A colourful stroll through Provence, France's flowers and fields

Set off on the paths of Provence for a contemplative walk between fields of flowers, through each season.
A colourful stroll through Provence, France's flowers and fields
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Lavender is the image everyone thinks of when dreaming of the south of France, though magnificent flowers bloom throughout the year. and are just as magical. From the shining yellow mimosas of winter, to the shocking red poppies bursting in spring, and the famous lavender fields of summer. Every new season brings with it a vibrant, multicoloured landscape.

When we think of Provence, it is the scent of yesteryear of lavender and its special colour that comes to mind. If it is the star of the Provençal markets, there are many other colours to discover throughout the year on the fields of the region. From the golden yellow of mimosas in winter to the flamboyant red of poppies in spring, discovering the Provençal landscapes during a walk between flower fields is one of our favourite things to do in Provence, a must in this luxury holiday destination.


When: January to March


Each year, they are the first to point the tip of their nose and from January, they amaze us with their bloom. The mimosa flower seduces with the subtle fragrance it gives off, highly prized by major perfumeries such as Givenchy, Saint Laurent or Guerlain, as well as for its stunning beauty which is appreciated especially in bouquet. Real little suns, they herald the end of winter and the arrival of sunny days.

The Mimosa route is discovered over 130 kilometres between Bormes Les Mimosa and the perfume capital, Grasse. To soak up the magnificence of this plant, we like to travel the panoramic road from Mandelieu-La Napoule and then venture into the mimosa forest when the season is right. 

There are many signed walks in the forest, and its as easy as just picking one and going. While walking along a path looking over the trees, the views are superb. Vibrant patches of yellow in the green or large slabs of solid yellow unlike any forest view you're likely to see in a lifetime, making it a truly unique thing to do in Provence.


When: February


Another early bloomer, Almonds come about early in the year in southern France. Easily mistaken for cherry blossoms, its small white or pale pink flowers typically appear on the trees in February. They are another welcome sign that spring is right around the corner. 

The Provence almond blossoms pop up depending on the micro-climate of the area, and it’s simply gorgeous to experience first-hand. It is one of our little secrets, hidden right within the area of the famous lavender fields that many flock to in the summer. It is just as astonishing, but offering a much more private experience.

Within the weeks of February, Haute Provence’s famous Plateau Valensole rains beautiful white and blush petals. Almost like seeing snow fall on the ground, it is truly magical. Its a breathtaking seasonal Provence moment to behold, and one not many know about.


When: May to June


While they’re actually seen as weed, the exact locations of the poppy fields in Provence greatly vary based on the year and how farmers tend their land. Poppy is not necessarily specific to one region of France, and you can have the chance to find poppy fields anywhere in the country. However, the largest and the most beautiful ones we've seen are definitely in Provence.

Many artists have been greatly inspired by the bright Poppy fields such as Monet or Van Gogh. It is peculiar to see that the French countryside hasn't changed much in 150 years. Standing in a field of Poppies is almost like transporting yourself back in time. 

It is a feeling that we return to often: feeling the soft sun of late spring on our skin as it pours onto fields of bright red poppies. The stems sway with the breeze, and vivid petals contrast against the blue sky.

Almost like a painting come to life, the abundance of Poppies in Provence are dazzling at this time of the year. May brings a profusion of not just Poppies but wild flowers as well. Whether you're someone who desires to capture these wild flowers with paint or on camera, or even if you just love flowers – the luminous lush valleys of Provence will never disappoint. 


When: June to July

lavander fields provence sunflowers

Sunflowers are basically synonymous with Provence, with their familiar bright faces adorning paintings and postcards throughout the region. With yellow petals, sometimes called rays, their resemblance to the summer sun is unmistakable. Seeing these dazzling flowers conjure up the very essence and feeling of summer for us in one single glance: especially a classic Provence holiday on the road.

Just like the Almond blooms, one of the best places to spot both sunflowers is in the Plateau Valensole in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. If you happen to pass the sunflower fields, they aren’t as plentiful as the lavender, but you can still see them in full bloom around this time and are just as stunning.

We love to do a pitstop when we are on the way to the famous Verdon Gorge.  The plateau is surrounded by the small villages of Esparron-de-Verdon, Saint-Martin-de-Brômes, and Riez. They even hold special flower festivities during the summer which we love to visit! 


When: June to July



Here comes the most anticipated: Where should you go to see the lavender fields in the south of France? This is the question everyone asks me when they come to Provence in summer. Everyone dreams to see lavender fields riffling in the golden sun.

Lavender truly is Provence’s purple gold and one of the region's most beloved attractions. Unlike the other specific flower fields and trees of Provence, what we love about this special violet flower is having the chance to see its fields not only in different times, but also different areas around the region.

If the lavender fields begin to bloom in June, the peak occurs between the beginning and mid-July. Harvest times are very different from one field to another, and vary according to the altitude, the climate and the variety of the plant. Discover our guide to the best places to admire the most beautiful lavender fields in Provence.

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