Lose yourself in the French Alps: Summer holidays edition

The low season reveals a destination's truest treasures. Discover the Alps at their most beautiful, once the heaving crowds have been stripped back.
Lose yourself in the French Alps: Summer holidays edition
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Skiing is often spoken about in the same breath as the French Alps, and, with some of the best downhill skiing in the world, it's easy to see why. But rarely do people speak about summer holidays in the French Alps with any seriousness. A holiday to the French Alps outside of the prime skiing months is a novel idea that sparks the imagination, before it peters out and ends with fleeting thoughts of its probable beauty. 

Those who implement those thoughts, who let their curiosity get the better of them by embarking on a holiday to the French Alps in the summer, don't regret it. The snow recedes, giving way to a lush, softened landscape that is awe-inspiring in its own way. While the sounds of skis slicing through ice dominate the slopes in the winter months, the summer is characterised by complete serenity punctuated by the distant clinking of cowbells.

Skiing gives way to a myriad other activities, equally exhilarating and alpinist in their nature. On your next French Alps holidays, discover the splendour of the summer months, when the pace of life is slower and the scenery even more stunning. Give into the imagination and explore the cascading green peaks on foot, bike, or from above. 

Summer activities in the Alps

Mountain biking the trails of Portes du Soleil

Race down the mountainside on your mountain bike, much like you would on a set of skis. Instead of the familiar swooshing of skis through fresh snow, you hear the sound of the dirt track crunching beneath rubber wheels. The sun shines warmly on your wind-cooled forearms. Kicked up dust lingers before settling or drifting through the regimented pine trees on the fresh mountain breeze. 

Les Portes du Soleil has access to some excellent trails. Morzine, in the heart of Les Portes du Soleil, is an excellent destination to go mountain biking on your summer holidays. Downhill, road, and cross-country bikers will have access to a number of thrilling and scenic trails to sample during their trip. 

White water rafting 

White water raft down the spectacular valleys of the Alps. While the water carries you, gently in parts and thrilling in others, it is impossible not to revere nature's might in such a majestic place. Drift down valleys scored by the perennial flow of melted ice, where the only spectators are the towering peaks that have been carved by the river over millennia.

In Chamonix, you can raft down the river Arve in the summer months. As the days grow warmer, the river's growing torrents are charged by the dissipating snow, making for a fun-filled experience in the French Alps in the summer. 

Rock climb through your French Alps summer holidays

One thing there is no shortage of in the Alps is sheer rock faces to ascend and descend. Strap on your harness and experience the true meaning of living life on the edge. Conquer the mountains and take on a new lease of life. The views all around are breathtaking. 


Relax in the alps in summer

Here at Le Collectionist, our collection of luxury chalets in the French Alps have an array of excellent amenities, which can equally be enjoyed in the summer, if not more so. For an especially relaxing holiday in the French Alps, take one of our chalets with an outdoor pool or a hot tub, from where you can bask in the glorious views of the jagged peaks. 


Chalet Sisimiut, Courchevel 1550

Chalet Sisimiut feels like it has been plucked from the film set of Alice and Wonderland, with its fascinating trinkets, patterned wallpapers and charming eccentricities. The swimming pool is one of the more intriguing elements of this chalet: it emerges from inside the dimly lit spa area into the fresh air, like a jungle river debouching into an estuary, where the bright Alpine summer sun glimmers on the rippling surface. It is the perfect holiday home for French Alps summer holidays.


Chalet Diogène, Morzine

Nestled amongst the pine trees at the bottom of the Aulps Valley, Chalet Diogène promises serenity and natural beauty with sophistication. Beyond the cask sauna and outdoor jacuzzi, the chalet's swimming pool is the perfect addition for the months of summer. Sink into the weightlessness of the heated pool to rest limbs wearied from the adventurous endeavours of alpine adventure. On days when the weather forbids outdoor undertakings, recline into the cinema for a relaxing afternoon and truly unwind on your French Alps summer holidays.

Chalet Myosotis, Chamonix

Chamonix, with all of its high-octane adventures, from superb rock climbing and white water rafting, is a great place to spend the summer. But all of that activity demands a comforting space to return to in the evenings, and a space to wholly unwind in the rejuvenating climate of Alpine summers. Chalet Myosotis is a haven for your luxury France holidays to the French Alps in the summer. Beyond the chef who will prepare you and your loved ones replenishing and wholesome meals in the evenings, the pool area is a wonderful place to loosen up in the warming sun.



Chalet Akaroa, Val d'Isère

The large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room are ideal for those bright summer days. The doors open up onto the balcony, revealing the verdant treetops that seem to glow in the morning light. On Chalet Akaroa's balcony, looking across the small valley, you will find the hot tub, from where you can enjoy the last rays of light in the evening after a long day of traversing the mountainsides.



Chalet Orso, Val d'Isère

With Chalet Orso you are spoilt for choice. Plunge into the indoor pool before padding to the jacuzzi for some warming relaxation, or perch on the terrace in the outdoor jacuzzi to lap up the views of the peaks that jut into the clear summer skies. The mountains opposite this chalet are stunning and can also be enjoyed from inside, where vast sheets of glass keep out the elements and serve as a portal into the precipitous and bucolic setting of French Alps summer holidays.

Chalet Aneo, Megève

This spacious chalet, nestled in the glamorous and quaint resort of Megève, boasts magnificent views of the lofty peaks of Mont Blanc. Chalet Aneo's modern and elegant design makes it a cosy destination in the winter, but ideal for the summer with its ample outdoor space. There is an indoor swimming pool and a hot tub next to the outdoor lounging space for those chilled days outdoors.


The Alps in summer around Mont Blanc

French Alps summer holidays are for exploration and adventure. There is no better place to do this than around Mont Blanc. 

Paraglide over the deep valleys for stunning views

Fasten yourself in with one of our guides to soar above the treetops and the babbling streams that run along the valley bottom.


The beer of Mont Blanc

Allow the flavours one of the most iconic Alpine beers to dance on your tongue, as you learn the process of the craft, from source to brewery to bottle. There is no better way to quench your thirst on your French Alps summer holidays.


See the mountain peaks from above

Take flight in the absolute quietude of a hot air balloon's wicker basket to witness the splendour of the mighty mountain summits from above. 


With Le Collectionist, individual and personal experiences are what we aspire to bestow on all of our clients, with minimal effort from our clients. We hope to create effortless holidays that allow you to make memories with your loved ones. Explore our collection of to springboard your next unique and seamless holiday. The French Alps, as one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, is the perfect backdrop for forging those memories.

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