3 ways to have great Ibiza family holidays

Wild coastline, parties and hippie atmosphere: this unexpected destination also has it all for amazing Ibiza family holidays!

Wild coastline, legendary parties and hippie atmosphere: at first glance, you don’t see the White Isle as the best family destination. Well, don’t be mistaken: Ibiza is ideal for a family holiday.

Here is a list of our most beautiful experiences to live in Ibiza with your dearest, and families of all kinds.

Ibiza with an adventurous family

With the younger ones

Ibiza en famille Plage

Secret coves

Go on an adventure in the warm morning air. On the way, through the pine trees, the breathtaking views and the transparent water punctuate the walk to finally arrive in the small paradise of the Punta Galera cove. The view is breathtaking. And under the rocks awaits the sparkling water that you can explore with your family with mask and snorkel.

Punta Galera – Getting there : Accessible by car followed by a 10 minutes walk on a path – near San Antonio

You can also take your children to S’Estanyol, a small secluded cove surrounded by pink rocks and overflowing with heather. It hides several underwater caves that can be explored simply by snorkeling with children of all ages. The only sign of civilisation in this wild beauty haven is Cala Bonita, Ibiza’s newest beach bar, with its trendy family atmosphere atmosphere and secret concerts that take place regularly on the sand.

S’Estanyol – Getting there :  Accessible by car – near Santa Eulalia del Río


Is Ibiza too hectic for your family? There is always its little sister Formentera, wilder, untouched by mass tourism and urbanisation. This secret retreat offers sophistication; tranquility and the clearest waters of the Mediterranean. It is the perfect place to spend relaxing family moments. Here, straw hats replace sequined dresses, and country roads lead to sandy beaches that as beautiful as those in the Caribbean. Moreover, the island favors bicycles and scooters to preserve its much sought-after calm.

Formentera offers long stretches of deserted beaches for a wonderful family getaway. Playa Mitjorn on the south coast is the longest on the island, with clear water and white sand perfect for sandboxes for children of all ages.

With teenagers

Ibiza en famille plonger

Ride through wild Ibiza

Adolescence is the perfect age to go on adventures, try out activities, and make connections. The red earth and isolated farms give the countryside north of Ibiza a strange Wild West feel to it. Put on the boots of an Ibicenco cowboy and ride on horseback through wild hills and deserted coves accompanied by our passionate riders. Teenagers will love this galloping adventure and the thrill of freedom.

Es Vedra

UneAnother great adventure for the whole family: the island of Es Vedrà, a great mystery 400 metres high.

The island might be the third most magnetic place in the world. Legend also has it that it is a piece of the vanished continent Atlantis or the island of the mermaids who had ventured to charm Ulysses.

Admire the breathtaking view of the islet at sunset from the cliffs overlooking the Cala d’Hort with your family. During the day, dive for a family exploration in the clear waters and then plunge into the darkness of the underwater passages to discover spectacular canyons whose walls are colonized by a true miniature marine world.

Ibiza with your family for the gourmets

With the younger ones

Ibiza Famille Restaurant
©Wild Beets

Who said gastronomy wasn’t child-friendly?

The place is bright and spacious, the design focused on colour. Here, your children will feel like Mowgli. Here there are no rules: Wild Beets makes gastronomy child’s play.

Wild Beets reminds us of Baloo in The Jungle Book. “The bare necessities of life” – in this trendy Ibiza restaurant, everything is simple and colourful with a taste for pleasure.

The wonderful culinary creations adapted to the youngest exude freshness.

With teenagers

Vignes Ibiza en famille

There is no summer in Ibiza without a family farm-to-table in an old finca in the hinterland, accompanied by live music. In the sun or under the pergola, go there for the organic wine list and ultra-fresh products.

Rendez-vous à La Granja. Sur les sols fertiles de l’intérieur des terres d’Ibiza, on trouve l’impressionnante ferme et finca où on est d’abord invité à goûter les tomates à même la branche avant de s’installer en famille sous la pergola, face à ce qui est peut-être la plus belle piscine de l’île. Là, on savoure la “slow food”. Au menu, le “farm-to-table” est respecté jusqu’au bout.
Make sure to visit La Granja. You find the impressive farmhouse and finca on the fertile soils of Ibiza’s inland. Here you are first invited to taste the tomatoes on the branch before settling down with your family under the pergola in front of what is perhaps the most beautiful swimming pool on the island. Prepare to savour the delicious “slow food”. All the delights on the menu are “farm-to-table”.

