The top 10 most beautiful houses in the world

From Pampelonne beach to the rice fields of Comporta, Le Collectionist has traveled the world to find the 10 most beautiful houses in the world.
The top 10 most beautiful houses in the world
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Our topmost priority at Le Collectionist is to select the most beautiful villas in the world. Discover our selection of the 10 most beautiful houses in the world to create endless memories of an unforgettable vacation.


With its typical Cap Ferret architecture, Villa Omnia is one of the favorites in our catalog. Built in brick and wood, it blends harmoniously into the surrounding pine forest. But far from disappearing in it, this synergy with its environment comes to reveal all the beauty of this villa, whose large balcony overlooking the swimming pool is reminiscent of the colonial houses of Louisiana or the Caribbean.

Inside, on the other side of the elegant bay windows in black wood, the villa is tastefully decorated with a touch of boldness. The styles vary, moving from the trendy mix and match of the living room to the romance of a pale pink bedroom or the timeless chic of a marble bathroom. On the roof, a terrace allows you to enjoy the southwestern sun in complete privacy.

Villa Omnia


A little jewel of Art Deco architecture on the banks of the Pampelonne, Villa Hanoi is clearly among the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world. Its contemporary silhouette, sculpted in concrete and glass, stands in the middle of a perfectly mowed garden. From the candy-pink deckchairs, which sit around the mirror-reflecting pool, we can hear the house rhythms that escape from the very select Nikki Beach. We could imagine that we were on Ocean Drive or in Palm Springs, if it weren't for the olive trees and cypresses planted there, as if to remind us that we are indeed on the French Riviera.

Endless bay windows open onto a refined interior, with designer furniture, neon lighting and pop details, and it's clear that the dec has been expertly planned. In the kitchen, for example, the pink marble table echoes the psychedelic flowers of Takashi Murakami. In the bedrooms, the walls are erased to give free rein to the real asset of this extraordinary villa: the breathtaking view of the garden and the Mediterranean.

Hanoi Villa


Provençal bastides have an inexplicable charm, and Mas Belle-Hélène is no exception. Nestled in the middle of orchards, in the Avignon countryside, this old farmhouse dating from the 18th century has been completely renovated. From its old life, Mas Belle-Hélène has retained the old stone walls, pastel blue shutters and French gardens.

Going through the doors of this period residence is like stepping back in time and you can easily imagine yourself as a lord in the dining room, where two magnificent crystal chandeliers and the portrait of a young aristocrat keep watch. On the walls and in the china cabinet, silverware and porcelain sparkle. But it is still the rooms that best embody the bucolic and refined spirit of this villa. Between the flowery tapestries and the four-poster beds adorned with regressive fabrics, it feels like a Jane Austen novel.

Mas Belle Helene


This villa perched in the hills of Ajaccio is one of our travellers' favorites. And it is not difficult to understand why, with its slender silhouette facing the sea takes your breath away. Upstairs, the large bay windows open entirely onto the terrace, to better appreciate the view, which extends as far as the eye can see. Marked with modernity, Villa A Nepita is nevertheless an ode to the landscape that surrounds it. It is proof that contemporary architecture and untamed nature can go hand in hand.

The charm of Villa A Nepita lies in its infinite purity, through the immaculate white walls, its light wooden terrace and its bohemian decoration, it exudes a refreshing feeling of calm and lushness. Not to mention its infinity pool, which seems to be one with the intense blue of the Mediterranean. Spending your luxury holiday here comes with the risk of never wanting to leave again.

Villa A Nepita


It is not a house strictly speaking that we are going to present to you, but a domain. Villa Carragueira extends over several hectares in the Comporta nature reserve with wooden paths weathered by the wind drawing a path in the sand, guiding you in turn to a tennis court, a swimming pool, a shaded pergola, a volleyball or pétanque court ...

But let's focus instead on the villa and its structures. Faithful to the architecture of Comporta, waxed concrete mixes with wood and wicker or woven rattan. In the walls, niches have been dug with an allure as bohemian as they are trendy, where beautiful books and objects brought back from travels stand proud. The natural hues - linen, sand, white - are subtly enhanced by touches of colour: an ocher tapestry, indigo tiles, a turquoise carpet or a fuchsia pink bedspread.  

