What to do at Ibiza in August? A selection by Le Collectionist

Wondering what to do in Ibiza in August? We have hand-picked for you the best things to do on the White Island, from the sea to the land.
What to do at Ibiza in August? A selection by Le Collectionist
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Famous worldwide for its wild nightlife and stunning panoramic views, the island of Ibiza attracts many visitors from across the world each year. With its idyllic beaches, rich and varied cuisine, enchanting countryside and amazing nightlife, Ibiza is a mythical destination for sunny holidays. If you are asking yourself what to do at Ibiza in August, this is our guide to discovering all the sides to the White Island. 

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Explore Ibiza BY SEA 

One of the most beautiful seaside destinations, Ibiza’s beaches are iconic. Long stretches of white and fine sand, warm and turquoise waters, and various renowned addresses invite you to rest under the White Island's radiant sun. 


A day in Formentera: 

North of the White Island, the gorgeous Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands. To rejoin this small patch of Earth where spirits run wild and free, take a ferry departing from the Eivissa port. With beautiful beaches and uninhabited landscapes, this is one of the most beautiful destinations close to Ibiza. 

The first thing to do when you arrive is to rent a bicycle to wander freely on the island’s enchanting paths. You can visit the villages, filled with small houses and charming white limestone churches, before exploring the irresistible beaches of fine sand of Ses Illetes, and taking a tour of the pretty Sa Punta Prima with its incredible views of the island. 

The sunset at Cala d'Hort: 

On returning to Ibiza, there is an unforgettable sight to see if you are wondering what to do in August. The beach of Cala d’Hort is a unique place, with pearlescent sands and crystal waters. You can spend the afternoons wading through the shallow waters or jumping off cliffs in Ibiza with family.

But at the golden hour, you must turn to focus on the sky. It is tinted with a thousand shades of pinks and ruddy oranges, which cover the coast of Ibiza in a champagne hue. In particular, the view from the cliffs is unforgettable. 

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The beautiful beach of Cala Salada 

Of all the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, Cala Salada remains our favourite. This stretch of sand is truly brimming with Ibizan beauty. Finding it is a real adventure, but it is definitely worth the effort. 

You have two options before you: either take on the waves and anchor yourself a few breast-strokes away from the coast or take a car and then venture past the beach rocks until you reach this long stretch of sand. The setting is absolutely magical, with the water being incredibly clear and the atmosphere extremely relaxed.

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If the coast of Ibiza is one of the most alluring bays in the world, its hinterland is just as charming. At the wheel of the car, embark on a road trip to discover the hippy history of Ibiza, of its rich land and picturesque towns and villages. 


The hippy markets in Ibiza: 

Visiting the numerous hippy-friendly markets at Ibiza is an excellent opportunity to explore the little Ibicencos villages. In the 60s, Ibiza became a festive haunt for young hippies. This bohemian past is now integrated into the local culture and in many of Ibiza's towns. The most famous of these is no doubt that of the Punta Arabi, the largest and oldest hippie market in Ibiza. 

At the heart of these open-air markets, you can get lost between the stalls finding interesting objects to bring back from your holidays. Vintage clothes, souvenirs, local products, there’s something for every taste, in a relaxed atmosphere set to local music. 

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Ibiza's vineyards:

On the tables of the Ibicenco restaurants, find exceptionally rich, aromatic wines that have both deep and balanced taste. To discover this unique production, go to the regions of Sant Mateu, Buscatell and Sant Josep. 

As well as being a dazzling sensory experience, it is also the ideal time to admire Ibiza’s landscape. Follow the small winding paths, coiled between olive trees that have stood for centuries. Contemplate the herds of native animals and the golden vineyards. You can enter the exquisite wine estates to have lunch in the company of various harvesters while enjoying the local delicacies.


Explore Dalt Vila, Ibiza's old town:  

The beautiful fortress of the Dalt Vila overlooks the town of Eivissa, the capital of Ibiza. Dalt Vila is an ancient town with unparalleled charm and magnificent architecture. Young and old will delight in discovering the alleys of this town, visiting the discreetly hidden sights and contemplating the lovely houses and whitewashed churches. 

At noon, let yourself be washed away by the Mediterranean scents, leading you to the best restaurants in the old town. Two options: sit at the border of a flowery square on a picturesque terrace, or in a trendy tapas bar overlooking the whole city.

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