Where to Visit in Italy, and When?

Italy is an ideal destination all year round. Find out where to go in Italy according to the seasons with Le Collectionist.
Where to Visit in Italy, and When?
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Italy is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. The variety of its landscapes and culture makes it a perfect luxury holiday destination all year round. Follow our guide to discover where to go in Italy, and when!

Do you have questions about Italy: when to go, where to go? What time of year is ideal to plan your stay? It all depends on your tastes and the type of activities you enjoy. Basking in the sun, lounging in the middle of the countryside, or skiing in the snowy heights? Discover these Italian regions and the best times to visit Italy:

lake como

Spring temperatures are perfect for enjoying Lake Como. The dazzling colours of the landscapes of northern Italy are straight out of a postcard. Let yourself be tempted by a swim in the peaceful waters of the lake and take advantage of this idyllic setting to live like a local. For more information, check out our article on what to do in Lake Como.

Winter is the low season at Lake Como, which means that some restaurants and shops will be closed. However, the landscape is still breathtaking! White, sparkling snow and cool temperatures will invigorate you during your visit to the Christmas markets of Como: Bellagio and Nesso. Be sure to see the fireworks reflecting off the lake, and why not visit the resort of Pescegallo-Valgerola, less than two hours away?


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the amalfi coast

Spring is the time of year when the Amalfi Coast is at its prettiest. The flowers bloom and fill the charming alleys of Positano with floral sweetness. The atmosphere of the cliffside villages along the coast is light and joyful. Propriano, Ravello, Amalfi are all must-see places in the South of Italy. To avoid the hot weather and the floods of tourists, it is best to avoid the months of July and August.

In autumn, the landscapes take on a warm, golden hue as they fall asleep in preparation for the coming winter. In September and October, the climate is mild and the villas hidden in the mountains are revealed through the fog. Hike Monte San Michele for a timeless experience in nature, and admire the panoramic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea.



Summer is the perfect time to discover Puglia and enjoy its Mediterranean climate. The days are long and hot, which allows you to take long walks by the sea. Head inland to discover the typical small villages and traditional dwellings of the region: the trullis of Alberobello. If you're in the mood for swimming, head for Bari and its warm water!

If you want to avoid the summer crowds and experience the area like a local during the low season, that's possible too! The atmosphere is calmer and more serene. It is never very cold during winter in La Botte, so the cool temperatures will not be an obstacle. Admire the warm colours of autumn, witness the illumination of the streets during Christmas, and taste the local specialities in a cosy restaurant!


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Sardinia, like its French neighbor, is a Mediterranean island reminiscent of the Caribbean. The ideal time to experience this seaside paradise is naturally in summer. The climate is hot and dry, a perfect recipe for visiting the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, such as La Pelosa or Cala Brandinchi. The downside is, of course, the tourists in high season.

Spring is also a good option if you plan to go on holiday to Sardinia. The absence of rain and temperatures around 20° make the perfect conditions for exploring the island in peace. Beach clubs are emerging from hibernation, restaurant terraces are regaining their freedom and it is finally time to enjoy an ice cream outdoors.



Get ahead of the high season by discovering Sicily in the spring. The very definition of la Dolce Vita, taste the sweet life while wandering the streets of cities like Taormina, Syracuse and Trapani. Not far from Palermo, Cefalù is a seaside resort full of charm. Do not miss the Aeolian Islands, to experience nature and local cuisine.

In addition to art and architecture, the historical cities and natural sites of the island are ready to be explored in autumn. Discover the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the Villa Romana del Casale or the Etna volcano, all three listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Browse our Sicily travel guideto best prepare your stay on the largest island in the Mediterranean.


When and where to go in Italy? The answer is simple, all year round! The landscapes and climates of Italy make it an ideal destination to discover whatever the season. Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Italy and choose what will be your cocoon for the weeks to come.

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