Interview at Casa Oliveiras: where art and nature meet

In the native and preserved wilderness of Comporta, the sandy tones and unassuming facade of André Nataf’s Casa Oliveiras conceal a stunning design and treasure trove of art.
Interview at Casa Oliveiras: where art and nature meet
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Stretching along the Atlantic coast in Portugal, Comporta is one of the country’s best kept secrets. Its rugged landscapes feature towering sand dunes, rolling rice fields, and ample unspoilt natural spaces as far as the eye can see. It’s the perfect oasis for rest and renewal in the luxuriant countryside, making it one of the best family holiday destinations in Europe.

For French native André Nataf, the unparalleled beauty of Comporta was the perfect place to set his roots. Come with us as he guides us through his extraordinary home, Casa Oliveiras, and the stunning Comporta region.

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Having grown up loving the preserved and protected aura of Cap Ferret, André is used to landscapes dominated by imposing dunes and verdant pine forests. With a similar natural decor, Comporta was a clear next step. A friend of his recommended the area to him, and out of curiosity, he set out to discover the fabled setting for himself. There, he was utterly seduced by the familiar golden sand and dense greens, and he decided to make a home for himself in Comporta among the lush surroundings.

On the hunt for a perfect Comporta haven, André discovered a complex beside the beach through word of mouth. Like a dream come true, the setting had everything he could want: enough space from his neighbours and a place right at the heart of the landscape that had so attracted him to this region.



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The homes themselves were just as compelling: large bay windows let the natural light pour into every corner of the architect’s house, a sandy facade blends harmoniously into its surroundings, and open, breathable spaces and large volumes are perfect for airy luxury Comporta holidays enjoying the freeing feeling of rugged, natural spaces. Boasting a glistening pool inviting you to spend a moment outdoors, André was completely smitten with the property.

With the key to a marvellous home in hand, there was only one thing left for André to do: make it his own. An avid art collector, he was able to curate a collection of abstract pieces, mostly acquired throughout France, and build Casa Oliveiras almost as a private gallery. Scattered throughout the home, shapes, colours, and textures adorn the sandy walls, chosen based on André’s personal taste for contemporary artwork. His favourite in the home is a piece by German artist Katharina Grosse.



When you step into Casa Oliveiras, you’ll be overcome by a feeling of peace and serenity. The home offers a return to nature and a quiet break from the hustle and bustle. When crafting his home, André wanted to create a space where you could clear your head in a still and stunning setting. With the sea on your doorstep, the pines surrounding you, and wooden walkways on the sand leading in and out of the villa, everything invites you to tune into the wilderness that surrounds you and detach from mundane concerns.

When you visit Casa Oliveiras, you’ll be invited into a space of gentle contemplation. Far from other people and busy city life, in a quiet, confidential, and preserved space, you can enjoy a truly calm moment of mindfulness. The art that sublimates the home only reinforces this contemplative atmosphere: ponder the connection between art and nature and your own thoughts and feelings facing this private collection of contemporary art. That’s how André does it, anyway.




Time stretches on at Casa Oliveiras: comfortably secluded in a stunning home and confidential region, you can just as easily spend a week on Comporta’s shores as you can a month, drifting between beaches and rice paddies or quaint shops and beachside seafood restaurants

Give yourself time to reconnect with nature, cycling through seaside paths, bathing in the wild Atlantic Ocean, or riding horseback across natural reserves, beaches, and fields. Utterly disconnected from the world, you’ll feel at one with yourself, your loved ones, and the striking world around you.

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