Untamed Beauty in Comporta, an Interview at Villa Gabiotinha

Ricardo Urien invites you inside to discover Villa Gabiotinha, a property designed to honour the untouched beauty of the surrounding Comporta wilderness.
Untamed Beauty in Comporta, an Interview at Villa Gabiotinha
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With its vast stretches of beaches, emerald rice fields and untouched landscapes, Comporta is an Edenic paradise of natural beauty along the Atlantic Coast in Portugal. The unspoilt natural splendour of this beach town was one of the many reasons that Ricardo Urien became enamoured with the destination and decided to call Villa Gabiotinha home. 

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Originally from Argentina, he is an explorer at heart, travelling to Madrid and then settling down in Comporta with his wife. The expressions of his love of travel as well as conviviality are etched into every wall in Villa Gabiotinha

Ricardo sought to pay tribute to the traditional Portuguese-style house that was originally on the plot of land, where he felt love at first sight, while breathing new life into the property during his reconstruction. For him, light was his guiding force, wanting to let the surrounding natural beauty and light flood into the property.

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There was one key leitmotif that Ricardo through the whole process kept in mind: bringing the outside in. Honouring the natural landscape from within the property, the cork trees and umbrella pines that form a verdant cocoon around the property are masterfully framed through the villa's expansive windows

Through using natural materials like the wooden beams and furnishings that adorn the villa, Ricardo has ensured that the house sings in harmony with the environment. The bright white-washed walls and large windows allow the house to radiate light while the playful pops of colour and vibrant pattern bring energy to the property. At Villa Gabiotinha woven rattan pendant lights create a constellation indoors, which you can admire sat around the crackling fireplace gazing out towards the glorious nature outside. 

Collaborating with locals in the area was crucial to Ricardo, who credits the brilliance of the local architect who enabled him to realise his vision of a bright and airy modern villa that was still in touch with its roots

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Ricardo describes how he felt attracted by the ocean’s magnetic pull towards Comporta. In particular, he waxes lyrical about one particular port in Carrasqueira village, a wooden port built in the 1950s, where locals understand the art of living. He seeks to share this passion for the sea and slow-living with visitors, developing boat tours where families revel in the freedom of the sea. In particular he notes how young and old alike delight at seeing nature at its finest, from the birds that flock overhead to the flying fish jumping out of the water. 

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A perfect haven of dunes, paddy fields and pine forests, for Ricardo Comporta is synonymous with slow-living. The wild nature in Comporta seems to urge you to slow down, as the gentle sea breeze sets the melodic pace for your day like a metronome. 

Villa Gabiotinha embodies these values, creating a space which Ricardo believes is perfect for bringing the family together. With loved ones scattered across the globe in Argentina, Australia and Europe, for Ricardo the villa is “a place for gathering, for spending time together and for slow living”.

"a place for gathering, for spending time together and for slow living"

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No other time embodies this ethos more than in the evening, where sunsets are a thing of magic. Casting a golden aura, the warm light gently diffuses through the windows while the family sits down for a meal together as the soft hum of music and laughter sets the soundtrack to your evening. 

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Explore the majesty of Comporta’s sun-kissed shore for yourself at Villa Gabiotinha where you will feel at home. Gallop along the epic white beaches on horseback, marvel at the spectacular flora and fauna and set sail to see Comporta’s untamed landscapes for a different vantage point. 

With hospitality coded into Portugal's DNA, you can expect an authentic, warm welcome from this unique beach town. Disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with your loved ones this holiday in one of stunning private villas in Comporta.

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