The catalogue: Le Collectionist's most beautiful homes

Since it's founding, Le Collectionist has never ceased in finding the most beautiful houses in the world to rent for your holidays. Explore them with us!
The catalogue: Le Collectionist's most beautiful homes
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Whatever the destination, the perfect holiday starts with finding the perfect a house; a haven, a secret refuge to create special memories with our loved ones. It is what really makes a difference on your dream holiday. When you're in the mountains, a wooden chalet becomes the ideal setting for a fairy tale where we meet around the fire and enjoy winter delicacies. When you're by the sea, it is an open door to the sand and the sun, an exquisite place where together peace and quiet reigns and where the days pass to the rhythm of the waves.

Explore all of our most beautiful luxury holiday villas in the world for your next tailor-made trip with Le Collectionist. With more than 1,000 houses on offer from modern, traditional, buried in the countryside or in the heart of a wonderful city, all you have to do is choose from our collection. Get inspired by discovering them in our collection of images of the most beautiful homes in the world (to be published soon).


Finding the most beautiful homes (to be published soon) in the world is Le Collectionist's goal: to provide you with unforgettable holidays with those you love.Discover our in-depth selection of the most beautiful villas in the world below and explore them in more detail in our article on the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world.

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beautiful homes and great estates

These are houses with exceptional architecture, those which instantly take your breath away and amaze us with their creativity and their grandiose interiors. You could get lost for hours, in these villas, discovering every nook and cranny of the property, every secret, every room.

Read our article to discover the most beautiful beautiful homes and great estates (to be published soon). From the typical farmhouses of Provence, to the whitewashed luxury villas of the Cyclades, through the rustic chalets of the Alps, and the riads of Marrakech, each of these houses has an identity and a character of its own.

Open air in the most beautiful modern homes

With clean lines, large spaces, refined design, and neutral colours, modern houses give off a unique atmosphere and are an ode to the world of the refined. We leave room for large spaces, contemporary works and a minimalism that brings freshness and dynamism. In these modern villas, we make the most of the space, relax on the roof terraces or in the wooded gardens. Follow us to discover the most beautiful modern homes (to be published soon). Here is a sample:

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A return to the source in the most beautiful historic houses in the world

Old houses have an incomparable charm; the old stones remind us that, long before us, people built real wonders. In these always warm houses, we like to spend time with family, gather around large meals and enjoy a more traditional lifestyle.

Sometimes they take on a facelift thanks to designers who know how to combine modernity and tradition to bring these houses all the luxury you need. Le Collectionist delivers here the most beautiful historic houses (to be published soon).

For an overview of an exceptional renovation, visit Mas du Moulin; a luxury villa in Provence reinvented by a designer couple.

Discovering the most beautiful log homes and interiors

There is always something special about packing in a house made of wood. In the mountains, the wooden frames support the high ceilings and give off a feeling of grandeur, all in lightness. From the outside, it allows the most sumptuous chalets to blend perfectly into the snowy landscape.

In the countryside or on the beach, the weathered wood gives these houses the appearance of secret huts in which to take refuge during the holidays. Rediscover this exceptional material from every angle by leafing through our article on the most beautiful log home interiors.

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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL home interiors

If the facades of our most beautiful houses are always impressive, it is their interiors that captivate us. Regardless of whether it's a modern, contemporary or picturesque villa, we spend most of our time inside as its where we love to be with our families and friends.

From the most opulent rooms that you haven't seen before, to magnificent lines with meticulous decoration, possibly inspired by travels around the world or typically local, discover the most beautiful home interiors (to be published soon).

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The French territory is rich in landscapes and varied traditions. From North to South, architectures follow one another and are not alike. From wooden chalets in the Alps to luxury seaside villas in Corsica through typical Provencal farmhouses, warm Normandy mansions or luxury apartments in the heart of Paris, all our rental houses in France are refined haunts for your luxury vacation.

No need to go far from home to spend a memorable and luxurious vacation: discover our selection of the most beautiful houses in France,according to Le Collectionist.

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A stay in the country is synonymous with going back to basics. What could be more charming and relaxing than a house in the countryside surrounded by nature, nestled in the middle of fields or hidden in a small picturesque village. In the countryside, time passes much slower. We spend most of our days outdoors enjoying the beautiful gardens of these exceptional homes.

Some even have vegetable gardens or chicken coops, where you can venture out with the kids to pick something to cook for lunch. Our days are devoted to exploring the surroundings, from the pretty quaint picturesque towns to the lush green meadows. Explore our selection of the most beautiful country homes (to be published soon) and take your pick.

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by the water: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH homes 

Being in a villa facing the sea is the epitome of true luxury. In the morning, we sit on the terrace with a coffee in hand, while we keep our eyes closed and listen. We hear the typical sounds of a morning by the sea: waves breaking on the beach, the terns gone hunting, the first sails lined. And then we open our eyes and your imagination comes to life, the shades of blue under the sun, coasts with a thousand shades of green and being just a few footsteps away from the beach. Whether in Ibiza, Comporta, Saint-Martin or on the French Riviera, from traditional to contemporary, our villas embody this idyllic seaside setting. Choose from among the most beautiful beach homes (to be published soon).

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Also discover some of our dream villas by the water, in our selection of villas in Saint Tropez with a private beach and our villas in Corsica with their feet in the water.

BREATHTAKING homes with beautiful views

At the end of a day of adventure, gather around and have an aperitif prepared with care by our teams in front of an extraordinary view. Our luxury holiday homes are perfectly anchored in the most beautiful panoramas; you can be perched in the heights of Lake Como in Villa Deluca, or face breathtaking mountain views in Chalet Orca. Discover our homes with beautiful views (to be published soon).

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By the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, a swimming pool is always a perfect place to relax. In summer, enjoy the sun and the heat on a deckchair by the water before diving to cool off and meet the children at play. In the mountains in winter, the swimming pools are secret, hidden under the chalets out of sight and out of the cold. Explore with the Collectionist, the most beautiful houses with swimming pools (to be published soon).

For an excursion a little further to the North of France, read this article to take a tour of our most beautiful villas in Normandy with a swimming pool .

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French and perfectly structured in the Provençal countryside, tropical in the Caribbean or English and overflowing with rose bushes as in Normandy, the gardens are a must for beautiful homes. We walk there at all hours with the chirping birds in the background. Children find there a limitless playground. Discover the most beautiful home gardens (to be published soon) of Le Collectionist. 

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Le Collectionist has more than 1,000 houses in more than 150 destinations around the world. Our teams have found exceptional homes for you all over the world; from the paradisiacal beaches of the Balearic Islands to the pristine forests of the Alps. Discover all our luxury holiday destinations, make your selection and find your dream villa for a magical stay. 

With Le Collectionist, renting the most beautiful homes in the world has never been easier. Choose your luxury villa rental for your next stay from our amazing collection.

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