You could also discover the vineyards of Ibiza. Learn the secrets of a vineyard and its family cellar and taste the Spanish wines from Ibiza’s unique climate. Continue the adventure by visiting a typical 17th century house on the island, a jewel of architecture with Phoenician and Arab influences. There you will resume the tasting, served with some unforgettable traditional dishes of the island.

Ibiza with your family: the laid-back option

Laissez-vous flotter au rythme de l’été et de vos envies. Ce que vous faites en vacances importe peu, du moment que vous êtes en famille. Voici nos meilleures idées de liberté à partager en famille.
Let yourself float to the rhythm of summer. It doesn’t matter much what you do on vacation as long as you’re with your family. Here are some of our best ideas of fun to share as a family.

With the younger ones

Plage Mer

A day at Cala Bassa

Come here in the morning for a day of relaxation with your family, on the edge of the transparent water, surrounded by the scent of pine trees and the warmth of the fine sand. Make this unforgettable moment of family relaxation last, ending with a breathtaking view of the Ibiza sunset.

Cala Bassa – Getting there: Accessible by car – close to Sant Josep de sa Talaia

Farniente à Cala Tarida

Go to the cove of Cala Tarida for its crystal clear water and the many aquatic activities on offer, perfect for children of all ages. You can also head to the Cotton Beach Club and its rooftop for a breathtaking view of the sunset.

Cala Tarida – Getting there: Accessible by car – near San Antonio

With teenagers

Beach Club

Beach clubs with family

During the day visit Ibiza’s iconic beach clubs to savour bewitching and daring cocktails, while your children enjoy the white sandy beach and the transparent sea. Here are our favourite beach clubs for a day at the beach with your family.

Bring your children to the Expérimental Beach Ibiza. Here, fresh cocktails are prepared with a smile, and excellent pepperoncini are served on the sunbeds facing the beach.

People gather on the white sand of Cap des Falco to drink, eat, swim, and dance. In the background, we hear the best DJs of the Balearic archipelago. The atmosphere here is far more relaxed than in the other big beach bars of Ibiza.

Or go to the Bambuddha: in its sumptuous decor influenced by Asia and Buddhism, it reinvents a luxurious and romanticized Ibiza. Enjoy this spot as a family.

Sunset in Ibiza with your family

Coucher de Soleil

After a day at the beach, make yourself comfortable to watch the sunset. In Ibiza, people wait for it, applaud it, sing it and everyone has their favourite place to admire it.

Here are our favourite places to enjoy the Ibiza sunset with your family:

Sunset Ashram. Nestled on a red rocky hillside on a sandy beach, the Sunset Ashram is perfect for watching the sunset. Under its huge circular pergola, let the hours go by to the rhythm of lounge music and hippie performances. Plan to arrive early to find a table.

Cala d’Hort, its white sand and transparent water: it is difficult to find a better place for a day of farniente away from the wind. Cala d’Hort nestles against cliffs sheltering their charming fishermen’s huts. On the opposite side, you see the islets of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell, and Formentera on the horizon. Stay there until sunset, which is especially beautiful here.

The Sunset Drummings Benirras. If you are in a festive mood, head to the beach of Benirras, where every Sunday since the 80s, musicians greet the last hours of the day by playing hypnotic drum tunes: these are the “sunset drummings” of Benirras.

Open air cinéma

Ibiza Famille Cinema

After a sunset with the family, set off for an open-air cinema experience, which is particularly popular with children. Large screen, soft cushions and mountains of popcorn: marvel at this movie theatre with the starry sky for a ceiling in the heart of nature. Take a seat and immerse yourself in a cinema classic, with the hills of Ibiza as a backdrop.

EExplore our selection of villas to go to Ibiza with your family

House for adventurers

Villa Oliv
Villa Oliv

Perched above the canopy, Villa Oliv has that cool tropical atmosphere that is unique to Ibiza. It is perfect for families of adventurers looking to explore.

House for gourmets

Villa Nikka
Villa Nikka

The outdoor kitchen and barbecue at Villa Nikka are perfect for turning meal preparation into a family workshop. Its various terraces are all an invitation to share long lunches and dinners with family or friends.

House for the carefree

Villa Alhambra
Villa Alhambra

Private access to the beach, terrace and infinity pool where you could spend hours relaxing: Villa Alhambra is the perfect refuge for a farniente stay with family and friends.