Our Guide to the Most Unique Things to do in Provence

Discover our list of unique things to do during your luxury holiday in Provence for memories of fun, family and friends that will last a lifetime.
Our Guide to the Most Unique Things to do in Provence
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Located in the Southeast of France, the region of Provence rests on the border of Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its gorgeous landscapes lined with rolling vineyards, ancient olive groves, and beautiful villages. Artists like Vincent Van Gogh were inspired by its scenic fields of flowers that stand out against the blue sky. Its beauty and deep cultural history make it an excellent destination for your luxury holiday in France.

To help you decide what opportunities to take advantage of during your visit, Le Collectionist has compiled a list of our favourite unique things to do in Provence.



Visit an Art Exhibition in a Vineyard

While Provence has an abundance of wineries and vineyards to choose from, Château la Coste offers visitors the unique opportunity to tour their private art centre. The Tadao Ando Art Centre is an art gallery and sensory experience designed to allow visitors to engage with art while surrounded by nature. Inspired by Cézanne, the V-shaped structure is designed to play with the reflection and boundaries between art and nature, immersing the viewer in a unique sensory experience. If that’s not enough to fill your day, the château also boasts a full winery experience, along with several restaurants, and a wellness spa. This location is a splendid way to spend your day tasting wine, looking at art, and eating great food!


Visit a Roman Theatre

For a fun day trip, visit he ancient Roman Theatre of Orange. This landmark was built in the first century AD and is one of the most well-preserved Roman theatres in the world. Much like today, theatre was a big part of Roman culture, meant to bring communities together and provide an escape from daily life. Poetry readings would be performed throughout the day in front of elaborate set designs, free of charge for anyone who wanted to attend, but today you will have to buy a ticket.

Remarkably, this Unesco World Heritage Site has been restored to its original function, and you can see an opera there today! It might not last all day like it did for the Romans, but the memory will last you a lifetime. This site is the perfect spot for you and your family to explore an ancient culture that still influences our connection to the arts.


Tour a Traditional Village

The classic village of Roussillon is perched on a bluff of beautiful orange ochre, overlooking the gorgeous countryside below. This unique, orange stone is weaved into the fabric of life in the village, as its inhabitants mined the stone and built their homes with it. Tour the winding mediaeval streets of this city, and go for a hike through gorgeous rock trails. Get to know the locals and explore restaurants for a taste of local cuisine. The sunset-like palette of the village attracts artists to capture its beauty, and the town is full of artistic history to explore! Roussillon is an ideal place to experience the authentic traditions of the South of France that your loved ones will never forget. 


Visit an Ancient Necropolis

Alyscamps is an ancient Roman necropolis, or cemetery, one of the most famous in the ancient world. In Roman culture, the dead had to be laid to rest outside of the city. This led to the creation of ancient marvels like this, a city of the dead. This historic site was referred to in the works of Dante and was the focus of artistic expeditions for both Van Gogh and Gauguin. This Unesco World Heritage Site is filled with ancient trees and ruined tombs. Its scenic paths are lined with the sarcophagi of people from across Europe over a period of 1500 years who desired to be buried there. If you’re not afraid of ghosts, this is a rare opportunity to explore a glimpse into ancient culture and beliefs.

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See Fields of Flowers

During the summer season, the flowers of Provence spring to life as lavender fields and sunflowers line the countryside with violet and yellow blooms. Lavender is thought to soothe the body, and walking through a sprawling field of these flowers is sure to calm your senses with their fragrant aroma. If you are a fan of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, surround yourself with the beauty of this plant as it stretches up towards the sun. Be sure to take photos in such a stunning environment, and pick a bouquet to take home with you.


Shop for Provençal Pottery

Provence is renowned for its traditional pottery and earthenware, which can be found across many of the towns you may visit. Mediterranean pottery is a part of daily life in Southern France and is deeply tied to its cultural heritage. You can visit one of the many workshops scattered around the region for a day trip. Take the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the complex process that goes into sourcing materials, sculpting, glazing, and firing these unique pieces. Provençal pottery is the perfect souvenir to remember your rare experience in Provence.

Exploring France with Le Collectionist allows you to experience the holiday of a lifetime with family and friends. These are just many of the amazing experiences available to you when you visit Provence.

If you’re ready to start planning your trip, explore our collection of luxury villas, ready to host you and your loved ones as you make beautiful memories.

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