Things to do in Cassis, France: a weekend away from the crowds

What else can you do in Cassis but marvel at the turquoise water, the dizzying cliffs and the colourful houses? We give you all our good addresses to (re)discover Cassis, far from the beaten track.
Things to do in Cassis, France: a weekend away from the crowds
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About thirty minutes to the east of Marseille, the village of Cassis stands like a grandiose amphitheater facing the translucent sea. You can find all the colours of Provence there: the immaculate white of the creeks, the soft pink and pale yellow of the fishermen's houses, the dazzling green of the vines ... What to do in Cassis, if not marvel at this scenery worthy of a painting? Le Collectionist gives you all the good addresses to (re) discover Cassis, far from the beaten track.


Provence holidays ... the thought evokes the sound of the song of cicadas, the noise of the sea and the clinking of ice in glasses Pastis. It is a paradise where you can meet up with friends, around a bottle of rosé and a delicious Provencal plate. So, what is there to do in Cassis with friends? We're sharing our favourite addresses with you.

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A motorcycle trip through the massif of the calanques of Marseille

Departing from Marseille, we get on a motorbike and head for the Col de la Gineste. This mythical road cuts through the massif of the creeks of Marseille, offering breathtaking views of the wild landscape. Intoxicated by the speed and dizzying heights, we sometimes have the impression we're flying above the void.


We drive to the sublime Calanque d'En Vau, where we stop for a few moments to dip our feet in the turquoise blue water. Then, we take our mount, towards Cap Canaille. We met friends there, on the terrace of Villa Chloé overlooking the waters. On the program: pool, rosé, and midnight swim.

A cruise on the plate

Every morning, the fishermen return to untangle their nets and unpack their booty in the port of Cassis. Something to whet the mouths of fine gourmets… Get away from the port and its effervescence, towards the Calanques massif, to reach the gourmet restaurant: La Presqu'île . As you sit down on the panoramic terrace, perched above the cliffs, it is as if you are embarking on a cruise across the Mediterranean sea.

Rediscover the flavours and emblematic products of Provencal cuisine, revisited by chef Ringo Schulz. The traditional red mullet is heated with a butternut risotto; the Saint-Pierre, caught that very morning, is perfumed with coconut foam; as for scallops, they dare to marry chilli. We would like to be able to taste everything as the plates are invitations to travel ... and to share, between neighbours at the table.


To the question of what to do in Cassis with the family, we can only answer too often: discovering the creeks. On foot, from the coastal paths, or by boat, from the sea, all the panoramas are breathtaking. The hardest part will be to choose between the vertiginous cliffs and the turquoise waters.

Hiking trails in the footsteps of Saint-Exupéry

If you're looking for things to do in Provence, take your tribe on a timeless ride. Named “the Little Prince's trail”, in homage to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, this hike runs along the coast of Cassis to the cove of Port Miou and Cap Canaille. Follow the path traced by the writer who, in 1944, participated in the last reconnaissance flights for the landing of the Allied forces before disappearing at sea.

This journey through time will take you to New York and the Statue of Liberty, built with limestone from the Calanque de Pont Miou. Your toddlers will not be able to resist the temptation to take a dip in the crystal clear water that we imagine to be as warm as that of the Caribbean. And yet ... Cassis has many surprises in store: many mountain streams flow here to come and refresh the Mediterranean Sea.

A kayak excursion in deserted coves

Early in the morning, after a breakfast under the sun in the port of Cassis, rent kayaks and go for a ride in the middle of the creeks, stopping from time to time to cool off in the translucent water. Above your heads you can meet adventurers on the rock walls and winding paths lined with wild flowers. 


After an hour, you finally reach the sumptuous Calanque d'En Vau, one of our favorites in the national park. In front of you, the vertiginous cliffs throw themselves into the turquoise sea. A few more strokes of the paddle and you are alone in the world, on the deserted pebble beach.


Between its beaches with turquoise waters, perfumed paths in the shade of rhododendrons and its maze of alleys where you can get lost with delight, Cassis is the ideal destination for a romantic luxury break. We could easily indulge in lazing around, enjoying the scorching heat of the flagstones, along the pool ... But all the same, here are our favourite activities to do in Cassis as a couple.

A visit to the cellars of the Bagnol estate

Climb aboard a vintage car, the kind the Fitzgeralds drove on their trips on the French Riviera, and drive to the Bagnol estate. We have barely passed the large red wrought iron gate when our lungs are already filled with the intoxicating fragrance of centuries-old vines. Follow the guide and explore one of the oldest wineries in the Cassiden country, where the mineral character of limestone mingles with the breeze from the sea.


We take a few bottles with us, which we can taste in the privacy of Villa Cap Canaille. The golden colour of the wine echoes the last rays of the sun, those of the golden hour, which comes to caress the lush vegetation. It is a privileged moment, out of time, almost stolen.

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A candlelit dinner at Villa Madie

Come out the big game by taking your other half to Villa Madie . This two Michelin-starred restaurant is perched above the sea, near a reef reserved for insiders: Anse de Corton. Reserve a seat on the terrace and let yourself be carried away by the romantic atmosphere and the refined cuisine. Here, one can only fall in love, as the Norman chef Dimitri Droisneau fell in love with Provence ...


We opt for the “Cap Canaille” menu with six courses: a farandole of dishes inspired by the creeks. Our favourite ? Roasted then smoked blue lobster with Canaille immortelle. A top-notch dish that can only inspire beautiful declarations and crazy promises.


Discover our collection of luxury villa rentals in Cassis, and discover a thousand and one treasures, between the sea and vineyards in one of our most beautiful luxury holiday destinations.

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