Where to visit in Italy in February? Our 5 favourites

Cosy strolls, evenings by the fireplace, feasts of Italian cuisine, and much more. Discover where to visit in Italy in February with Le Collectionist.
Where to visit in Italy in February? Our 5 favourites
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The short and cold days of winter begin to diminish in February in Italy, but the first tendrils of summer's warmth have yet to shrug off the unfailingly cosy atmosphere of winter. With this guide on where to visit in Italy in February, you can enjoy those last intimate days of winter over steaming bowls of pasta in Florence or witnessing the first whispers of spring in Sicily during its almond blossom or celebrating Venetian-carnival style. Your luxury Italy holidays can be a time of boundless discovery no matter the season, but the winter months shed a local, personal light on the joys of Italian living. 

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Our list of where to visit in Italy in February

A cosy Valentine's in Florence


Hot chocolate and gelato down a quiet alley in the morning as the city stirs to life; evening walks halted by the aromas of a warmly lit trattoria, scents billowing onto the street from the kitchen in piquant plumes; lazy afternoons spent sauntering around some of the most famous art galleries in Europe in relative peace. Florence's delights are endless and, in winter, there is a restful charm that exists in the city. Beyond the wintery bliss of everyday Florence, there are also plenty of events that make it worth visiting in February.

On the first Sunday of each month, some of our favourite Florentine museums open their doors to visitors for free. At the end of February, Danzainfiera, an international event dedicated to dance, takes place in the city, with shows and workshops lighting up the stages and ballrooms of Florence for four days. 

Where to stay


Apartment Duomo will promise a comfortable and warm welcome to all of the guests who choose this as their holiday home. On colder evenings, turn on the fire and recline onto the spacious sofa for a movie night. Or, thanks to its central position, head out into the night for drinks in a cosy cocktail bar. After a long day of exploring, lower yourself into the warm, sunken bath.

Tuscan food and wine in Siena


To Florence's south, you will find the equally magical city of Siena. Siena, like Florence, boasts stunning architecture, with medieval buildings fanning out from the famous city centre, Piazza del Campo, where the Palazzo Publicco presides, poised and proud, over the city below. Siena is quieter than Florence, and in the winter it becomes a place of utter repose. Feel like a local by attending the flea and food markets that take place in their plenty. 

In the winter, one can even ski the slopes of Mount Amiata, an hour-and-a-half drive to the south of Siena. At the beginning of the month, Tuscan produce is on show at the Wine&Siena, a festival ushering in the new year belatedly. What better way to bring dry January to an end than by indulging in the finest Italian wine and cuisine. 

Where to stay

Villa Omnia

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On the verdant outskirts of Siena, Villa Agostoli is a warm country house wrapped in a blanket of vines. Having explored the perhaps snow-dusted streets of Siena, come back to the villa, kick off your shoes and have an aperitif beside the woodfire in your room or the drawing-room. The views of the Tuscan countryside from the villa are serene.

Enjoy the carnival celebrations in Venice


The less severe Adriatic winters reveal a different side of Venice. Exploring the city on crisp winter days is far more pleasant than in the stifling humidity of summer. The winter crowds have receded somewhat in February and the summer jet-set are yet to touch down on these lapping waterways.

Enjoy seeing the sights and gliding along the canals whilst the city is relatively quiet, but, above all, enjoy the Venetian Carnevale. Outlawed for centuries, the Carnevale has emerged from the ashes with a pirouette of twirling ribbons and ornate masks since its reestablishment in 1979. The event, which is usually the last two weeks of February, sees the city come together to celebrate its culture and heritage. Throw your hat in the ring for la maschera più bella, "the most beautiful mask", as you immerse yourself in the richness of this annual carnival. 

Where to stay

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Palazzo Boticelli is at once completely in the heart of the city and a haven from it. Watch the world chug by from the decking above the canal, or withdraw to the indoor jacuzzi to rest travel-wearied limbs or warm yourself for another day of exploration.

Witness the almond blossoms of Sicily


February in Sicily is not quite yet beach time, but the cooler weather makes it possible to explore more of the island. It's easy to feel at home in Sicily in the winter, as most of the touristy places remain shut, leaving you to become part of the local lifestyle.

In Agrigento, a hilltop city overlooking The Valley of Temples, where some of the best-preserved Greek temples defy their allotment in time, a springtime festival celebrates the blossoming almond trees. The festival is one of peace, as it begins with the lighting of the friendship torch in The Valley of Temples. What follows is a bright and colourful homage to spring, with music and dancing and typical Sicilian dishes. There are awards for the best-decorated balcony and the best singers and dancers, encouraging all to get involved. The Sciacca Carnival, which sees towering, magical floats take to the streets of Sciacca, also takes place in February.

Where to stay 

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Villa Aranciata is shawled in nature, its facade peering through branches and leaves. On sunny days, take to the tennis court or saunter around the tranquil garden. The villa also boasts a sauna, for heating yourself up on inclement days. 

Heat up in the hot springs of Saturnia from Orbetello


From the quaint town and the inimitably picturesque nature reserve of Orbetello, which is splashed with the pink of flamingoes and heralded by grey herons in winter, you can easily make your way to the hot springs of Saturnia. Before you head to the famous spa, take time to explore the historical town, which has its roots in pre-classical Greek history that is just half an hour away from the Province of Grosseto.

Once you have learned about the small spa town, the thermal baths will be a panacea for cold bones at the end of a long winter. Sink into the sumptuousness of a running thermal bath, as the rushing quartz-like water soothes your skin. From Orbetello there are plenty of wonderful walks nearby, allowing you to escape from the rush of daily life in the wintery Tuscan scenery.

Where to stay

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Castello Romano is like a dun-coloured stone fortress perched atop a rolling Tuscan hill. From here, the views are sweeping, extending over the vines and olive groves and towns. 

Visit Italy, one of our favourite luxury holiday destinations, in February to see a different side of this historical and wondrous land. Explore more of our luxury villa rentals in Italy to springboard your next adventure. 

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