Best Restaurants in Cassis, France: most chic to most authentic

Between Michelin starred restaurants nestled in the creeks and Provencal institutions of the port, follow us to discover the best restaurants in Cassis.
Best Restaurants in Cassis, France: most chic to most authentic
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As A fishing village with a thousand colors, Cassis is discovered to the rhythm of its gastronomy. In the early morning, the café terraces come alive as the fishermen return to port and untangle their nets laden with silver fish. Soon, we will find them on the plates of restaurants in Cassis, grilled or cooked in bouillabaisse… But first, it's aperitif time: a cloud of Pastis or a pool of rosé? 

Here, meals are a moment of merrymaking. We share the Bourride dish, we taste our neighbour's fish soup or we cut the panisses in half. But, in the restaurants of Cassis, the Provencal cuisine knows how to be refined. Between starred restaurants nestled in the creeks and Provencal institutions on the port, follow us to discover the best restaurants in Cassis to the best experience of luxury travel in Provence

La Villa Madie**

Gastronomic stopover in the mediterranean 

best-restaurants-in-cassis-la-villa-madie 2

Nestled in a corner well known to insiders, Anse de Corton, Villa Madie faces Cap Canaille. Sit on the terrace of the best restaurant in Cassis and admire the breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. It's like a cruise along the big blue that continues on the plate. The two-starred chef Dimitri Droisneau, accompanied by his wife Marielle, offers top-notch cuisine, daring to combine land and sea, always with extra-fresh products. 


  • Country sardines with lemon thyme and Sologne caviar
  • Roasted then smoked blue lobster with Cap Canaille immortelle 
  • The traditional Marseille lamb 

Why we're coming back: 

  • The cuisine, awarded two Michelin stars
  • The breathtaking view of the Anse de Corton

Getting there: 
Avenue de Revestel, Anse de de Corton, 13260 Cassis, France
+33 4 96 18 00 00

La Presqu’île

Face-to-face with the Calanques

best-restaurants-in-cassis-presquile-ext 2

Imagine: after a hike along the precipices of the calanques , you see a terrace draped in white tablecloths, overlooking the sea. You think it's  a mirage, but you are actually at La Presqu'île de Cassis. Since 1978, this essential address in the region has been celebrating the spirit of Provence. For a lunch in the shade of the umbrella pines or a candlelit dinner, take a seat in this sumptuous setting where the cuisine is matched only by the beauty of the panorama. 


  • Snacked scallops, pecan nuts and pumpkin trio
  • St. Pierre cooked in sparkling butter
  • The “Grand cru” chocolate duo 

Why we're coming back: 

  • The Tasting menu in 8 variations, a true ode to the Mediterranean
  • The idyllic setting, in the heart of the creeks of Cassis

Getting there: 
Quartier Port-Miou, 13260 Cassis, France
+33 4 42 01 03 77

Le Nino

The institution 

best-restaurants-in-cassis-nino-interieur 2

This restaurant in the port of Cassis is an address well known to insiders, where we like to meet up, year after year. We meet at Nino's at 11:30 am, after the market, to sip a glass of Pastis while watching the parade of fishing boats. When noon strikes, everyone is already gathered around the table, and we argue over who will have the last antipasti! 


  • Provencal mussels au gratin
  • The sea bass in a salt crust 
  • The essential bouillabaisse

Why we're coming back: 

  • The warm atmosphere, like at home
  • The authentic flavor of bouillabaisse in the port of Cassis

Getting there: 
1 quai Barthélémy, 13260 Cassis, France
+33 4 42 01 74 32

La Brasserie du Corton

Bistrot with it's feet in the water

Best-restaurants-in-cassis-la-brasserie 2

This chic brasserie is perched just above its big sister, Villa Madie. People come here at lunchtime, to taste elegant bistronomic cuisine facing the sea. Market produce is mixed with freshly caught fish and regional recipes in this luxury restaurant. Gourmet and flawless dishes are perfectly accompanied with a glass of local wine. If you are looking for a good restaurant in Cassis for a meal with friends or family, this is the place to book! 


  • Beef tartare with oysters 
  • The real Sôcisse de Marseille with fennel
  • Local peach choron sauce 

Why we're coming back: 

  • The open kitchens outside, which radiate sumptuous scents
  • The menu of the week, which changes with the seasons

Getting there: 
Avenue de Revestel, Anse de de Corton, 13260 Cassis, France
+33 4 96 18 00 00

L’Esplaï du Grand Bar des Goudes

The authentic charm

best-restaurants-in-cassis-grand-bar-terrasse 2

Move away from the port of Cassis a little and take a road trip alongside the Calanques Natural Park, towards Marseille. Soon you'll reach the picturesque village of Les Goudes. It is in this fisherman's landmark, anchored between two cliffs, that our fifth favorite restaurant in the region is located. Settle in and start your Provence holiday! A word of advice: it's best to book in advance. 


  • La Bourride des Goudes, house specialty
  • Entrecote nut, anchovy sauce and panisse fries
  • Monkfish steak and aioli cream  

Why we're coming back: 

  • The picturesque setting of this fishing village 
  • The freshly caught fish

Getting there: 
28-29 rue Désirée-Pélaprat, 13008 Marseille, France
+33 4 91 73

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