Why luxury holidays in St. Barts are a must

From red roofs and clear waters to high-end shopping, nightlife, and dining, the charm of luxury holidays in St Barts is undeniable.
Why luxury holidays in St. Barts are a must
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Close your eyes and think of the ideal vision of a St Barts holiday: what do you see?

When we do, we hear the sound of waves softly crashing on the shore. And the warmth of white sand beneath our toes. We see ourselves lounging in the intimacy of our private villa, with the freedom to build our own bespoke experiences and memories.



Hearts beat a little faster as you get to St. Barts. And not just because it feels like you’ve survived the most terrifying plane landing in the world. Yes, even the short (and admittedly rocky) flight into the tiny runway is an unforgettable entrée into this crown jewel of the Caribbean.

It’s just got that indefinable ‘it’. Breathtaking splendor is what characterises St. Barts above all else, but also its size. It is neither too big nor too small. It comes neatly pressed, with red roofs complementing the charming French caribbean houses and shops, without a single unharmonious detail out of place. 



Of course, St. Barts is the preferred winter playground for the well-to-do and is one of our personal favourite luxury holiday destinations. However, we also love St Barts within the larger window of November through June. That said, we particularly recommend the dry season from December through April to fully enjoy the island. If you don’t mind higher temperatures and rainfall, with the advantage of less tourists, luxury holidays in St Barts is ideal in the fall as well.



Despite its small eight square miles, you can still choose from 22 beautiful beaches within the island paradise. For a leisurely walk on some of the island’s softest white sand, we love the Baie des Flamands. With a calm tide and turquoise water as clear as day, its allure is undeniable. To kick off the evening on the perfect note, head here at dusk. Our favourite activity is having a private yoga lesson to treat the body and mind amidst the glittering sunset backdrop. 

Tip: We adore finding ways to get some sun off the beaten path.  Head to Anse de Colombier by taking the less-known route from the Baie des Flamands. It’s the ideal St. Barts beach for seclusion and adventure.

Last but not least, buzzing social types can feel the pulse of the island at the Baie de St.-Jean. It’s the ultimate St. Barts hotspot for prime people-watching and flair. For a more serene and refined yet still social vibe, put on your Sunday best at Shellona. Sure, this popular stretch is the home of iconic properties like Nikki Beach and Eden Roc. But still, if you have little ones in tow, its calm waters make it safe yet still exciting for everyone.



Photos and relaxation aside, what’s a luxury holiday in St Barts without a bit of shopping? Luckily, it is a prized destination to get a real workout—by hauling your splurges, of course.

For designer ready-to-wear straight from the source, venture over to the Quai de la République, aka the Rue du Couturier, in Gustavia. The storefronts alone will evoke a sense of home for those who frequent NYC’s Madison Avenue, London’s Bond Street, or Paris’s Avenue des Champs-Élysées. However, a harbour-side backdrop is a welcome substitute for bustling city streets.


Alternatively, you might prefer local shopping options. Browse the curated selections at the boutiques that line Les Hauts du Carré d’Or. Island vibes abound with the beachwear and accessories at Metis, while Syysuna by Free Mousse curates the most charming home decor mementos you’ll love for years to come.

Tip: Just note that St. Barts stores close on Sunday, as well as for a few hours midday!


You can’t head to one of the world’s most coveted islands without feasting on its seafood. Taste the succulent ceviche or fresh catch of the day at beloved Bonito.

Or, for chef-inspired French/Caribbean fusion, reserve a table at La Case De L’Isle for lunch. Helmed by Chef Jean Imbert, this upscale restaurant at Cheval Blanc is perfect to cool off with the likes of chilled gazpacho, citrus shrimp, and crab salad.


St. Barts has no shortage of first-class hotels to choose from. But if you’re like us, you’ll prefer the intimacy of your own private villa and concierge to build your own adventure. Our luxury vacation rentals in St. Barts provide the perfect setting for your very own dream getaway.


Villa Lital 2-min

Beachfront properties

If you love to stay a hop away from the beach, Villa June is close enough that you can carry a conversation with the local boaters nearby. And speaking of, let us know if the waters out yonder call your name. One of our favourite things to do is to go on a big game fishing excursion for an exclusive experience off the typical tourists’ path.


Meanwhile, the only thing between your private infinity pool and the sand at Villa Aqua is a bit of greenery. These beachfront St. Barts villas are perfect for those who love an early morning (or late night) dip in the enchanting waters.


Modern villas

Villa Neo 2-min

Otherwise, modern architecture juxtaposed with a lush, abundant backdrop could be more your scene. Villa Neo and Villa Les Dunes provide the perfect blend of the refined and the exotic.


Unforgettable views

Now, for breathtaking views amidst quietude and pure luxury, we have just what you need. Villa Amancaya sits at the intersection of the mountains and the Atlantic. The two-bedroom main house is outfitted with lavender and teak accents to dually calm and inspire.

Villa-Amancaya 2-min


Of course, this is only a selection of our pristine holiday villas in St. Barts. Yet truth be told, with Le Collectionist, there’s no wrong way to go. 

By now, we don’t blame you for building up a case of wanderlust. So get to it: Choose from our stunning luxury villa rentals in St. Barts to inch one step closer to your fantasy island holiday.

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