The Most Beautiful Beach Homes in the World

From the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, Le Collectionist has scoured the coasts to unearth the most beautiful beach homes in the world.
The Most Beautiful Beach Homes in the World
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Imagine yourself: barely awake, gazing out at the sea, whose deep blue merges with the sky. Open the bay windows and let the sea air wash over your face. It is the call of freedom, of the distant and the unknown. A siren song that cannot be resisted. So, without further ado, return to the beach, with your feet in the water. Isn't that the height of luxury?

From the calm waters of the Mediterranean to the raging waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the breathtaking seabed of the Caribbean, Le Collectionist has searched the coasts to find the most beautiful beach homes in the world. Here are ten beautiful homes on the waterfront where you can spend your luxury holiday in style.

Villa Miro, Sifnos, Greece

A postcard for the Cyclades, Villa Miro is surrounded by blue water and white sand. This house features classic Greek architecture, lost in the middle of nowhere. On the island of Sifnos, it is a refuge on the edge of the horizon. After a day of basking in the sun on the beach, we only dream of one thing: to come and cool off in the indigo water of the swimming pool.

Two beautiful bay windows open up the interior of the villa, decorated in a minimalist style. In this modern haven, find everything that embodies the charm and beauty of the island. First, there are the materials, waxed concrete, wood and clay, but also the colours – white reigns supreme – and the lines, clean and impeccable.

Villa Carragueira

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Villa Chloé, Cassis, France

Let us introduce you to a home like no other. Located in the heart of the Calanques National Park, Villa Chloé combines the charm of a Provençal cottage and the elegance of a modern villa. Its imposing facade embodies this harmonious contrast with pastel shutters and climbing vines that give way to gigantic bay windows.

The view is the real star of the show. Perched on the hillside, Villa Chloé has an exceptional panorama of the green hills and the azure blue water of the Mediterranean. From wherever you are in the house – on one or other of the terraces, in the French garden, by the swimming pool or even from inside the villa – you can admire the beautiful colours of the sea.

Villa Carragueira

Villa Blanc-Bleu, St. Barts, France

Villa Blanc-Bleu is inspired by the architecture of the Creole huts of St. Barts, with an added touch of grandeur. Located in the south of the island, it faces the Caribbean Sea. The crystal water, accompanied by the wind and the sun, breathes the rhythm of life into this villa.

In the morning, let yourself be woken up by the rays of light that cross the exotic wooden doors. A light breeze makes the curtains that dress the large bay windows dance, like an invitation to come and breathe the fresh air on the magnificent terrace lined with palm trees. Then, take a dip in the infinity pool, which seems to extend into the sea, where you can spend the rest of the day. The southern beaches of St. Barts are only a few minutes away. Then, you can end the day watching the sunset from the outdoor jacuzzi of Villa Blanc-Bleu.

Villa Carragueira

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Villa Holly, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Stay in modern style at Villa Holly. Built on the side of a hill, its clean lines stand out against the Croatian coast. When you look at it from the sea, you could even imagine that it levitates above the rocks, which you can access by a private staircase. You can choose to bathe in the clear water of the Adriatic, or the infinity pool which overlooks the Elaphiti Islands.

Inside, luxury is expressed in its purest form, with no frills. Everything depends on the choice of materials: marble, leather, solid wood and elegant colours. The only touch of fantasy that Villa Holly allows itself is the few windows with geometric angles, designed to capture the light and draw the eye to the outside to the incredible beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Villa Carragueira

Manoir Alex, Trouville, France

From the heavenly beaches of the Caribbean to the stunning landscapes of the Cyclades, it's time to get back to basics. It was in Normandy, Charles Garnier, the architect who gave birth to the Opera of the same name, decided to build Manoir Alex.

From the Belle Époque, this sumptuous Norman residence has retained its unfailing charm. Since its heyday, when the living room resounded with romantic melodies and welcomed illustrious guests such as Guy de Maupassant, Manoir Alex has been completely renovated, but the elegant and refined decor still transports us back in time.

Villa Carragueira

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Villa La Voile Blanche, Antibes, France

On the shores of Antibes, Villa La Voile Blanche's immaculate silhouette stands out against the green landscape. It is reached directly by sea, to which the villa has private access. Once on the terrace, where palms flutter in the wind, you can better admire the view of the other ships at anchor.

Take a seat by the pool, where you'll feel like you're in an exclusive beach club on the French Riviera. Inside, Villa La Voile Blanche plays the yacht club card to the fullest. The varnished wooden mezzanine contrasts with the rest of the living room, which is dazzlingly white. As for the delicate curtains that frame the bay windows, they are reminiscent of the sails of boats that come and go across the Mediterranean.

Villa Carragueira

Casa Duna, Comporta, Portugal

Nestled in the heart of the Comporta nature reserve, Casa Duna is only a few minutes from the beach via a private road that crosses the pine forest and rice fields. When the wind blows, you can even hear the muffled sound of the waves crashing on the dunes, which only adds to the carefree charm of this villa by the sea.

The decor reflects the destination: bohemian, chic and relaxed. Spend your days between naps in the hammocks, laps in the swimming pool, aperitifs in the shade of the summer kitchen and banquets by the fireside. Either way, Casa Duna is an ode to coming together. 

Villa Carragueira

The Collection

Villa Suenyo, Formentera, Spain

The last villa in our top ten most beautiful beach homes in the world is surely one of our favourites. How could you not succumb to the incredible atmosphere at Villa Suenyo? This life-sized sandcastle blends into the landscape of Aleppo pines and centuries-old olive trees. On the terrace, comfortable cushions are laid out on the floor, to lie down and watch the sunset over the sea. 

The hippie-chic style of Villa Suenyo is a perfect embodiment of Formentera. Discover the bohemian details like the upside-down baskets that serve as pendant lights in the kitchen. When night falls on the island, the whole villa lights up with the comforting glow of candles.

Discover Le Collectionist's catalogue of luxury villa rentals and keep exploring our homes to choose from the most beautiful beach homes in the world.

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