Summer Issue: Our lists for a No Screen Summer

Disconnect to reconnect this summer and get ready for your holiday by putting your phone on Airplane Mode, and going through our checklists on what to take.
Summer Issue: Our lists for a No Screen Summer

Summers at Le Collectionist are all about letting go and being free. When you travel with us, we take care of everything, and these are the things we can't do for you, but we're definitely going to try! For this summer, we're on the vibe of No Screens, and the Editorial team compiled our collection of things to do, take with you, and experience while on holiday.  

Mandi Ayuyao, our Editor-In-Chief is always on the hunt for music and great vibes so we put her in charge of playlists and cocktails; Felicie Isaac, our Editorial Director, never fails to enrich her vacations with culture so she put together our books and exhibitions list; and our Content Manager, Nicky Peters, is always up for competition so they're in charge of the games to take on your holiday! 

Rest easy knowing that we're taking care of all the nitty gritty, and all you have to do is the fun stuff!


We know what it's like to be heading out the door, undeniably excited but also stressed out that we forgot something crucial. This is our quick list of what you shouldn't forget for the perfect summer holiday! 

  • What to bring on your carry-on 
  • Toiletry essentials
  • What to pack in your suitcase

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Books to read

A multitude of destinations have acted as muses for numerous artists, from painters to filmmakers, but in this article we are diving into those that have inspired our favourite books. Discover our list of books that are emblematic of the essence of each area, and are the perfect reads to slip into your suitcase (or Kindle).

  • Our 3 summer sagas 
  • Books to (re)discover in the French Riviera
  • Dreamy books to read in Greece
  • Novels to devour during a Spanish holiday

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summer playlists

All activities in the summer require a soundtrack. Discover our three Spotify playlists that encapsulate the season's vibes. From driving with the wind in our hair, lazy days hopping in and out of the water, and nostalgic moments with those you love, we have something for every summer mood. For more tunes, follow our Le Collectionist Spotify!

  • On the road
  • Beach days 
  • Vintage summers
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board games

Wherever you decide to go, any of these games don't take up much space and would make a great addition to your carry-on, for a fun-filled night with family and friends. Otherwise, we also have a list of our houses that boast excellent gaming facilities, from actual game rooms to petanque or tennis courts!

  • Games to play with cards
  • Games to play with dice
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simple cocktails

Crafting a pool or beach-side drink to sip on long summer days should be simple and infinitely refreshing, which is why we've decided to share our recipes around variations of the Spritz. Most only containing 2-3 ingredients, you'll be able to whip up your cocktail in no time!

  • Aperol Spritz
  • Campari Spritz
  • Hugo Spritz
  • Vodka Spritz
  • Watermelon Spritz
  • Whisky Spritz
  • Basil & Lemon Spritz
  • Porto Tonic
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Who says vacations are just about lounging around by the pool? For us it is also the perfect time to enrich your cultural spirit! Discover our summer selection of the best exhibitions to visit between sunbathing sessions.

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New summer collection 

The August collection is a summary of our homes that remind us of our sweet and innocent childhood summer holidays, and we have the perfect list of extraordinary homes to craft those unforgettable memories. So put the screens away, go back to basics, and enjoy the beauty of living in the moment!

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Summer Issue: Our lists for a No Screen Summer

Disconnect to reconnect this summer and get ready for your holiday by putting your phone on Airplane Mode, and going through our checklists on what to take.

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