Our best places to holiday with kids according to their age

Given the paucity of holiday time we actually have with our kids, getting a family holiday with kids right is so special. Start forging family memories with this guide to the best places to holiday with kids.
Our best places to holiday with kids according to their age
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We only get 18 summers with our kids. So, it begs the question: how do we make the most out of the time we have? Travelling as a family is an adventure (to say the least), and it's also a much needed pause from the stresses of everyday life. 

However, when going on holiday, you would like to be more than certain that the holiday destination and house is adapted to the children's needs. We get it. There isn't one destination or house that fits all ages of children.

So, to make holiday planning easier on you, we've listed below the best destinations alongside their best adventures and houses to take your kids to according to their age. 


The destination: Luberon

The younger the kids are, the more portable they are. Luberon is a laid-back, always adventurous destination that suits the tiniest of babies to the most rambunctious of toddlers. It is quite easy to hop in a car and take day trips all around the region if you are looking to explore the sites without tiring out your young one(s).

The adventure

Take your children to meet the professionals behind hunting for the black diamonds of the culinary world: the dogs who sniff out the area's famous black truffles. Walk beneath the amber canopy of leaves with the dogs leading you to the sought-after treasures. 


The perfect house

A spacious and peaceful mas tucked into a rural landscape surrounded by the sounds of nature and beautiful views, Villa Sigala is a little child's dream house. Stuffed animals litter the children's playroom and fun paintings hang from the walls in bright frames. The small table in the centre of the room is perfect of colouring-in sessions. As spacious as it is kid-proof, this house is a staple if you are travelling with many young children. Explore our dreamy array of luxury villa rentals in Luberon.



The destination: Cap Ferret

About an hour and a half from Bordeaux, Cap Ferret make us feel as if we are on the Northern California coast. Tall pines line the winding country roads, and the peaceful bassin rises and falls with the tides. It's here where we live the good life between dips in the sea and licking ice cream. The region's stunning Dune of Pilat is also the largest sand castle the kids will ever see. 

The adventure

Soar above the Pilat in a B-Plane and watch their undulating and rippling sands trickle down towards the sea. The experience of taking flight in this war-era plane will be enough to entertain your children, but from the skies the views are truly staggering and a great way to see the area. 

The perfect house

Villa Omnia is a place where the outdoors beckon to be discovered. Watch your kids splash around the pool or play endless games of hide and seek, ducking and diving between the towering pines overhead. The beach is also within walking distance. Discover our luxury villa rentals in Cap Ferret.



The destination: Tuscany

Let’s be honest, it can be hard to please children. However, taking your food-loving child to Italy will surely appease their appetite with the best gelato, pizza and pasta in the world. The region of Tuscany is wonderful because children can get a taste of history through visiting its world-renowned art museums and medieval heritage sites.


The adventure

In summertime, many villages throughout Tuscany host medieval re-enactments and festivals. What better way to teach kids about history than actually taking a step back in time? The best medieval festivals take place in Volterra, Pontremoli and Montepulciano. The kids will especially love watching the exciting Palio horse race in Siena (and eating a bunch of pasta afterward, of course). 

The perfect house

Villa Bacci is a beautiful stone villa in the Tuscan countryside. The kids can spend whole days splashing about in the pool and exploring the surrounding nature by bike. The house also boasts a real pizza oven, so the kids can enjoy a pizza-making party guided by an Italian chef. The foosball table will also no doubt keep the kids out of trouble for hours! Le Collectionist's villas in Tuscany will prove the perfect backdrop for your family holidays.  

BEST PLACES TO HOLIDAY WITH KIDS Ages 12 to 15 years old


The destination: Val d'Isère

Nothing screams adventure and fun like Alps. At the ages of 12 to 15, many children love high-octane pursuits, and introducing them to the snowy slopes of Val d'Isère will be a great holiday for the whole family. This ski resort is also a great choice for your luxury holidays if you are a family of food lovers. Spend the evening in a cosy chalet-style restaurant trying the famous Alpine fondue - a real winter warmer.

The adventure 

If the adventures of skiing the slopes wear off, there are still thrills aplenty in this holiday destination. Spend the day behind a pack of powerful and mystical sled dogs, racing across the icy terrain. The bold guides will also entertain your children with stories of bravery and and intrepidness. 

The perfect house 

Chalet Akaroa, with its outdoor jacuzzi and home cinema, will keep your children busy during those lazy evenings after a day of skiing and on days when the weather keeps you home. To find your ideal holiday home, discover these luxury villas in Val d'Isère.

BEST PLACES TO HOLIDAY WITH KIDS Ages 16 to 18 years old

The destination: Morocco

Marrakech can often feel like another world all together.  For older teenagers who are looking to experience another culture, taking them to the ochre city can be a colourful experience. However, we recommend taking your children to Marrakech when they are older and able to appreciate the wide array of rich cultural experiences. 


The adventure 

For outdoor explorers, rent mountain bikes to tour the arid valleys of the nearby Atlas Mountains with an experienced guide. If the kids prefer to explore the desert, hop on the back of a 4-wheeler (or a camel) to reach the middle of the pink Saharan desert for an unforgettable Moroccan dinner and bonfire under the night sky filled with thousands of twinkling stars.

The perfect house 

Villa Sawira, just a few hours from Marrakech, is a wellness retreat situated directly on the beach in Essaouira. Between morning yoga on the terrace and learning to surf in the ocean, it's an active teenager's dream come true. Original Moroccan architecture and bohemian Riad style is accented by the desert vegetation that surrounds this pared down compound. Wellness packages are also included in the stay. Find more luxury villa rentals in Morocco here.


With Le Collectionist, booking and embarking on your luxury family holidays is a breeze. Explore these family holiday destinations with us, so that you can maximise your time with your children and forge lasting memories. 

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