Visit Corsica in May: Off the Beaten Path

The flowers are in bloom, the spring sun warms the turquoise sea... Pack your bags, we are taking you to visit Corsica in May!
Visit Corsica in May: Off the Beaten Path
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The islanders can tell you that in Corsica, the weather is always nice, so you can visit the island of beauty throughout the year. One of our favourite times is spring, particularly the month of May. Before the start of the high season, Corsica reveals a softer, more authentic side as the scents of the fields rise from the green landscapes, inviting you to discover them. So, pack your bags and follow along as we visit Corsica in May!

Why visit corsica in may?

If you are wondering why to go to Corsica in May, the answer is quite simple! Spring marks the return of sunny days, making May the perfect time to escape for a weekend or more in one of our most beautiful luxury holiday destinations.


The Climate is More Pleasant

In May, Corsica comes alive with the arrival of spring, as nature overflows with colourful flora and fauna. This is the perfect time to venture inland to explore the lush fields and verdant mountains that tower over century-old forests.

The weather is particularly pleasant at this time of year, with temperatures already around 19°C as the locals take their first dip in the sea. For adventurous types, the cooler temperatures offer the opportunity to tackle the most difficult hiking trails on the island, like the famous GR20. As for foodies, they can take lunch on the terrace with a view of the sea!

The Crowds are Gone

The vast majority of tourists flock to the Corsican coasts during the summer holidays as roads, cities, beaches and cultural sites are taken by storm. In May, the crowds have not yet arrived, and you will be free to explore the island at your leisure.

This is also the best time to scour the markets and stock up on local produce before the aisles get crowded. The restaurants and beach bars have a calm, quiet atmosphere, and you will feel as if you have the whole island to yourself.


what to do in corsica in May: three unforgettable activities

Whatever the season, there is no shortage of activities in Corsica. In May, before the start of the high tourist season, take more time to explore Corsica. Venture into the exceptional landscapes of the island, and enjoy the beautiful beaches, free from crowds. Take time to visit the cultural sites and attend festive events of the season, which only the locals can show you.

A Sailor's Paradise

In May, a new must-see event for sailing enthusiasts is held in the Gulf of Ajaccio. For the third consecutive year, the imperial city welcomes the most beautiful sailboats for a five festival. Skippers and tourists alike come together to enjoy the good weather and the spring breeze.

Stroll along the coast observing the elegant sails of these boats, guided by the wind. When evening comes, settle on a roof-top terrace in the port, and have an aperitif while enjoying the festive atmosphere.

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Have the Beaches of Porto-Vecchio to Yourself

If there is one thing that we particularly like in May, it is the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the island in privacy. You will have no trouble finding a place for your towel on the beach at this time of the year. We suggest a visit to the beaches of the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio, in southern Corsica.

Of course, there is always Palombaggia beach, the most famous on the island. A strip of endless, fine sand where you can spend your days by the sea. We also like Pinarello beach, which offers a beautiful walk and a unique view of the small island of Pinarellu and its historic Genoese tower. Discover our entire selection of the best beaches in South Corsica, and choose yours.

Explore the Sentier des Douaniers at Cap Corse 

Northern Corsica is the wildest part of the island, and where Cap Corse begins, so does the real adventure. In May, take advantage of the mild climate to explore the stunning trails that line the island!

Follow the path to the very tip of Corsica, towards the Sentier des Douaniers. The eight-hour walk between the towns of Centuri and Macinaggio might deter some, but it's well worth the effort. Along the trail, you will discover exceptional scenery or rocky ridges, secluded coves, wild fields and mysterious mountains.


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where to stay in corsica in may

Le Collectionist is devoted to curating the most beautiful luxury villas in the world, and Corsica is no exception. From stunning mansions above the most beautiful beaches in the South to discreet refuges with views of the citadels of the North: browse our collection of luxury villas in Corsica for an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones.

Our Luxury Villas in South Corsica

From Ajaccio to Porto-Vecchio, our villas in South Corsica have unparalleled views in store for you. It's on this side of the island that you'll find the most beautiful beaches and the liveliest towns. Discover our list of things to do in South Corsica to make the most of your stay!

Our Villas in North Corsica

Whether you prefer sleek, modern design or traditional architecture, all our villas in North Corsica are perfect for your next holiday with family and friends. Choose between our two dream destinations: Calvi and Île Rousse, to discover the authentic side of Corsica. From Cap Corse and its strings of small villages to the Fango Valley and its natural swimming pools, you will be amazed by the beauty of the region. Find more things to do in North Corsica in our guide!

With Le Collectionist, renting a luxury villa in Corsica has never been easier. Take advantage of the mild spring on the island of beauty to visit Corsica and set off on an adventure in this exciting destination. Contact our tailors to discover our catalogue of services and experiences for a truly unforgettable stay.

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