Visiting Italy in March: Three Intimate Getaways

After the magic of Carnival and before the excitement of spring, the month of March is an enchanting interlude in Italy.
Visiting Italy in March: Three Intimate Getaways
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March is a particularly quiet month for a trip to Italy. It comes after the excitement of the Venice Carnival, and before spring, which marks the return of sunny days and lunches on the terrace. But that takes nothing away from the charm of La Botte. On the contrary, the low season invites you to adopt a slower pace. "Qui va piano va sano" as the Italians put so well.

So then, where to go when you visit Italy in March to experience la Dolce Vita? We can't decide between Lake Como, with its grandiose landscapes and its picturesque villages, Tuscany with its endless countryside painted with vines and olive trees, and Sicily, with its ancient cities and wild nature, absolutely deserted at this time of the year. Follow Le Collectionist's guide and discover where to go while travelling to Italy in March!

A mountain getaway in lake como


March is the perfect time to discover Lake Como. The weather in Italy in March is still cool, but the fog that envelops the lake during the winter months has lifted, revealing the beauty of this unique landscape. The villages that dot the shores of Lake Como are like life-size nativity scenes. Strolling through the narrow streets, one is immediately struck by their old-fashioned and authentic charm, with their colourful houses, old bell towers and sleepy gardens.

The coolness of March makes the walk particularly pleasant. And that's good, because northern Italy offers absolutely magnificent hiking trails. Start with the Traveler's Path (“Il Sentiero Del viandante”), bordered by Lake Como on one side and the mountains on the other. It connects the villages of Varenne and Bellano, and offers an exceptional view of the opposite side of the lake. Leaving Como, the path takes you up to the perched village of Brunate. Often crowded in spring and summer, it is almost deserted at this time of year, as are the art deco Villas Pirotta and Cantaluppi Giulini.

a countryside retreat in tuscany


You know that being surrounded by loved ones in a gorgeous villa is the height of luxury. It turns out to be even more amazing if the villa is lost somewhere in the Tuscan countryside. In Tuscany, the weather is mild in March, although the sun is still too shy to make the gardens and fruit trees bloom. Never mind, go in search of another treasure native to the region: the truffle. The truffle hunting season runs from mid-December to mid-March. Guided by a local hunter and his dogs, explore the centuries-old oak forests in search of this precious delicacy, to be accompanied by a good Chianti.

Another Tuscan tradition to discover in March is the cigar. Unknown to ordinary tourists, "Toscani cigaris" are very famous among cigar lovers. With the help of your Tailor, organise a private visit to one of the last Tuscan workshops, where cigars are still rolled by hand, with the purest respect for tradition. An original and unexpected way to spend your luxury Italy holiday.

a seaside escape in sicily


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Want to visit Sicily but dread the high-season crowds? Go in March! Temperatures are slowly rising again, but the streets of Palermo, Catania and Syracuse are still deserted. Explore and take time to get to know the locals, especially since the Sicilians, like their Corsican cousins, are renowned for their friendliness!

The more adventurous may dare to take an invigorating swim in the Mediterranean. The shallow waters of southern Italy are ideal for a chilly dip, and excellent for circulation! Then, take comfort in one of our luxury villa rentals in Sicily. The rhythm of the low season invites you to recharge your batteries, whether in a hot bath or with a meal full prepared by a private chef!

Now you know where to go in Italy in March! From Tuscany to Sicily, explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy and find all of our luxury holiday destinations in Italy. Whether you are travelling with loved ones or alone, Le Collectionist has incredible experiences in store for you during your next luxury holiday!

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