Le Collectionist's Guide to Visiting Italy in December

Experience the la Dolce Vita and check out our guide to visiting Italy in December to discover the magic of winter in il Bel Paese.
Le Collectionist's Guide to Visiting Italy in December
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December is a month of Christmas festivities, markets, light and cheer. It's also the best time of the year to taste the gourmet specialities before going to face the cold weather. Why not go to Italy and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of this luxury holiday destination? Admire Italian architecture in the snow, hike the slopes of the Italian Alps, and stroll below the twinkling streetlights.

Discovering la Dolce Vita during the off-season allows you to really experience the serene atmosphere. When you visit Italy during the winter months, you have the country all to yourself! Far from the frenzy of summer, there is still plenty to do, so check out our guide to visiting Italy in December.

where to go in italy in december: Lombardy

See the Lights of Lake Como

When December arrives, the streets of Lake Como are adorned with thousands of sparkling Christmas lights that reveal the magical streets of the city. This intimate atmosphere is a local secret. Skate on the ice rink in Place Cavour with a magnificent view of the lake, stroll through the Christmas market in search of a traditional santon, or enjoy a hot chocolate while admiring the lights. Don't miss the fireworks on the lake on New Year's Eve! 


Visit the Christmas Market in Milan

The Oh Bej! Oh Bej!, in Milan, is named after the cries of joy from children at the sight of its cheerful stalls. The locals are very attached to this traditional festival which begins on December 7 in honour of Sant'Ambrogio, the patron saint of the city. On the itinerary: a large selection of craftsmen, bakers and more! Wander the aisles sipping mulled wine or tasting a slice of the traditional panettone!


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where to go in italy in december: Tuscany

Admire a Nativity Scene in Florence

During the holiday season, the city of Florence will open its arms to you. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore houses a life-size nativity scene made by the Angolio Mariani & Fils workshops, whose family knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. In Piazza della Liberta, a large ice rink welcomes locals as well as the rare winter tourist. After a few laps around the rink, taste a traditional ricciarelli, small Tuscan cakes with notes of cinnamon and citrus before heading home to cosy up by the fire.


Travel Through Time in Lucca

Still wondering where to go in Italy in December? The answer is simple: Lucca! This charming mediaeval town will transport you through the ages. Its ancient architecture inspires the festivities that take place there. The Lucca Christmas market is unlike any other, allowing you to experience holiday celebrations in medieval fashion. Antique objects, forgotten flavours and a friendly atmosphere make for a perfect winter getaway in Italy. 


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where to go in italy in december: Sicily

Hit the Slopes on Mount Etna

Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe, dominating the landscapes of Sicily with its size and majesty. In summer, it's ready to be discovered on a hike, but in winter another side of the mountain comes alive at one of several ski resorts, including Nicolosi in the south and Linguaglossa in the north. Above the summit, you can see clouds merge with the steam expelled by the volcano. Take in the stunning views of the sea below as you race down the snowy slopes. Then head to Villa Aranciata, just a few kilometres away, for an aperitif by the fireside.


Join in a Religious Festival in Syracuse

Religious tradition is deeply rooted in Sicilian culture. This is why every December 13, the citizens of Syracuse join visitors to celebrate the patron saint of the city: Santa Lucia. A large procession roams the streets from the Duomo, following the footsteps of the faithful, lit by candlelight in the dark night.

Now you know where to go in Italy in December! Finding your luxury villa rental in Italy has never been easier. Explore our collection and contact your Tailor to make your luxury Italy holiday an experience like no other.

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