Where to stay in Marrakech: our selection of the most beautiful private riads

Wondering where to stay in Marrakech? Discover our selection of the city's best riads for a Moroccan holiday as relaxing as it is authentic.
Where to stay in Marrakech: our selection of the most beautiful private riads


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Planning on going to Morocco? Stay in one of our luxury riads in Marrakech to immerse yourself in the ambiance of the red town all while enjoying the luxurious and authentic setting of Morocco's most beautiful riads.  

True architectural treasures, these traditional Moroccan houses never cease to amaze. Built around an open-air patio, with a tree-filled garden or swimming pool, the riad is the perfect refuge for holidays in Marrakech with family or friends. 

For dream holidays in Morocco, Le Collectionist has selected for you the most beautiful whole riad rentals in the best areas to stay in Marrakech.   

Once you have chosen where to stay in Marrakech, let us inspire you with our guide to the best addresses in Marrakech. 


RIAD SAFIR FOR A MOROCCAN ESCAPE devoted to wellbeing 

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What we love about this riad: 

Riad Safir is one of the best private riads in Marrakech to spend a relaxing holiday with your loved ones. Situated in the south of the city, this private riad marries traditional charm and contemporary style. 

Le Collectionist's top tips: 

Gather your tribe on the riad's terrace, where you can relax beside the pool, gazing out at the heights of the Atlas. For total relaxation, head to the riad's massage room for a moment suspended in time, soothed by the sweet aromas of argan oil. 



What to know:

  • Riad Safir, Marrakech, Morocco 
  • 14 guests
  • Outdoor swimming pool, rooftop with a panoramic view of the city and mountains, massage room, fireplace
  • From 8 575 € to 10 780 € a week


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Riad ahlaka for proximity to the medina 


What we love about this riad: 

Situated in the heart of the Medina, Marrakech's historic quarter, Riad Ahlaka is a true haven of peace for holidays with family or friends. Behind its immaculate walls, discover magazine-worthy decor that will immerse you in an vibrant Moroccan atmosphere, accented with contemporary touches. 

Le Collectionist's top tips:

Gather together in the summer lounge for unmissable mint tea and cool off in the outdoor pool when the Moroccan sun is at its zenith. When it's time for lunch or dinner, head to the terrace to sample the local flavours at the heart of a meal rustled up by a private chef. 


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What to know:

  • Riad Ahlaka, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 13 guests
  • Outdoor pool, barbecue, tree-filled garden, villa manager
  • From 6 125 € to 8 750 € a week

Riad azca for holidays with a swimming pool


What we love about this riad: 

In the south of Marrakech, a few minutes away from the legendary Jemaa el-Fnaa, discover Riad Azca. Immerse yourself in its traditional ambiance, embodied in the wooden lattices and mosaic tiles in every patio, and the tranquility of its contemporary interior design

Le Collectionist's top tips: 

Riad Azca is an invitation to relax under the Marrakech sun. During the day, plunge into the heated pool or spend a few hours tending to your well-being in the massage room. Come the evening, lounge in the private hammam or sip an iced tea on the terrace, looking up in wonder at the star-studded sky. 



What to know:

  • Riad Azca, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 14 guests
  • Heated pool, terrace with views of the city and mountains, hammam, massage room
  • From 18 715 € to 27 640 € a week

Riad abla for big groups and families 

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What we love about this riad: 

Wondering where your family should stay in Marrakech? In the north of Marrakech, Riad Abla is the perfect whole riad rental for Moroccan-style holidays. Behind its majorelle blue walls hides decor, with vibrant hues and Moorish patterns, which will transport you all while keeping you cool. 

Le Collectionist's top tips:

With the Medina only a few minutes walk away, spend your days exploring these ramparts or proving your talents at negotiating in the souks. When it's not too warm, head to the closest nearby golf course to compete with friends or family during a match on the green. 



What to know:

  • Riad Abla, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 14 guests
  • Staff at home, nearby golf course, prepared breakfast, air conditioning 
  • From 8 750 € to 13 125 € a week 


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Riad kalla for a tailor made stay in morocco

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What we love about this riad: 

In the heart of the Kabah quarter, Riad Kalla is archetypal of Moroccan architecture. Its white facade, adorned with wooden, stained-glass windows, reveal large convivial rooms, the perfect intimate atmosphere for coming together. 

Les Collectionist's top tips: 

After spending the morning wandering the streets around the legendary Jemaa el-Fna, retreat back to your staffed riad in Marrakech to savour Moroccan dishes carefully prepared by your private chef. 

The next day, jump into the refreshing swimming pool then be enchanted by the fragrance of orange blossom water which perfumes the private hammam or by the soft, subdued atmosphere of the massage room. As night falls, head up to the terrace and spend your evening gazing at the night-sky through a telescope



What to know:

  • Riad Kalla, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 16 guests
  • Heated pool, hammam, massage room, fireplace, prepared breakfast, gardener, at-home staff
  • From 12 600 € to 15 120 € a week

riad massa for a moroccan stay balancing tradition and modernity 

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What we love about this riad:

With its traditional ornaments, coloured, mosaic floors and elegant wrought-iron balcony, Riad Massa is a veritable oasis in the Medina. Its interior, simultaneously authentic and modern, is perfect for holidays in Morocco with your nearest and dearest. 

Le Collectionist's top tips: 

Wake up and settle down on the patio, in the shade of the luxurious vegetation, to taste the famous Moroccan patisseries prepared just for you. Spend your afternoon under the sun around the swimming pool or relax in the steam of the hammam. Bring your day to a close by strolling through the animated streets of the Medina



What to know:

  • Raid Massa, Marrakech, Morocco
  • 14 guests
  • Outdoor pool, hammam, elevator, fireplace, villa manager, gardener, prepared breakfast
  • From 13 300 € to 17 500 € a week 


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Why choose a riad?

If you would like an authentic and relaxing stay in Marrakech, staying in a riad is the dream option! 

These traditional Moroccan homes are real havens of calm and greenery in the heart of the town, offering an 100% quintessential atmosphere

What are the different areas of Marrakech?
Marrakech is divided into five main areas:
  • The Medina
  • Mellah
  • Gueliz
  • Hivernage
  • Chrifia

To discover the spots not-to-be-missed during your stay, consult our selection of the best things to do in Marrakech. 

What is the most beautiful area of Marrakech?

Marrakech is such a gorgeous city that it's difficult to choose which of them is the most beautiful area. 

Still, if you had to choose just one, the Medina, the historical centre, and its souks are unmissable. We equally advise you to visit the Hivernage district, a perfect mix of tradition and luxury

If you need a relaxing break far from the city's bustle, don't forget to explore Atlas countryside around Marrakech


If the idea of reuniting with your loved ones in a private riad tempts you, consult our whole riad rentals in Marrakech and make your life easier by letting our luxury concierge service take care of the rest!


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