Visiting Italy in March: where to go in March for an Italian spring

Plan an exceptional holiday in Italy in March: discover the weather in March, hidden gems in this transitional season, where to go and what to wear.
Visiting Italy in March: where to go in March for an Italian spring
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Italy in March is a particularly quiet month, inviting you to adopt a slower pace during the low season. From the grandiose landscapes of Lake Como to the vineyards of Tuscany, follow us to uncover the best places to visit to experience la Dolce Vita! 

March in lake como: your spring mountain getaway


Lake Como in March has a very particular kind of magic. The weather in Italy in March is still cool, but the fog that envelops the lake during the winter months has lifted, revealing the beauty of this unique landscape

What to do in Lake Como in March:

  • Why we love Lake Como: Strolling through the narrow streets, one is immediately struck by Lake Como's old-fashioned and authentic charm, with its colourful houses, old bell towers and sleepy gardens.

  • Our top activities in Lake Como: The weather in Lake Como in March lets you take full advantage of northern Italy's absolutely magnificent hiking trails. Start with the Traveler's Path (“Il Sentiero Del viandante”), bordered by Lake Como on one side and the mountains on the other, which offers an exceptional view of the opposite side of the lake.

  • Lake Como with kids: let your kids gaze up in wonder at the landscape before their eyes, as if painted with pastels. This peaceful destination is perfect for families who are are looking for a slow-paced holiday. To make the most of the lake, we recommend renting kayaks to make ripples on the lake. 

To pack your itinerary, consult our selection of the best things to do in Lake Como.  

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Weather in Lake Como in March: 

  • Weather forecast: with mild temperatures during March, Lake Como is a spring dream, perfect for exploring the blooming gardens and quaint streets. 

  • Average temperature: in March, temperatures sit around 10°C, although Lake Como in late March tends to get marginally warmer. 

  • Average rainy days: 10 days.

  • What to pack: make sure to pack plenty of layers as you'll likely get quite warm if doing lots of walking around Lake Como in March. Just don't forget to pack your waterproofs and umbrella

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March in Tuscany: a countryside retreat


Wanting to be surrounded by loved ones in Italy this March? Tuscany is one of the best places to visit in Italy in March to escape to nature in one of our Italian countryside villas

What to do in Tuscany in March: 

  • Why we love Tuscany in March: retreat to one of our luxury villas this March in Tuscany to unplug from the modern world. Make the most of the cooler weather in Tuscany in March, spending your days roaming the rolling green fields, visiting Tuscany's infamous vineyards and then stopping off for a hearty meal and warming caffè in a quaint trattoria.

  • Our top activities in Tuscany: unknown to ordinary tourists, "Toscani cigaris" are very famous among cigar lovers. With the help of your tailor, organise a private visit to one of the last Tuscan workshops, where cigars are still rolled by hand, with the purest respect for tradition.

  • Tuscany with kids: go in search of treasure native to the region: the truffle. The truffle hunting season runs from mid-December to mid-March. Guided by a local hunter and his dogs, explore the centuries-old oak forests in search of this precious delicacy, to be accompanied by a good Chianti.

Discover our secluded Italian villas for a true countryside retreat, alone with nature. 

Villa Spectra

Weather in Tuscany in March

  • Weather forecast: making the transition from winter to spring, Tuscany is beginning to warm up over March. Perfect for avoiding the summer heat, enjoy mild days as the sun reclaims its place in the skies.

  • Average temperature: range from 7°C to 15°C.

  • Average rainy days: 7 to 8 days.

  • What to pack: unsure what to wear in Tuscany in March? Plenty of layers is key as although you'll want to pack your coat, you'll quickly warm up when trekking through the undulating fields. 

For more inspiration from Italy's neighbour, check out our selection of the most beautiful French destinations for your family spring escape

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March in sicily: a seaside escape 

Italy-in-March sicily-panoramic-view-of-ancient-ruins-and-green-hills-in-the-distance

Want to visit Sicily but dread the high-season crowds? Go in March! Temperatures are slowly rising, but the streets of Palermo, Catania and Syracuse are still deserted.

What to do in Sicily in March: 

  • Why we love Sicily in March: Sicily has some of the warmest temperatures in Italy in March yet this guaranteed sunshine does not bring hoards to tourists with it! Explore and take time to get to know the locals, renowned for their friendliness, when visiting Sicily in March. 

  • Our top activities in Sicily: you can spend your days exploring the centuries-old ruins, Renaissance palazzos and Baroque architecture that make Sicily a stunning mosaic of rich histories. The more adventurous may dare to take an invigorating swim in the Mediterranean on one of Sicily's best beaches.

  • Sicily with kids: Make the most of the cooler weather to explore the many museums, maybe visiting Syracuse's ancient Greek theatre or Roman remains without constantly fretting about hourly SPF application!  


Weather in Sicily in March: 

  • Weather forecast: As one of the warmest Italian destinations, Sicily is one of the best places in Italy to visit in March. The weather in Sicily over March is mild although rain is frequent. 

