Le Collectionist's autumn calendar

Explore our autumn calendar and discover the most memorable events of the season.
Le Collectionist's autumn calendar
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Browse through our perfect autumn calendar to discover the most beautiful sunny destinations across Europe. Click on your month of choice and discover the not-to-be-missed events this autumn:

The best events in Europe in September


Sherbeth Festival in Catania, Sicily 

Category: Food
Where? Catania, Sicily
Quand ? From 27 to 29 September 
What? An artisan ice cream festival where you can taste the creations of the best master ice-cream makers in the world.
Where to put down your bags? Continue your exploration of Sicilian flavours between the orange groves of Villa Aranciata

Shebert Festival, Catania, Sicily 

Villa Aranciata

What to know:

  • Villa Aranciata, Catania, Sicily 
  • 20 guests
  • Outdoors swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, barbecue, chef, prepared breakfast
  • From 25 745 € to 32 305 € a week 


Eivissa Jazz Festival in Ibiza 

Category: Cultural
Where? Ibiza, Spain
When? From the 28 August to 2 September 
What? A concert series under the sun and in the sea air that joins together international musicians and jazz players
Where to put down your bags? Only a few steps from one of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza, Villa Sunset 22 is an earthly paradise where you can spend your days relaxing on the terrace with a book in hand. 

Eivissa Jazz Festival, Ibiza, Spain

Villa Sunset 22-autumn calendar

What to know:

  • Villa Sunset 22, Ibiza, Spain
  • 8 guests
  • Heated pool, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna, gym, barbecue
  • From 8 185 € to 19 130 € a week


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American Film Festival in Deauville 

Category: Cultural
Deauville, France
When? From the 1 to 10 September 
What? From the largest Hollywood productions to independent cinema, browse the diversity of the American silver screen.
Where to put down your bags? Travel back in time thanks to the Belle Epoque decoration at Villa Monet with its cabinet of curiosities and discover our selection of the best things to do in Deauville. 

American Film Festival, Deauville, France 


What to know: 

  • Villa Monet, Trouville, France 
  • 13 guests
  • Sea views, grill, billiard room, games room
  • From 10 630 € a week


Biennale internazionale dell' Antiquariato in Florence 

Category: Cultural
Florence, Italy
When? From 21 to 29 September
What? For those who are passionate about antiquity, you can admire and buy ancient wonders from all over the world.
Where to put down your bags? Continue on your quest to find Italian refinement at Villa Zatti, a true haven of savoir-faire and delicateness and discover our selection of unmissable Tuscan vineyards

Biennale internazionale dell' Antiquariato, Tuscany, Italy. 

Villa Zatti

What to know:
  • Villa Zatti, Province of Siena, Tuscany 
  • 22 guests
  • Outdoor swimming pool, mountain views, gym, vineyards
  • From 13 005 € to 20 005 € a week

Autumn calendar Florence-statues-min

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The best events in europe in october


Paris Fashion Week 

Category: Cultural, fashion.
Paris, France
When? From 27 September to 3 October 
What? Whether you attend the fashion shows, or simply watch the street-style, Paris is the place to be during fashion week. 
Where to put down your bags? Immerse yourself in the charm of the capital in Appartement George V, an elegant refuge in the heart of the famous Triangle d'Or. In the same vein, discover French gastronomy thanks to our selection of the best Parisian restaurants.

Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France.


What to know:

  • Appartement George V, Paris, France
  • 6 guests
  • Lift, air-conditioning, city-centre
  • From 11 045 € to 41 645 € a week 


Les Toquicimes of Megève 

Category: Food 
Megève, France.
When? From 20 to 22 October
What? The village honors the mountain's fresh produce through tastings, cooking workshops and conferences...an event not to be missed for gourmet food lovers.
Where to put down your bags? It's your turn to choose! Prepare to treat the taste buds of your entire tribe in the modern and refined kitchen of Chalet des Sœurs and follow our guide to Megève to know the station like the back of your hand.

Les Tocquicimes, Megève, France. 

Chalet des Sœurs

What to know:

  • Chalet des Sœurs, Megève, French Alps
  • 16 guests
  • Heated pool, mountain views, hammam, sauna, home cinema
  • From 17 700 € to 76 705 € a week


Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 

Category: Sport
At the port of Saint Tropez.
When? From 29 September to 8 October 
What? Admire the 300 classic boats and modern yachts present at the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. 
Where to put down your bags? Facing the sea is where the ultra modern Villa Maestra resides. With its accents of marble and contemporary design, the house immerses us in the electric atmosphere of the town. Organise now your stay by consulting our guide to Saint-Tropez

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez, France. 

Villa Maestra

What to know:

  • Villa Maestra, Saint-Tropez, France
  • 17 guests
  • Heated pool, hammam, home cinema, barbecue, villa manager
  • From 64 465 € to 95 720 € a week 


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The best events in november 


Marrakech Street Food Festival

  • Category : Food
  • Where? In Marrakech, Morocco
  • When? From 9 to 10 November 
  • What? Taste traditional or re-imagined Moroccan cuisine with a street-food style twist thought up by the festival's chefs during the Marrakech Street Food Festival. 
  • Where to put down your bags? Push open the doors to Villa Agaves in Marrakech, and discover family holidays in Marrakech

Marrakech Street Food Festival, Marrakech, Morocco. 


What to know:

  • Villa Agaves, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 8 guests
  • Infinity pool, mountain views, hammam, barbecue, butler, prepared breakfast
  • From 5 250 € to 7 700 € a week

Autumn calendar- Marrakech spices

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