Villa Carragueira


Villa Blue owes its name to the colour of the sea that stretches out in front of it. But this luxury residence could also have been called Villa Green, because it is drowned in an ocean of lush vegetation, in the region of San Miquel, north of Ibiza. In the middle of this breathtaking setting lies a harmonious marriage of straight lines and rounded curves. Large bay windows allow you to admire the panorama, from wherever you are in the villa. Not to mention the rooftop, where we witness sunsets of rarely equaled beauty.

On the one side, there is the Mediterranean, blue and endless. On the other, an immaculate white terrace with a swimming pool in the shape of an azure paint palette. Nestled between the two, Villa Blue unveils elegant decor, imbued with modernity. The ebony wood contrasts with the lighter elements, while patent leather meets linen and stone, all illuminated under designer light fixtures.

Villa Blue


We are in the heart of Italy, in the Marche region. After several minutes of driving along the rivers and through the green hills, you'll finally see Villa Trea. Its imposing stone facade with small windows stands out against the countryside. This old farmhouse has an incredible aura, which owes a lot to the golden light of the Italian sun, and as soon as you step in, you can quickly imagine yourself sunbathing by the large blue swimming pool.

When the sun is at its zenith, we take refuge behind the thick walls of Villa Trea, Old bare stones preserve its freshness, while touches of white, linen and light wood give off an impression of delicate purity. Barely disturbed by the song of birds and the clicking of glasses of wine which we share in the shade of the summer kitchen, we feel rested and revitalised.

Villa Trea


From Greece, Villa Gaia borrowed the sharpness and beauty of immaculate white. Perched on a rock, it enjoys privileged access to the Mediterranean Sea. An additional asset, which is added to the long list of qualities of this luxury villa. There is of course the infinity pool, and the majestic gray stone terrace which merges with the interior of the villa.

The scorching sun of the Mediterranean basin penetrates without filter in the living room, and comes to be reflected on the elegant black bookcase. This room with a strong design sets the tone: we are in a villa of character, resolutely modern and refined. In the suites, the glazed spaces and the mirrors let in the light. If it's the shade you're looking for, you need to go to the basement. There, by the glow of the neon lights that adorn the waxed concrete walls, we immerse ourselves in a film noir. Unless you prefer to wrap yourself in the warmth of the white marble hammam ...

Villa Gaia


The villa that we are going to present to you now is a well-kept secret, and undoubtedly on the list of the top 10 most beautiful houses in the world. In the heart of a palm grove, outside the boiling Medina of Marrakech, is the incredible Villa Dar El Sadaka. But let us warn you: you won't be alone. You will have to share the eleven hectares of vegetation on the estate with extraordinary creatures and exotic animals, imagined by the artist Jean-François Fourtou.

The Villa Dar El Sadaka was imagined as an oasis in the middle of the desert. Climbing plants and flowers with intoxicating scents devour the facades, inviting themselves into the rooms of the villa. Plants are not the only ones to take possession of the place. Each room in the house is embodied by an animal sculpture. Orangutans sway from the chandeliers in the living room, a gigantic giraffe leans over the dining table, or a giant ant climbs the waxed concrete walls of the bedroom ... But we don't tell you more: we prefer you let discover the unique universe of this villa which is just as much.

Villa Ixfalia


Located at the foot of the slopes, Chalet Eugenia perfectly embodies the ambivalence of Megève, between Savoyard charm and elegant luxury. Its all-wood facade, inspired by traditional Alpine chalets, hides a treasure trove of modern decoration, designed by designer Bô Design. With its high ceilings, the chalet looks like a New York loft, but the view of the snow-capped mountains planted with fir trees, on the other side of the bay windows, reminds us that we are in the Alps. .

In the living room, a crackling log fire fills the three floors of Chalet Eugenia with comforting warmth. The decor is contemporary, but far from cold, quite the contrary. The rounded chocolate velvet sofa, the soft rugs, the aged leather chairs, and the fur throws: everything is an invitation to curl up comfortably after a day in the exhilarating cold of the slopes. And if that isn't enough for you, you can always go for a walk in the chalet's indoor jacuzzi or sauna.

Chalet Eugenia

Discover our other extraordinary home tours, or explore the rest of our catalog of luxury villas for rent. Le Collectionist has selected the most beautiful homes in the world for you, to make your holidays exceptional.

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