Where to go in August far from the crowds, our selection for families

Looking for authentic destinations to take the family to in August? Explore our selection of the best French and European destinations off the beaten track!
Where to go in August far from the crowds, our selection for families
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August marks the height of summer and summer excitement. Temperatures soar, beaches are covered with towels and umbrellas, and the vacation "chassé-croisé" is in full swing. Who hasn't wondered where to go in August to avoid the crowds on a family vacation under the sparkling sun, between two endless queues?

So, where to go in August in Europe to recharge your batteries with your tribe? Le Collectionist has selected 5 magical destinations where you can go in August without too many people. Quietly secluded in one of our luxury retreats, or by the water with just the right amount of entertainment to keep your little ones entertained, discover where to go in August with your family.


where to go in August AWAY FROM THE CROWD with children?

The French Alps over Northern Italy

During the summer vacations, the universal reflex is often to head for the coast. However, the first destination in our selection is well above sea level, in the French Alps.

In fact, the mountains are just as beautiful in summer as they are in winter, and are perfect for August holidays with children. Snow gives way to lush green valleys, and the frozen surface of lakes disappears to welcome quick dips. Beneath the powder, you'll find an infinite number of hiking and mountain-biking trails, sure to delight your tribe.

While Northern Italy and Lake Como in particular are generally favoured by tourists, our chalets for families in the French Alps and their breathtaking scenery are a more confidential alternative.

Prepare your vacation at the summit by consulting our article on the ideal summer holiday in the French Alps.


Why we love the French Alps in August

Put down your suitcases in an iconic resort: Méribel. A favorite spot for winter sports enthusiasts, the Alpine village is quieter in summer. Yet there's no shortage of things to do: climb the Aiguille du Fruit or the Rocher de la Loze, dip your feet in the glacier-blue water of a mountain lake, or watch the marmots bask in the sun...

Travelling with young children? Climb aboard the Pas du Lac gondola to enjoy a breathtaking view of the peaks, without getting tired!

Get inspired by our exclusive guide to Méribel.

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Where to go in August for a relaxing summer on the beach?

Antiparos over Santorini

If summer vacations invariably rhyme with seaside, head for the Cyclades with your family. In August, however, it's best to choose your home port carefully to avoid the crowds.

Instead of Santorini, which are very popular summer destinations, choose Antiparos. Here you'll find the whitewashed villages, the famous azure-blue shutters and the dreamy beaches for which the Greek islands are famous - minus the tourists! In short, the ideal haven for a family vacation in August without too many people.


Why we love Antiparos in August:

Located off the coast of Paros, this fabulous 35-square-kilometre pebble floats above the Mediterranean. Wherever you are on the island of Antiparos, turquoise-blue water is everywhere.

Some will stay on the fine sand, filling up on vitamin D or building sandcastles, while others will don mask and snorkel to meet the underwater creatures that inhabit Greece's coasts.

And when the weather gets too hot, take cool refuge in the stalactite grotto, a must-see excursion on the island that will amaze young and old alike!

Plan your family vacation in August with our exclusive Antiparos guide.

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Where to go in August in Europe to avoid the crowds?

Algarve over the south-west of France

Are you looking for a place to take a family vacation in August and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Atlantic without the crowds of south-west France? Then the Algarve region of Portugal is the place for you!

Go far away from the summer crowds of Faro and Comporta, and follow the ocean spray along the coastline to this wild, undiscovered destination.

Keep your eyes peeled for exceptional views from the cliffs. What's on the agenda? Huge sandy beaches, unspoilt nature and an authentic atmosphere. The perfect cocktail for an August holiday away from the crowds!


Why we love Algarve in August

The Algarve is the perfect place for families to enjoy nature and tranquillity, especially at Praia da Marinha, considered one of Europe's most beautiful beaches. You'll recognize it by its limestone rock, which forms an M-shape above the water. Not far away, accessible only by sea, the Benagil cave is a must-see spot on the coast.

Ask our luxury concierge to rent you stand-up paddles and head for this open-sky grotto, which waves and wind have carved out over the years. In Sagres, climb aboard a private catamaran and meet the dolphins that call the area home.

Ready for August with your family? Spend a summer alone in the world on the sand, trust in our selection of the Algarve's most beautiful wild beaches.

