural riches before retreating to the spellbinding countryside that surrounds the city.

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What is the most beautiful city in Europe?

There are no shortages of breathtaking cities in Europe but Florence repeatedly has taken the crown, voted the most beautiful city in Europe

Discover a phenomenal cultural heritage down its cobblestone streets, where art and design is woven into the very fabric of the city. From spellbinding stained glass windows to Renaissance masterpieces hanging in the galleries, beauty is everywhere in Florence

Why choose to visit Europe?

Europe is saturated with cultural and architectural richness. In the most beautiful cities in Europe let the pages of your history books come to life. 

Whether you are strolling along the ancient city walls in Dubrovnik, through the Renaissance palazzos in Florence or past the 19th century Haussmann edifices in Paris, your European city-break promises to be unforgettable. 

Where to go on holiday in Europe with kids?

Looking for the perfect mix of culture and leisure for your family holiday in Europe? Discover Dubrovnik, where the old world charm will dazzle toddlers and teens alike! 

With its spectacular natural landscape and phenomenal buildings, whether you choose to spend your days tracing the ancient city walls or on a day trip to the nearby islands, adventure awaits! 


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