A bohemian breeze on Villa Philia with Maxime and Christine Belveze

Traditional Greek charm pours out of Villa Philia in Paros, from its whitewashed walls to the furniture and decor amassed throughout the Cyclades by Maxime and Christine.
A bohemian breeze on Villa Philia with Maxime and Christine Belveze
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The hills emerging from Paros, home of lyrical poetry, seem pulled out of a Greek myth. Wonder before this wild and preserved nature, the azure Mediterranean sea, and the blazing sun that call the Cyclades home. Far more than a legendary landscape, this region bears a southern philosophy where lifestyle is informed by light, conviviality, and warmth.

Fifteen years ago, Maxime Belveze and his wife Christine fell in love with Paros’s authentic charm. The couple spent many summers there with family and friends, alternating walks along Naoussa’s port and dives in secret coves hidden throughout this haven of peace.

The island’s multiple facets have something for everyone: night owls get a festive ambiance after dark while nature lovers will appreciate its relaxed and refreshing atmosphere for your Paros holidays. You could even spend your day sailing around the Cycladic Islands while connecting with the seas in Greece!



Upon first glance, you’ll surely be seduced by the buildings’ blue and white facades and the small fishermen boats dotting the horizon. Stop in at one of the old port’s taverns for a taste of the Mediterranean with local colours and flavours — be sure to try mizithra, a traditional cheese of the region. Venture out to the heights of Paros Park natural reserve, whose serene and intimate environment the couple sought to infuse into their family home.

“We chose to favour local artisans and Greek materials: the kitchen is made from Naxos and all the wood panelling is from Paros.”

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In collaboration with the renowned Cabinet Gem Architects, they created an oasis within the bicentennial olive trees and small Byzantine-era mountain trails. Through the tan tones of its stone walls and its traditional whitewashed facade, Villa Philia will transport you into a refreshing realm of Hellenistic spirituality.

Its nods to Paros’s cultural heritage bring you on a treasure hunt throughout the home for local legends told by decorative pieces. Will you be able to find the Mataki, blue eyes that are believed to protect from the evil eye?

The property is environmentally conscious: the roof collects rain water and each room is designed for natural ventilation. Watch shepherds lead their goats to pasture right beside the house in a mix of modern comfort and tradition. Villa Philia is truly a magnificent and luxurious retreat in total simplicity.



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Both hailing from big families, Christine and her husband had long since dreamed of a welcoming space where all their loved ones could convene, but where the family’s teenagers and young adults could also find some independence. Built as several adjoining spaces, the home allows each family member to choose their own rhythm: night owls could slip into bed in the early hours without interrupting your morning coffee.

Villa Philia marries calm and private moments with Naoussa port’s lively nightlife in bars and traditional taverns. Craving fish caught that same morning? Done! Just head to Safran, the couple’s favourite traditional restaurant in the area. You’ll also want to try the tuna steak at Chez Halaris or savour a sophisticated moussaka while peering over the azure Mediterranean sea.



The villa further blossoms in the preserved fields of Paros through its Mediterranean garden, which respects local essences. There, your family can pick oregano, lemons, and olives to embellish your meals with fresh, homegrown aromas. This paradise is the perfect place to be one with nature while contemplating the Aegean Sea, dipping in the water, or lazing under the shade of olive trees

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From hand-dyed linen to artisanal crochet pillowcases and Sifnos pottery, each part of Villa Philia’s decoration was curated to convey peace and serenity. The villa’s bohemian style is an invitation to travel; we particularly like the living room’s light fixtures that were brought back from Cambodia and the small berber tables imported from Morocco.


Mediterranean hospitality reigns at Villa Philia. For a perfect day, Christine recommends you first savour a delicious breakfast prepared by Constantina, the governess, in a soothing atmosphere carried by singing cicadas and the zesty fragrance of the domain’s lemon trees. Then, why not spend the day on the bocce court for a tournament among friends or head out to Naoussa to visit the charming local shops?

The ravishing jewellery and bags from Artisun, all handmade and eco-friendly, will surely complement your tan while the ceramics from Yria will help complete your collection of uniquely designed earthenware. In the evening, gather around an aperitif and, from the villa’s rooftop, watch the goats and their herders travel down one of the Byzantine paths while the sunset paints an orange fire over the valley.



“I love settling into the outdoor kitchen while everyone is still asleep to drink my morning tea facing the turquoise sea and Naxos Island. There’s really nothing like it.”

It’s little moments like these that make Villa Philia so special. Here, you can reconnect with both your loved ones and yourself in a vibrant and preserved natural space where leisure rhymes with freedom. This cocoon of comfort and conviviality is a bona fide invitation to let go and take a deep breath of Meltem wind.

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