Chasing the Sun: Where to Go while Visiting Italy in April

Le Collectionist has selected our top four destinations to see while visiting Italy in April, from the hilltop villages of Amalfi to the bucolic countryside of Tuscany.
Chasing the Sun: Where to Go while Visiting Italy in April
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For you, we have chosen four luxury holiday destinations to explore when you visit Italy in April. The month of April marks the long-awaited return of sunny days. The air fills with the scent of flowers and warms with the first rays of sunshine, inviting lunches on the terraces, long walks and perhaps even the first dips in the sea

From the hilltop villages of the Amalfi Coast to the bucolic countryside of Tuscany, passing through the ancient treasures of Sicily and the deserted beaches of Sardinia, let the sun guide you on your luxury Italy holiday.

the return of spring on the amalfi coast

If we had to choose only one place to go in Italy in April, it would surely be the Amalfi Coast. Nestled south of the Gulf of Naples, it contrasts the azure blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and the green hills on the other. Amidst this beautiful and rugged landscape, colourful villages defy the laws of gravity. The first rays of sunshine in April attract locals to the streets and to the terraces of cafés, where bright umbrellas are beginning to unfurl.

In spring, the gardens of the Amalfi palaces give off the scent of rediscovered happiness. It has the tangy smell of citrus fruit, the delicate fragrance of flowering prickly pear and the instantly recognisable smell of Mediterranean fields. Feast on grilled fish with herbs, accompanied by lemon spaghetti, before tasting the traditional "chocolate aubergines". Prepared with fried aubergine, cocoa and candied fruit, this "parmigiana dolce" recipe is an authentic dish. Book a private cooking class with the illustrious "Mama Agata", and learn how to make it!


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sunny strolls in sicily

If you're wondering where to go while visiting Italy in April to enjoy the great outdoors, nothing beats Sicily. Between cities steeped in history and grandiose nature, the largest island in the Mediterranean offers many opportunities for walks and hikes. Leave in the cool of the morning, and let the spring sun gradually warm your skin. In April, temperatures can soar to 24 degrees, making exploring the island enjoyable and more bearable than in the height of summer.

To experience art and history, set off to conquer Taormina, located on the east coast of Sicily, north of Catania. Stroll through the narrow streets of this city perched 200 metres above the sea, and admire the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and Mount Etna from the Roman theatre. On the southern shores of the island, our favourites are Agrigento and its famous "Valley of the Temples", or Syracuse, which needs no introduction. Take a stroll through its historic centre, the island of Ortigia, or take a seat on the port to taste arancini or a piece of focaccia overflowing with olive oil from the market while watching the fishermen untangle their nets.

If you're a fan of nature hikes, Sicily is also a destination of choice to go to in Italy in April. Experienced hikers will dare to climb Mount Etna or the Strombolli volcano, while families with young children will go "piano piano", on the path that runs along the coastline of the Zingaro Nature Reserve.


the first swim of the year in sardinia

Now let's head to another island in the Mediterranean. Located off the coast of Corsica, Sardinia reveals the same beaches of fine sand and turquoise water as its French neighbour. It is the ideal setting for the first swim of the year. Kick off your shoes in one of our luxury villa rentals in Sardinia, and treat yourself to a sunny getaway, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Along the roads, the orange and almond trees are in bloom, signalling the start of the summer season. In the villages, from Cagliari in the south to Olbia in the north, the atmosphere warms up quickly. Immerse yourself in this Mediterranean lifestyle, which flows to the rhythm of the sun: early rises and "cool" walks, late lunches on the chic terraces of local trattorias, well-deserved siestas in the shade of an oak tree, and invigorating swims in the Mediterranean when golden hour comes. Our favourite beaches in Sardinia are  Tuerreda, Cipolla and Cala Goloritzé, accessible only by sea or by a hiking trail through the mountain.

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Easter egg hunt in tuscany

Marked by strong Catholic influences, Italy is a spectacle at Easter time. In Florence, the centuries-old traditions of this religious festival are still carried out, like the Chariot Explosion. On Easter morning, a chariot is dragged by white oxen through the city, from Piazzale del Prato to the Cathedral, before catching fire and illuminating the sky of Florence with an enchanting firework display. Take advantage of this celebration to really soak up the atmosphere of Florence, strolling through its lively streets and exploring the grandiose monuments.

If you're looking for a peaceful holiday, choose the Tuscan countryside over Florence. Rent one of our luxury villas in Tuscany and organize a life-size Easter egg hunt for your children. They will love running through the orchards, olive trees and vineyards to find their prizes. Meanwhile, the grown-ups can get busy in the kitchen alongside an Italian chef who will teach you the secrets of preparing traditional Easter recipes. On the menu: pasta with lamb ragout and Italian brioche!

With Le Collectionist, you always know where to go while visiting Italy in April. Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy and set off for the perfect luxury holiday under the summer sun!

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