The best boat trips for your Paros holidays

Set sail beyond the shores of your Paros holiday. Explore our list of the best boat trips to take in and around Paros and feel the wind in your hair.
The best boat trips for your Paros holidays
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The Cyclades Islands, the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, hold a mythological power.  The myth states that Poseidon, God of the Sea, turned a group of Cyclades nymphs into islands, because they angered him in some way. So called the Cyclades because they form a circle around the powerful island of Delos, this fantastic section of the Aegean Archipelago should be at the top of your 'To Visit' list. The best thing about visiting the Cyclades islands is that you are never restricted to just one destination. Paros is one of our favourite Greek islands and it is a fantastic place to base yourself if you are wanting to travel around some other islands. The boat trips that you can venture on from your Paros holidays are extensive and exciting.

Discover our list of the best boat trips for your Paros holidays below.

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Paros itself is a magical island that is the epitome of the Greek idyll. It has the winding cobbled streets and bougainvillea that you would expect in any Greek paradise. The capital of the island Parikia is a medieval port town that is filled with hidden gems and secret spots.

Arriving into the small port, you can see the charm of the island immediately; small white houses with blue detailing - the classic Greek style. A small windmill waves you into the docks. Incidentally, this little port is where you can set sail from to further explore the island and surrounding islands on daily boat trips. Keep reading to discover the best ways to spend your Paros holidays.

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For trips from the port of Parikia to other hot spots in Paros:


The rural village

Located directly on the opposite side of the island to Parikia, the tiny village of Naoussa is a haven. You can drive across Paros to reach the quaint fishing village but we think that a little boat trip around the coast is much more preferable.

Admire the rocky coastline as you glide around the island and profit from the quieter side of Paros. The port itself is still the main fishing dock of the island and you will see the fishermen heading out to sea early each morning and returning late in the evening. Fishmongers will hang up their octopus to dry before they then get sold at market

The winding streets are full of small boutiques and cosy taverns that spill out onto the pavement as the evenings get later. The ambiance at Naoussa is different to the other parts of the island. Despite sometimes feeling busy and sardined, it is filled with an authentic buzz that is hard to recreate.

Martselo Beach

The day-trip

paros holiday boat

The shortest trip of them all, but maybe our favourite. Just a quick boat taxi from Parikia port, the beaches of Martselo and Krios may become the highlight of your Paros holiday. The boat leaves the port every 30 minutes and if you miss one, there are little Greek cafes dotted around the port to grab a quick coffee whilst you wait.

The boat taxi glides gently across the bay giving you a panoramic view over the island. It slowly crawls past beachside apartments with the balconies nearly dipping into the sea. You can wave at the locals who are having their breakfast on their terraces whilst enjoying their view across the bay.

When you reach your destination, the small but perfectly formed beach welcomes you, and you can spend the day lounging on a sun-bed. When you need a sun break, there are some rustic shack restaurants settled along the beach where you can enjoy a fresh greek salad with warm pitta bread and tzatsiki. A Paros holiday doesn't get much better than that.

Head further afield on trips to new islands:


The rugged island

The little sister island of Paros - Antiparos, though a quick boat trip away, feels like another world. Steeped in mythology - it has caves and temples to explore. The relaxing atmosphere of Paros is replaced by excitement and history over here - a real change in landscape and character. The caves of Antiparos are well-renowned for hosting centuries of history. you can find inscriptions from the Second World War and dating back even as far as the early 18th century. You can access the island from Parikia port on a quick half an hour boat trip.

The rugged landscape is also perfect for taking long, picturesque hikes. Picture yourself trekking up a rocky, winding track to reach the top at sunset. Whichever way you face, the sunset will be glistening across the sea, creating an ambrosial view.

The 16th century fort is also worth a visit - Kastro was built by the habitants of Antiparos to protect themselves from pirates in the 1500s. A Venetian style castle in the middle of a Greek island, surrounded by Venetian churches is a sight to behold, but definitely not one to miss.

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The historical island

The rocky next door neighbour of Antiparos, the island of Despotiko is one of the hotspots to visit on your Paros holidays. With deep rooted mythological history, this islet has become a haven for archaeology buffs and history enthusiasts alike.

The Temple of Apollo and Artemis is the primary education attraction of the island. However, the turquoise seas and never-ending views will compel you to stay. Also, the attraction of it being an uninhabited island is extremely tempting. Less tourists and more peace and quiet, what more could you want?

Furthermore, camping is free and accessible throughout the whole of Greece, so you can spend a rustic night under the stars on this harmonious island.


The colourful island

paros greece trip

Luckily, the capital of the Cyclades, Syros island is just over an hour ferry away your Paros, the perfect length commute for a long day trip. The main town of Ermoupoli is a colourful sanctuary with a thriving art scene. There is a juxtaposition of the neoclassical architecture and the multicoloured mansions that is fascinating to witness. Visiting this island will feel like a mini city-break from the relaxing nature of Paros, as there is such a multitude of culture and art to experience. From the grandeur of the town hall to Miaouli square, you definitely will not run out of things to do on this excursion.

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