  • Average temperature: 7°C to 15°C

  • Average rainy days: 8 days

  • What to pack: Sicily is relatively warm in March although still pack your wooly layers and waterproofs

For more inspiration, discover our collection of large family-friendly holiday homes in Italy to gather everyone together this spring.

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March on the amalfi coast: a romantic seaside dream 


Wondering where to visit in Italy in March? As one of the most beautiful places in Italy, there's no better place to celebrate the coming of spring than on the Amalfi Coast, where pastel-coloured houses fling open their shutters and trattorias lay out their outdoor tables. 

What to do on the Amalfi Coast in March: 

  • Why we love the Amalfi Coast in March: shake off the residual frost of winter on the Amalfi Coast where the dramatic cliffs plunge into the Tyrrhenian Sea and clusters of coloured houses perched along these dizzying roads. 

  • Our top activities on the Amalfi Coast: wander through this picturesque landscape, stopping for a limoncello aperitif along the way. For an adventure, hop on board a Vespa and wind through serpentine alleys that twist through the cliffs

  • Amalfi Coast with kids: With the sea's chilling waters still the preserve of the brave-hearted, choose one of our luxury Italian villas with swimming pools. Then spend the afternoons exploring the old fishing harbours or bring their history classes to life at the ancient Roman buildings in Ravello. 

Villa Circolo

Weather on the Amalfi Coast in March:

  • Weather forecast: One of our favourite destinations in the south of Italy, the Amalfi Coast is certainly emerging from its winter slumber in March yet it can still be chilly, especially in the evening. 

  • Average temperature: 13°C

  • Average rainy days: 8 days

  • What to pack: Layers, layers, layers! The key to navigating the fluctuating weather on the Amalfi Coast in March is by packing plenty of layers, including a waterproof. 

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Florence in March: an enchanting city escape 


For one of the best places to go in Italy, Florence in March still casts its ancient spell, brimming with historical monuments yet free from flocks of tourists. Take your time wandering down the cobblestone streets and Renaissance squares to transport yourself back in time.   

What to do in Florence in March: 

  • Why we love the Florence in March: without the hordes of tourists, listen closely to the whispers of the past tell you the story of the Renaissance and Medici family as you wander through the historic centre of Florence. You can visit the many galleries, cathedrals and museums without having to fight through swarms of tourists to get a ticket and get a coveted table at one of Italy's best Michelin-starred restaurants

  • Our top activities in Florence: For a day of cultural hotspots, let the muses of the great Italian masters peer down at you from the walls of the Uffizi Gallery and feel goosebumps as the flickering candlelight dances on the stained glass in the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral. 

  • Florence with kids: Your little ones will find it impossible to get bored in Florence, with a never-ending supply activities. If you want to take your family into the countryside, let our luxury concierge team organise a wild truffle hunt in the surrounding of Florence or a horseback ride, trotting through the rolling fields. 


Weather in Florence in March:

  • Weather forecast: With mild temperatures, enjoy the spring breeze as you explore the major attractions in Florence. Although showers are more common this time of year, the many museums, shops and cafés are perfect shelters from the showers. 

  • Average temperature: 14°C

  • Average rainy days: 8 days

  • What to pack: Again, layers are your best friend and a good coat will let you embrace the Italian culture outdoor dining in March. Make sure to take a comfy pair of shoes as you'll be racking up your step count and a waterproof in case of showers! 

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Spend time with your family in one of our Italian family-friendly villas as the rhythm of the low season in Italy in March invites you to recharge your batteries and make the most of the many things to do in Italy in March. For your perfect spring escape, explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy

To continue chasing the sun, browse through our guide to visiting Italy in April as the weather warms up and spring is in full swing. 

Is March a good time to travel to Italy?

As Italy emerges from its winter hibernation, the transitional month of March is perfect for discovering Italy's natural beauty and rich heritage without the hordes of tourists. 

Make the most of cool breezes as you hike through the rolling fields around your luxury villa in Tuscany or up through the magnificent hiking trails around Lake Como

Equally, head on a city escape to Florence to view the Uffizi Gallery and Maria del Fiore cathedral without fighting alongside other tourists for the best viewing spot. 

Which part of Italy is best to visit in March?

There are many advantages to visiting Italy in March, as the mild temperatures and low season quietude makes it perfect for hiking and exploring at your own pace.

If you want to explore breathtaking landscapes, browse through our selection of Lake Como villas where colourful buildings look out onto the glistening lake as the majestic mountains loom in the backdrop. Equally, explore our Tuscany villas to lose yourself in a sea of green. 

If your looking to immerse yourself in the old-world charm and culture, what could be better than choosing one of our Florence villas

Where is good for a family holiday in Italy in March?

Explore Italy in March with your family in one of our luxury private villas

If you're an active family who love to keep busy, we recommend the charming Florence or Sicily

If you want to spend quality time together in a countryside retreat, what could be better than the rolling fields of Tuscany or the dramatic mountains of Lake Como


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