Wanderlust: Out of the ordinary things to do in Ibiza

Join us on an itinerary that will put everybody in the mood for adventure, as we take you to our best spots in this Balearic paradise of the Mediterranean.
Wanderlust: Out of the ordinary things to do in Ibiza
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Ibiza is more than just its nightlife. To us, it's the island of adventure, rugged landscapes, and wellness. With its many natural hidden gems, it has become one of our favourite places to visit when we want to reconnect with nature. Take a look at our personal itinerary of things to do in Ibiza that are off the beaten path.

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See Ibiza from the sea

Ibiza has got plenty of hidden gems which you can only see if you explore the island from the ocean. We love getting our feet wet and taking a kayak out! It is one of the best ways to enjoy Ibiza from a different perspective.

With stunning landscapes and hidden escapes just waiting to be found behind the well-known beaches, it's a thrilling experience. We've stumbled across so many hidden places by just paddling along on a kayak. We've also gone behind grand rock formations, to discover little secret beaches. 

Insider Tip: Our favourite kayak route is that of Benirras and its surroundings. It's a breathtaking sight, to paddle away from the crowds, and visit nearby caves and islets surrounding the world famous beach. 

things to do in ibiza

Explore the island on two wheels

While it may not be the first activity that comes to mind, cycling is an excellent way to see the island. There are more than 30 bicycle routes to choose from, and we never ran out of of beautiful coastal paths, quaint Spanish villages or small country roads to explore.

One of the most popular, is the stunning Route 19. It's an 18 mile stretch that loops around the north of the island, taking in the spectacular cove Na Xamena. Though it's a relatively long route, we found it to be one of the most fulfilling, with breath-taking landscapes and views waiting for us at the end.

Insider tip: We know how apprehensive it must be to discover an island on two wheels, but we've got you covered. A full list of cycle routes can be found here.

things to do in ibiza

Discover the secrets of Cala D'Hort

Hike to the top

Cala d’Hort is an exceptional sand and pebble beach with stunning views of the rocky island of Es Vedra. We usually take the footpath up the cliffs from the beach but be careful, some parts of it are very steep. We're always rewarded with spectacular views of the famous island and coastline. Turquoise waters, guaranteed.

Insider tip: The hike up from the beach is quiet, as the rest of the route is mostly uninhabited. If you plan to walk up, make sure to prepare and take lots of water, snacks, and sunscreen!

cala dhort

cala dhort

Go cliff jumping at Atlantis

If you ask people from Ibiza, many of them will not have even heard about Atlantis. It’s a perfect secret and official Ibiza beach guides don’t offer information about this secret paradise. We found it the first time after seeing people jumping of the cliffs into the lagoon during our hike to Cala D'Hort.

Usually, people prefer to lay down on the rocks and swim. But the fun and the adventure is jumping from the cliff. Scrambling down the steep banks was fun, and slightly eerie at the bottom as you feel so small down once you've made it into the water! We found it to be exhilarating, but so unbelievably worth it. Get ready for the butterflies on the way down as you jump into the cool Mediterranean water.

Insider tip: Don’t forget your GoPro! You'll want to document this amazing moment.

things to do in ibiza

Seek refuge in hidden coves

More of a beach bum? We are too and so are many others. But that doesn't mean you have to fight for a space on a tightly packed beach - there are plenty of hidden coves dotted along the coast. Here are two of our favourite.

Cala Llentrisca

Looking for a real adventure? Don't miss Cala Llentrisca, a beautifully isolated beach that takes some effort to reach. To get there follow the road from San Josep to Es Cubella, park up and then head the rest of the way on foot through a small forest.

It's along the cliff and down the headland, seemingly intimidating at first glance but don't be deterred. It's a spot that we love to come back to every time we're on the island. It is one of the best places to cool off in the ocean and enjoyed this deserted beach, all to yourself!

Insider tip: If you want to discover more beaches that you'll have all to yourself in Ibiza, check out our secret Ibiza family beach spots.

things to do in ibiza

Es Portitxol

If mixing with locals is more your thing, consider a day trip to Es Portitxol. This tiny sliver of protected coastline is reached by a precarious rickety path. We were told that it has been used by local fishermen for years to launch and store their boats. We've met the nicest locals at this beach, with stunning backdrops, and crystal clear water to match.

Insider tip: Ask nicely and you may be able to score some fresh seafood to cook for dinner! We've been able to on many occasions, and the quality will not disappoint.

things to do in ibiza

things to do in ibiza

Chase an Ibiza sunset

End your day by settling down somewhere and watching the sunset: one of the things to do in ibiza that we recommend to end an action-packed day. It is an unmissable Balearic experience that over the years has evolved into a revered ritual.

Benirrás beach

A beautiful approach, meandering down through hills and valleys, brings you to the beach at Benirrás. In Ibiza’s north, it is an amazing stretch of sand and pebbles. With rocks on either side that you can clamber over, it offers an eye-catching view across the water to an interesting rock formation known as Cap Bernat.

The sea bed is rocky, which makes it excellent for snorkelling. This sheltered bay is a popular anchoring spot for private yachts and motor boats. Settle down and watch as they all gather in the late afternoon to enjoy the romantic sundown.

Insider tip: Visit Benirrás on a Sunday as the sun begins to set. Drummers come down to the beach to "drum down the sunset". It's a magical experience that has been established for many years.

benirras beach

benirras beach

Ses Salines National Park

Covering both the south of Ibiza and the north of Formentera, visiting nature lovers would be crazy to miss Ses Salines National Park. It's stunning, with its salt Lakes, visiting flamingoes, isolated beaches and rocky coastlines, and an abundance of bird-spotting opportunities. It's also home to sa Talaia, the highest point on the island.

And while most sunset chasers flock to the west for the sunset, those in the know head to this very spot. Set right in the heart of the national park, is Experimental Beach, known as ECC Beach to its regulars and an outpost of the iconic Experimental Cocktail Club. It has excellent cocktails, great music, and views across the Mediterranean all the way to the tip of Es Vedra.

Insider tip: Reserve a sun bed at Experimental Beach to get a front-row view to the spectacular show of mother nature. It's one of our favourite things to do in Ibiza.

experimental beach ibiza

experimental beach ibiza

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