Autumn Calendar

Join us in discovering our not-to-be-missed Autumn events in the most fantastic destinations across Europe.
Autumn Calendar
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Join us in discovering our not-to-be-missed Autumn events in the most fantastic destinations across Europe. Discover the event made for you by clicking on the title for each month:

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Itinéraire de l'Olivier

Category: Food and sport
Where? Marseille, France
When? September 7-15
What? Stride across a 2 kilometer circuit entirely dedicated to the history of olive oil in Marseille.
Where to set your bags? Find peace in the tropical atmosphere of Villa Mowani. Then, in the afternoon, head to the beach to read on the hot sand.

Villa Mowani, Marseille

Sherbeth Festival

Category: Food
Where? Catania, Sicily
Quand ? September 26-29
What? A hand-crafted ice cream festival. Taste the creations of one of the best master ice cream makers in the world.
Where to set your bags? Prolonge your exploration of Sicilian sweets between the orange groves of Villa Aranciata. 

Villa Aranciata, Sicile

Eivissa Jazz Festival

Category: Cultural
Where? Ibiza, Spain
When? September 3-7
What? A concert series under the sun and in the sea air that joins together international musicians and jazz players. 
Where to set your bags? Only a few steps from the beach, Villa Sunset 32 is an earthly paradise where we can spend our days relaxing on the terrace with a book in hand. Early in the morning, take a paddle board and float on the calm waters of Ibiza. 

Villa Sunset 32, Ibiza

American Film Festival

Category: Cultural
Deauville, France
When? September 6-15
What? Dive into the universe of American cinema during the 45th Film Festival of Deauville. From the largest Hollywood productions to independent films, browse the diversity of the American silver screen.
Where to set your bags? Travel back in time thanks to the Belle Epoque decoration at Villa Monet with its cabinet of curiosities. 

Villa Monet, Trouville

Biennale internazionale dell' Antiquariato

Category: Cultural
Florence, Italy
When? September 21-29
What? For those who are passionate about antiquity, you can admire and buy ancient wonders from all over the world.
Where to set your bags? Take the Tuscan roads and continue on your quest to find Italian refinement at Villa d'Orcia, a true haven of savoir-faire and delicateness. 

Villa d'Orcia, Province de Sienne

Monsieur Golf Tour 

Category: Sport
At the Golf Course of Sperone, Corsica
When? September 22
What? The largest national competition of amateur golf in 2019. 
Where to set your bags? Perched above the lagoon of Pintarella, Villa Lavezza is a wooden cabin where coolness and calm reign. From its terrace, observe the kite-surfers' sails twirling in the wind.

Villa Lavezza, Bonifacio


Fashion Week 

Category: Cultural
Paris, France
When? September 23-October 1
What? The week of not-to-be-missed fashion for lovers of Haute-Couture and Ready-to-wear. Whether you attend the fashion shows, or simply watch the invited pass by on the street in their outfits, Paris is the place to be.
Where to set your bags? Between its magnificent view onto Ile de la Cité and its elegant décor, we don't know what we love most about Appartement Notre Dame.

Appartement Notre Dame, Paris

Les Toquicimes

Category: Food 
Megève, France
When? October 19-21
What? The village honors the mountain's fresh products through tastings, cooking workshops and event not to be missed for gourmet food lovers.
Where to set your bags? It's your turn to choose! Prepare to treat the taste buds of your entire tribe in the modern and refined kitchen of Chalet Ornella.


Chalet Ornella, Saint-Nicolas-la-Chapelle

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez 

Categorie: Sport
At the port of Saint Tropez
When? September 28-October 6
What? Admire the 300 classic boats and modern yachts present at the 20th edition of the Voiles de Saint-Tropez. 
Where to set your bags? Facing the sea is where the ultra modern Villa Hanoï resides. With its neon lights and its retro furniture, the house takes us into the electric and vintage atmosphere of Ocean Drive.  

Villa Hanoï, Ramatuelle


Street Food Festival

Category : Food Where? Marrakech, MoroccoWhen? November 9What? Come and taste traditional or re-imagined Moroccan cuisine with a street-food style twist thought up by the festival's chefs during the first edition of Marrakech Street Food.
Where to set your bags? Push open the doors to Villa Musa in Marrakech, and dive into the pool of this oasis in the middle of the desert.

Villa Musa, Marrakech


Le Critérium de la Première neige

Category: Sport
Val d'Isère, France
When? December 14-22
What? Like every year, Val d'Isère brings together all the big skiers from all over the world on the black piste la Face de Bellevarde. 
Where to set your bags? Dive into the Haute-Montagne atmosphere specific to Chalet Inoko, and relax in its sauna and jacuzzi. 

Chalet Inoko, Val d'Isère

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