Explore Corsica's wild side

Our 3 favorite wild places off the beaten path for a summer in Corsica.
Explore Corsica's wild side
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Wild coves invaded by maquis, stone speers, fantastic islands, bucolic fields: Corsica is a continent in its own right.

Here, nature is the great master on board. We went in search of the most beautiful wild places to explore off the beaten path on the island of Beauty.

Sailing fans, kayaking adventurers or peaceful swimmers: here are our 3 favorite ways to discover Corsica's wild side this summer.

The arabesques of Bonifacio

The Bouches de Bonifacio is an international strait that is home to a nature reserve of incredible beauty.

As soon as the sun rises, meet up at the port of Bonifacio, guarded by its imposing citadel. Jump aboard a sailboat and set off to explore the gigantic chaos of stones that is the Bouches de Bonifacio.

The small islands hide the largest nature reserve in France: revealing a magnificent underwater fauna, remarkable birds such as the gray shearwater and a flora with alpine and African influences.

les Bouches de Bonifacio en Corse

Bateau et un homme qui saute d'une falaise en Corse

If you go a little further, you will find the Lavezzi Islands and the emerald coast of Sardinia.

In the afternoon, find a familial and summery ambiance back at the Villa Signuria as well as an unobstructed view onto the Bouches des Bonifacio in the distance.

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The canyon of the Zoicu river

Getting lost in the canyon of Zoicu is an adventure in itself. It's an expedition in the middle of the wild.

If you are adventurous, the circuit of Zoicu is to discover absolutely. Go kayaking through the meanders of this winding river and stop on a rocky beach.

The rest of the adventure is done climbing, taking all your might to reach the top. Arriving at the top, catch your breath and soak up the breathtaking view of the wide open gorge in front of you.


After a day full of excitement, return to the Villa Nadia to pass the night with your feet in the water. The house faces the little peaceful port of Sagone where sail boats and colorful hulls drop anchor.

The open air of the Agriates

With its wild beaches and desert expanses, the desert of Agriates shows us the most beautiful sight of Haute-Corse. Go up the trail of douaniers through this unexplored territory to find the beach of Saleccia, our favorite beach in the region.

It's a little piece of paradise off the beaten path where you can sunbathe for hours at the water's edge while the kids play in the shallow depths all day. With a little luck, you may even meet a wild cow stopping by for a swim.

When the sun begins to set, find yourself at the Villa Mizar, perched above Algajola, among the hills covered in scrubland and wild olive trees.

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