Our Top Ten Places to Visit in Italy

Experience la Dolce Vita in these ten Italian cities. Between luxury, culture and cuisine, discover where to go in Italy.
Our Top Ten Places to Visit in Italy
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Whatever the season, going to Italy is always a good idea. With family or friends, the architectural marvels will dazzle you and the aromas of local specialities will make your mouth water. Between culture and cuisine, La Botte is the ideal luxury holiday destination all year round.

A true land of history, walking the streets of the most beautiful cities in the country will give you the impression of visiting an open-air museum. From North to South, discover our top ten places to see when you visit Italy.

Top 10 places to visit in italy

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the best of northern italy

Verona: The Land of Romeo and Juliette

Birthplace of Shakespeare's cursed lovers, Verona is a monument to Italy but also of literature. Whether you love the bard or are simply curious, a detour to the home of Juliette and its famous stone balcony is a must. The best way to discover the city is to get lost in its charming streets. Piazza delle Erbe is the oldest square in Verona and has lost none of its beauty over the years. Finally, head to Castelvecchio Castle and its Ponte Scaligero, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a timeless moment in the heart of spectacular mediaeval architecture.


Lake Como: Between Luxury and Nature

Experience a change of scenery with the jewel of Lombardy, Lake Como. The landscapes are enchanting, the vegetation is lush, and the locals welcoming. The atmosphere of the city is serene, although very popular with tourists in summer. Its colourful houses and majestic villas by the water give it an incomparable charm, between luxury and simplicity. When you think of Italy, you think of gastronomy. In Lake Como, taste local specialities such as perch risotto, straight from the lake. For more information, read our article and find out what to do in Lake Como.


Milan: The Cultural Capital

When you think of Milan, you think of fashion, design, and magnificent architecture. One of the most visited places is obviously the Piazza del Duomo and its monumental cathedral, one of the largest in Europe. The view of the city from the roof of the Duomo is impressive and you become aware of all that Milan has to offer. A stone's throw away is the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Already impressive from the outside, the spectacle of the windows, the carved facades and the coloured mosaics on the ground are absolutely beautiful. After seeing this work of art, refresh yourself with an ice cream at Terra Gelato, as chic as it is delicious.

Venice: An Ode to Romanticism 

Venice is the perfect romantic destination. This city on the water and its gondolas are an integral part of the spirit of Italy. Monuments such as Saint Mark's Basilica and the Doge's Palace are must-sees. In addition to this classic aspect of the city, Venice hides secrets that only insiders and the curious know. For example, the Acqua Alta bookstore, where the books are stored in boats, is an unusual place to discover in La Sérénissime.


Florence: A Piece of History

Considered the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence is a city of art, culture and history. Its Duomo is the beating heart of the city and the view from the Cathedral of Santa Maria is magical. For a luxurious hideaway, stay at Apartment Duomo, ideally located in the city centre. Then go admire The Birth of Venus at the Uffizi Gallery, as well as many other internationally renowned masterpieces.

the best of southern italy

Rome: Mixing Culture and Cuisine

Spend at least a weekend in Rome to have this famous city at your fingertips. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain, admire the thousand colours of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, dive into the heart of Antiquity during your visit to the Colosseum, and marvel at the gardens of Villa Borghese. For Food, book a table at All'Oro, one star in the Michelin Guide, where chef Riccardo Di Giacinto revisits the classics of Italian cuisine.

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Naples: Close to Nature and History

Naples will seduce lovers of history and nature, but also city life. The city is full of points of interest such as the Galleria Umberto I, which is reminiscent of Milan, the impressive Piazza del Plebiscito or the San Carlo theatre, the oldest in the world and listed by UNESCO. If you fancy wide open spaces and nature, excursions to the Mount Vesuvius are possible from Naples, going hand in hand with a visit to the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum!

The Charm of Bari

The region of Puglia is full of charm and promises a lovely change of scenery, with Bari as its capital. Bari Veccia, the historic centre, is a maze of quaint narrow streets, with flowers on the balcony and curtains floating in the breeze. Explore the sparkling turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea by boat, admire the city from the waves and above all take advantage of the water to take a dip away from the crowds on the beaches, even if Lama Monachile is definitely worth the detour.


Positano: Postcard Landscapes

If only one city were to embody the Italian way of life, it would be Positano. With its picturesque landscapes, its mild climate and its contagiously cheerful locals, Positano naturally has its place in our top ten places to visit in Italy. Like the Amalfi Coast, the houses are colourful and the landscapes green. From the Spiaggia Grande you have a breathtaking view of the cliffs. We suggest you to come in the morning, as it is very popular with tourists.


Sicilian Palermo

The atmosphere of Sicily is truly unique. To fully experience it, we suggest to tour the island, but for our top ten places to visit in Italy, we had to make a choice: Palermo. Between land and sea, the Sicilian capital is rich and diverse thanks to the different influences throughout its history. La Martorana church hides colourful paintings that you must see, and the Teatro Massimo is one of the largest in Europe. Sample local specialities at Mercato Ballaro and visit the seaside. There are many beaches to welcome visitors in search of beautiful landscapes, including those of Mondello and Cefalù.

Now you know where to go during your next luxury Italy holiday! Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy and find the one that's right for you. To make your luxury holiday unforgettable, contact your Tailor.

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