Villa Miró with Benjamin and Catherine: where tradition meets modernity

Follow Benjamin Deviscourt and his wife Catherine, owners of Villa Miró, as they guide us through the home they built as a sublime ode to Sifnos.
Villa Miró with Benjamin and Catherine: where tradition meets modernity
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Far more than its past of myths and heroes, Greece has become synonymous with rounded whitewashed walls and rich blues — both in painted shutters and the dazzling Aegean Sea. The alluring islands that make up the Cyclades are a perfect embodiment of Greek charm: traditional architecture, scintillating waters, and vibrant communities.

Come with us to discover Villa Miró in Sifnos. Its owners, Benjamin and Catherine, will serve as our guides, walking us through the home’s construction and revealing its secrets to us.


Benjamin discovered Sifnos by chance over 20 years ago. He and his travelling companion had been looking for a day trip from Delphi and stumbled upon Sifnos in their guidebook. Just like fate, they found a boat heading out that night. They were greeted by pristine and protected spaces where white sand and white buildings reigned.


The island’s many monasteries and churches provided a spiritual atmosphere in which you could lose yourself completely, connecting with the seas in Greece. On this empty island, news didn’t travel; the pair explored their surroundings in complete serenity disconnected from the world’s chaos. What was meant to be a day trip turned to two, then three, and so on, until a week had passed and Benjamin had to leave, though the memories stayed firmly planted.

Several years later and with many other countries under his belt, Sifnos remained front of mind. Now married, he and his wife Catherine returned to Sifnos together and found the island just as compelling as it had been the first time. They resolved to build a home there, finally settling on a plot where they could incorporate many natural terraces, opening on breathtaking views



With a passion for design, art and architecture, this project was the beginning of a complete change of life. Benjamin had been cofounder of a communications company and Catherine was an executive for French television, but they both shifted towards interior design after their new acquisition — with great success!

Catherine became an interior architect, with this home serving as her first major project. Benjamin sold part of his company and handed the reins over, allowing him to become a project manager for buyers seeking to renovate villas and smaller homes in the Cyclades.

They built the home in collaboration with Greek architects, creating an original building as an architectural gesture. The house has since stood proudly on the cover of several papers, and has received many awards. Now, the couple spends about half the year in Sifnos, helping others turn their island dreams into reality, just as they did.




After several delays, Benjamin and Catherine broke ground on their villa in 2018. The lengthy acquisition process gave them time to plan the design and collect vintage furniture and handcrafts from their travels around the world. By the time they teamed up with the Greek architect group A2 Architects and created the French design studio DW Agency, the couple had a clear vision for their home.

First order of business: cement. This raw and minimalistic material features in the villa’s floors and ceilings, moulded to look like wooden boards. The streaked finish on the concrete floors adds texture to the rooms for an aestheticised look.




Oak was another choice material when constructing Villa Miró. From windows to door frames, to pergolas, to tables, wooden fixtures deliver a warm interior which complements the modern concrete flooring, blending natural and industrial elements.

Some of the oak pieces that the couple sought didn’t exist on the market, so Benjamin stepped in to craft them himself. With a casual woodworking hobby, he was able to make custom pieces for his home, like the accessories found in the bathroom. The natural oak wood creates a sense of harmony with the villa’s natural and secluded location, tying the interior design together with the exterior environment.

In fact, these marriages between indoor and outdoor spaces are the couple’s favourites in the home. For Benjamin, this love is most pronounced in the master bedroom where a graphic terrace opens on the Aegean sea.



Catherine’s favourite room in the property is one of the guest houses, with stone walls and a mezzanine. The guest house feels like a shelter from which to enjoy the splendid location and experience Greece as a novel. The villa is designed with Sifnos at its heart, encasing their home within traditional structures which combine natural and modern elements.


Villa Miró is very much a product of its location, not only in its style and design but also the very materials it’s built from. The stones that make up part of the home’s facade were sourced by excavating the land.

Benjamin was thrilled to find chromatic stone samples: shades of grey, brown, yellow, and even some green come together for an organic yet compelling design, courtesy of Sifnos itself. Using the island’s stones and traditional whitewashed facades, the owner was able to create a villa that blends seamlessly into the horizon.



“The idea was to have all the lower walls in stone and the upper part of the villa in white to give the impression that it’s flying.”

An ode to Hellenistic traditions, marble was incorporated into the design, but with a modern twist. Instead of the kind used in classical architecture and design, the couple favoured scratch marble, a soft alternative with better grip.

This choice was equally aesthetic and practical: not only does it fit the refined and authentic atmosphere they were after, it also has anti-slip properties that make it ideal for bathrooms and around the pool.




This villa is the perfect key to Sifnos, with a view of the water and beaches, restaurants, and shops all within arm’s reach. Benjamin’s favourite spots? For traditional Greek meals make your way into the village of Vathi and stop on the beach at Manolis, a typical island tavern. For a more fancy restaurant, make your way to Omega 3 or Bostani.

Though there are many beautiful and quiet beaches nearby, Benjamin recommends you go off the beaten path and settle near a rocky creek instead, where you won’t be able to resist dipping your feet in the crystal clear water.

The other Cyclades islands are easily accessible by boat, and Villa Miró — its stone walls, minimalistic design, and harmonious atmosphere — will be there to welcome you home.

Photos of Villa Miró courtesy of Yiorgos Kordakis

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