Ambre Israel's Guide to Comporta

Discover her Ambre Israel's favourite chic spots in the quaint Portugese fishing town of Comporta.
Ambre Israel's Guide to Comporta
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Aside from being the owner of Casa Donoma, Ambre Israel is also a yoga instructor, entrepreneur and creator of the Mahala Essence brand. Her and her husband discovered Comporta 10 years ago, before it became the popular yet still under-the-radar refuge it is today.


Gomes Mercearia


Gomes Mercearia is an institution of Comporta, In business for more than a century in Comporta, the family-owned Mercearia Gomes grocery store has morphed from a small village market into what some locals are now calling Little Harrod’s.  It is choc full of gourmet products from around the world, and delicacies you would never expect in any other small Portuguese fishing village.

Gomes Padaria


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A branch-off of the Gomes Mercearia, this Padaria Gomes is a bakery with a multitude of local breads and pastries. Much like a kid-in-a-candy-shop situation, this is the bread (or carb) lover's paradise. Step into this bakery, and we can't guarantee you won't leave with kilos of goodies.



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The chain of restaurants by Cavalariça hail from Lisbon, but its Comporta outpost is a hip spot uniquely located in a former horse stable. Former horse stalls have been transformed into private booths, calçada tiles remain on the floor, and barn-style shutters frame the windows. It's a truly special setting for a gourmet experience.

Sublime Comporta


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Sublime Comporta is another big name in the region. It's one of those 'if you know, you know' types of places that chic personas flock to. Noteworthy, are their breakfasts, where you can sit and watch the waves come in and the sand move beneath the feet of those getting their first taste of the beach for the day.



Curated by chic duo Helena Lunardelli and Stela Batochio, Caju is a concept store in Carvalhal that mixes Brazilian and Portuguese brands of clothing, beachwear, accessories, cosmetics and decoration. It's one of those places that have a little something for taste, and little knick-knacks that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

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