Interview: A stunning countryside villa in Provence, France

Previously in dilapidated ruin, Mas Des Oliviers is now a stunning home situated in the heart of the national park, thanks to the skilled work of Liliana Atilova and Alain Meylan.
Interview: A stunning countryside villa in Provence, France
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Liliana Atilova, though a Bulgarian by descent, attributes France as a huge influence in her adult life. Having studied in Montpellier, the south of France was once her home. After her studies, she spent most of her time travelling the world, working in Paris, Brussels, Greece, and Switzerland. It was in Geneva where she met her husband, Alain Meylan, a successful architect who designed private villas. 

Together their marriage gave birth to their collaboration in K Interiors, a firm in Geneva focused solely on interior design. Through the years, Liliana and Alain had a farmhouse in Maussane, quite close to where Mas des Oliviers sits today. Over time, the couple fell in love with the magic of the region of Provence. They decided they wanted to do everything they could to completely move to the area to live out their dream to be on a 'Provence holiday' everyday.



It was then that the story of Mas du Moulin and Mas des Oliviers started. Today, tucked in Maussane-les-Alpilles in the province Alpilles in Provence, sit two stunning luxury holiday homes. Mas du Moulin was their other design project: is a magnificent 17th century home in Provence that they transformed into a luxury farmhouse. Mas des Oliviers on the other hand was a run-down classic countryside Provence house that the couple decided to have fun with and create their 'vision of the south'.


Mas des Oliviers was not always what it is today. The objective in searching for a house as narrated by Lilian was that it was meant to be a fun project to do together in terms of architecture and interior design. They wanted something old that they could completely change and they found this project in the countryside of Alpiles, Provence. It was run-down in ruin, and practically abandoned but it was a challenge that the couple took on eagerly.

"We fell in love with the area, the place, the house, and the potential that it presented to us and to our eyes"


"Provence has a connection to India. Since all the fabrics came from India, the designs on the fabrics are Indian" we were told by the owner.  They even ventured to India to source pieces for the house such as the doors and the stunning statue that greets you at the entrance of Mas des Oliviers.


Mas des Oliviers follows a more family-oriented, relaxed style, focused on nature and letting it into the house. With large openings, and grand windows, it was purposely designed so one could really enjoy the stunning view of the house's countryside surroundings that embody that classic luxury holiday in France.

Given that the couple run an interior design firm, most of the built in furniture was designed by them like the beds, but they chose to mix their own designs with some old and contemporary pieces. When we asked Liliana what her favourite space in the house was, she immediately told us it was the living room, and we couldn't agree more.


"I love the feeling when you have the big bay windows open and the breeze comes through the curtains and creates waves in the fabric."

The large almost marshmallow-like couch begs to be enjoyed in the warmth of the sun. Each space was thoughtfully designed for families; whether it's the kitchen and its large island meant to be surrounded, or the outdoor dining area for larger family households.

She passionately tells us that even the curtains were specifically sourced from a small company in Italy that create beautiful fabrics from only natural linen. Not one detail was left to chance, and it shows.




The reason the couple aimed for grand openings in the house was so that people could really enjoy the stunning view on the rock and the mountain in front. Their favourite view to ponder on being a particular tree standing in the middle of the rocks that seemed peculiar. "How did it come to grow so large when there is no soil? How did it grow roots?" are just some of the questions that come to mind.

It is one of the views that the couple cherish in Mas des Oliviers, and a sight they love to see that they feel makes it a truly special place. Being situated in a small hameau, in the heart of a national park, no other construction will ever be possible, and makes it truly unique and peacefully remote.


The sense of peace is a clear feeling that Mas des Oliviers is meant to bring and it is one that is indescribable and best experienced first-hand. Through the sights of the countryside, the light of Provence, and the history of Mas des Oliviers: it is truly paradise.


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