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Where to go in August in the sun without too many people?

Formentera over Ibiza

Fancy an August vacation away from the crowds, but still in the sunshine of the Balearic Islands? If the iconic Ibiza is a famous destination, extremely popular with tourists from all over the world, its secret neighbour Formentera is the dream place to go in August in Europe to avoid the crowds!

Often considered Ibiza's little sister, Formentera is just as bohemian, but has its own personality. Its fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters have nothing to envy the Isla Blanca, with the added touch of laid-back charm and an aura of mystery found nowhere else.



Why we love Formentera in August:

Less popular than Ibiza and less frequented than Mallorca, Formentera is the island to go to in August with your family to take advantage of the Mediterranean climate. With long days, dazzling sunshine and mild temperatures, Formentera has everything you need for a summer on the beach with the kids.

Synonymous with idleness on the sand, Formentera is just as suitable for children as it is for teenagers. Grown-ups can take advantage of the family atmosphere to live life on their bikes and explore the bars and restaurants, while the younger ones will see no time pass as they dream of being pirates while playing in the unspoilt nature.

For more inspiration, take a look at our programme for a perfect day in Formentera.

Where to go in France with the whole family?

Umbria over Tuscany

If you're planning a trip to Europe in August with your whole family, we've got just the destination for you. Perfect for large groups, including friends and grandparents, Umbria is just waiting for you!

Umbria is a lesser-known destination than Tuscany, but it has all the charms of Italy. Pastoral panoramas, green hills, medieval villages and traditional cuisine... With its vast country houses and authentic atmosphere, this region is perfect for large gatherings where all generations come together under the summer sun.

Are you ready to leave for nature with your family this summer?



Why we love Umbria in August:

Although Umbria is one of the few Italian regions without access to the sea, it has the decisive advantage of being much less busy than Tuscany, Lake Como or the south of Italy during the high season!

Punctuated by hills and lakes, it is known as "Cuor verde d'Italia", or the green heart of Italy. Between nature and culture, there's no shortage of activities! In Perugia, an ancient Etruscan city, you can steep yourself in history. Must see? The Gothic Basilica of San Domenico and the remains of the Rocca Paolina.

Adults can continue their explorations, notably in the Roman village of Spello and the small medieval village of Montefalco, where visitors come to admire the view over the countryside and taste the local wines. Younger visitors will love the thrills of rafting near the Cascade dei Marmore and horse-riding around Lago Trasimeno, where it's always good to take a dip!

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Should you go to Europe in August?

Europe is such a rich and magnificent continent that it's a must to visit all year round!

In August, Southern Europe attracts tourists from all over the world, with the most popular destinations being:

So if you're planning a trip to Europe in August, remember that you won't be alone ! For a break between two must-see visits, why not put your bags down in one of our secluded luxury retreats?

Where not to go in August?

To avoid the crowds and find serenity in August, it is advisable to avoid the most touristy destinations, such as large, crowded cities and overcrowded beaches.

Instead, look for exclusive and intimate locations, such as hidden coastal villages, peaceful mountain retreats and isolated islands.

That way, you can enjoy a harmonious travel experience that's closer to nature.

Where to go in August in France to avoid the crowds?

An iconic destination if ever there was one, in August the South of France bewitches visitors from the four corners of the globe!

Would you like to immerse yourself in the charms of the Hexagone in complete tranquillity, without having to fight to find where to put your towel? The French Alps are our favourite place to go in August to avoid the crowds.

Where to go with family in Greece?

Wondering where to go on a family holiday in Greece? There are so many Greek islands, each more beautiful than the last, that it's sometimes hard to know which ones are best suited to a family getaway.

Our favourite Cycladic islands for families include:

  • Antiparos for its confidential atmosphere,
  • Sifnos, which is more family-friendly than its neighbours,
  • Syros for its unspoilt nature.
Où partir en août pour être tranquille ?

Is the destination more important to you than peace and quiet on your summer holidays ? We haven't forgotten you!

If you want to know where to go in August for peace and quiet, be inspired by secluded homes, where you'll feel like you're all alone in the world.


From the French Alps to the cliffs of the Algarve, from the azure shores of Antiparos to the Italian hinterland, you now know the best destinations for a family holiday in August, away from the crowds!

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