The 5 best places to visit in Italy for families

Italy with kids feels like an endless adventure, a dream come true. Begin your adventure with our list of the best places to visit in Italy for families.
The 5 best places to visit in Italy for families
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In both the summer and the winter, come rain or shine or heavy snowfall, there is always somewhere wonderful in Italy for the whole family to enjoy. Deciding where to spend your next luxury Italy holidays is a task with seemingly endless solutions. A city break with the kids, perhaps? Or do you picture yourself sprawled on a soft sandy beach, whiling away summer days, while your kids frolic in the shallows, a cocktail on its way? 

Visit Italy with this guide and you will discover the best family-friendly destinations, whether on the mainland or atop one of Italy's beautiful islands. In each destination, we have included one of our luxury villa rentals; a home away from home for your visit to Italy with kids.

The 5 best places for an Italy family vacation

  • The Amalfi Coast
  • Cinque Terre
  • Pisa
  • Sicily
  • Sardinia

Snorkelling and boating on the Amalfi Coast

Magnificence is the staple of the Amalfi Coast: all around, from the hillside vistas to the sea, via the dangling, colourful towns and the soaring bridges, fantastical surprises loiter and leap into view. For children, the Amalfi Coast is a dreamscape, a place where the possibilities are as endless as their imaginations. Pile your family into the speedboat for a day trip like no other; make haste across the sea towards Capri. Here, the magic of the Blue Grotto awaits in all its iridescent beauty. Snorkel and swim in its blue glow, as the light catches the ceiling and your boat bobs gently nearby. 



Speak to your Le Collectionist holiday tailor to arrange for Gabriella, our local guide, to pick you up in her trusty vessel to explore some of the coast's treasures. Your entire family will undoubtedly be in awe of the area's beauty and Gabriella's extensive knowledge of the Amalfi Coast. Another way to discover the area is by taste: book a cooking lesson with the jovial Mamma Agata, who will guide you through Amalfitana delicacies and flavours - a taste of Italy! This is the most beautiful addition to our list of the best places to visit in Italy for families.

Where to stay

Villa Lacia is a paradise for parents travelling with kids. Spend the afternoon relaxing on the terrace, as the sounds of laughter, too faint to disturb your repose, emanate from the pool below. The villa is clung to the cliffs of Positano and boasts amazing views over the sea. 

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Hiking and picnics along the Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre National Park, gazing over the turquoise-to-cobalt Ligurian Sea from its perch on the Italian Riviera, is comprised of five equally but uniquely picturesque villages; centuries of history line their colourful streets and quaint harbours. This is a great place for day trips, so pack a picnic, sunscreen, and your best walking shoes for a day of adventure and beauty. The national park and its towns are a great place to visit with kids, particularly for those outdoorsy families with a penchant for exploration. 

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Hike the coastal trails that wend their way between these colourful towns, dipping and rising into beautiful vistas. Visit Doria Castle, where the kids' imaginations can run free, as they take their places on the battlements and gaze down on the make-believe armada of ships bobbing in the bay below, ready to attack. There are also plenty of beaches, and always an ice cream never far away. 

Where to stay

Villa Carlotta, further south along the coast, is nestled in the seaside town of Pietrasanta. Its effortless elegance and large spacious garden offer the best of both worlds for the family: freedom to run wild beneath the pines and splash in the nearby shallow sea with the knowledge that comfort awaits at the end of each day. It's around an hour-long drive to Cinque Terre from the villa, so it's the ideal villa for day trips to the area.

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Marvel at the leaning tower of Pisa

The iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa, with its famously unstable foundations, is a landmark that will leave your children gawping and giggling in awe at the surprising tilt of the bell tower. This is one of the most memorable photo opportunities for the whole family to get involved in! If your children are over the age of 8, they will also be able to scale the stairs of the tower to enjoy the views from the inside out.


While Pisa is famed for its tower, there is still plenty of fun to be had for the whole family. When you are done marvelling at the tower and the marble cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo, head off to one of the restaurants where delectable Tuscan cuisine awaits. 

Where to stay

Villa Giallo is on the outskirts of neighbouring Lucca - a stone's throw from Pisa. This villa is an idyllic place for a large group with kids; the vast garden flaunts endless space for games, while the pool will undoubtedly play host to of marco polo and pool cricket, as well as lazy afternoons sprawled atop the sunloungers. There is also a relaxation space with a sauna and a jacuzzi - perfect for some downtime.


Outdoor activities on Sicily's Mount Etna

This is for the thrill seekers, the high-octane adventurers who see holiday as a time for boundless activity. Whether you wish to visit Sicily in the winter or in the summer, there is a wealth of excitement waiting to be tapped. In the summer months, take to the sea aboard a sailing boat, with either lessons for your kids - arranged by our conciergerie - or a voyage across the sea to some of the neighbouring islands. Here, seaside towns and snorkelling coves abound. 


In the winter, speak to your luxury holiday tailor to organise the most fun-filled activity of all: a day of skiing the slopes of the infamous Mount Etna, its looming presence eduringly presiding over the island. This is where exhilaration finds its true meaning, as you follow your private freeride instructor across the snowy landscape. This is one of the best places to visit in Italy for families who love the outdoors. 

Where to stay

Villa Aranciata is a haven for your summer and winter holidays. In summer, the flourishing garden will be a place of repose and playfulness around the large swimming pool. In the winter, the interior is cosy and comfortable; a refuge for reenergising after a day on the slopes of Mount Etna.

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Atop Sardinia's sandy beaches 

Sardinia tops our list of the best places to visit in Italy for families who love to spend their summers on sandy beaches. The beaches of Sardinia are unrivalled; a small stretch of coastline on the island has been dubbed the Costa Smeralda for its emerald waters that glisten like a bed of gemstones in the summer sun.



Spend the afternoon snorkelling the crystalline waters, or take a trip along the hem of the island to discover some of the mystical coastal caves and coves. Neptune's Grotto is a vast stalactite cave, filled with mystery and eerie silence. The large island is also blessed with a mountainous interior, weaved together by zigzagging trails and paths that boast spectacular scenery.

Where to stay

Wander down from Villa Gaea, the cicadas cheering you on, towards the quiet bay below. Go for a morning dip or a kayak with your kids before feasting on a hearty breakfast on the terrace beneath the wicker awning. This beachfront villa feels wild and free; a place where your kids can roam and make their own. 

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Explore our luxury villa rentals in Italy to find more amazing luxury holiday homes for a taste of la dolce vita with your family! 

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