Discover the dunes of Comporta on horseback

There is nothing in the world like these horseback experiences that Jose Ribeira has crafted with us at Le Collectionist. Be in perfect harmony with nature as you take in the stunning landscapes of Comporta. 
Discover the dunes of Comporta on horseback
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When riding with José Ribeira and his team, you can tell that this isn't just an ordinary group that holds horse excursions for your Comporta holiday. We'd attribute that to the fact that José did a 180 degree turn in his life to make his dream come true: to connect equestrian activities with the gorgeous countryside in Comporta.

José grew up surrounded by animals, since his father was a farmer, so he wasn't a stranger to the countryside. Though his initial path led him to the city, where he spent 20 years of his adult life in the real-estate business and managing hedge-funds in Lisbon, his dream was always to return to the countryside and go back to being a 'country boy' as he likes to call himself.



I love horses. These animals, they give me peace, and it's amazing


The stables are set in the Reserva Natural do Estuário do Sado, an area that has not yet been touched by mass tourism. The stable and its surroundings preserve the traditional features of the land in a paradise of intense colours, and is part of what makes their experiences so unique for a beautiful Comporta holiday activity.





The experiences that he offers for your luxury holiday in Portugal are unbelievably picturesque, perfectly set, and unforgettable. You have three landscapes to choose from: a ride on the beach, in the mountains, or in the fields of a grand farm.

The latter is his current personal favourite, set in Quinta Carvalhas, a 7,000 hectare farm that offers a multitude of views depending on where you choose to explore. His favourite spot is by a river on the edge of the property. The calm feeling of walking along the quietly flowing river, surrounded by trees is one best experienced firsthand. 




If you choose to take a ride on the beach, it's the perfect way to end the day, as the sun sets along the horizon and the change of colours are reflected from the sky to the sea. The quiet calm of being on a horse as its hooves sink into the sand, the waves crash along the shore, and wind blows through your hair, is astonishing as all aspects of nature engulf your senses.





Or if you really want to get in tune with nature, multiple day-long excursions that the team can plan for you from start to finish are a great way to do so! Let them be your guide in comporta by exploring the spoils of the land. Sleep under the stars with your friends and horses, and we guarantee it is a memory you're sure to never forget. 

Rest assured, whether you choose to ride on an endless desert beach, surrounded by rice fields, between pine forests or climbing through sand dunes, or maybe even spend days on end on horseback, the unique magic of Comporta is almost palpable through the reins you hold in your hands. 

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