Welcome to Villa de la Vallée, an Ode to the French Riviera

Élodie, warmly welcomes us inside Villa de la Vallée, her heavenly retreat on the breathtaking Côte d’Azur.
Welcome to Villa de la Vallée, an Ode to the French Riviera
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Perched on the Côte d’Azur in La Croix Valmer's Gigaro region, overlooking the glistening crystalline waters, Villa de la Vallée stands like a proud guardian. Having worked in Asia for ten years in the sphere of luxury fashion, for owner Élodie and her family, this home was the perfect slice of paradise in the sun-kissed French Riviera.

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Drawn towards the sensational beauty of the French Riviera and allure of being close to family, Élodie and her husband were on the search for a secluded retreat in France to call home. Having both spent family holidays here, the couple had deeply grounded roots among the palm trees in La Croix-Valmer.

Cocooned by pine trees and surrounding lush greenery, Villa de la Vallée is an Edenic escape along the picturesque coast. Élodie describes it as ‘countryside by the sea’ where the lapping waves, rustling leaves and song of the cicadas orchestrate a soothing lullaby that will make you feel immediately at peace

Sheltered from the chaos of the star-studded St Tropez region, the family were enamoured with Gigaro in La Croix-Valmer, which offers the beauty of the sun-drenched French Riviera without the hordes of tourists. 

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After a whirlwind of a house-hunting trip, visiting 40 houses in four days, Élodie describes how from the moment they saw the villa, it felt as though time stopped. Instantaneously enchanted, she felt an instant connection to the villa, with her daughter echoing this feeling as she ran around the house to claim her future bedroom. 

Built in 1999 by a German engineer, the couple were completely satisfied with the expert craftsmanship woven into the very DNA of the villa. With no major renovation work necessary, Élodie was free to unleash her creativity and passion for interior design.

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Not without its challenges doing such work remotely, Elodie took it into her stride, masterfully giving each room its own personality that still feels like they are singing from the same hymn sheet. For example in the master bedroom she wanted to ground the room in earth tones, creating a serene atmosphere while the ‘blue room’ is a sophisticated ode to the nautical setting. The azure hues of the expansive Mediterranean sea and skies are reflected in the décor, a colourful thread that is woven throughout the property. 

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Having lived in France, the US, Canada, Singapore, Hong Hong as well as being avid travellers, taking a walk through the house is like taking a whistle-stop tour around the globe. Moroccan-inspired decor in the studio mixes with a theme of preppy New England style and Greek influences throughout the villa. Elodie describes the sheer joy that she felt in making the mood boards and curating the pieces for the house, such as the Indian mother-of-pearl adorned chest of draws, which testify to the many stamps in the couple’s passports. 

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An antidote to the stresses of modern life, the breathtaking nature surrounding Villa de la Vallée is like a balm for the soul. Élodie describes how one of the first things that she does when returning to the property is to take a tour around the Mediterranean garden with her daughter, practising the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku as she puts her heart against the trunk of the two oak trees

Élodie seeks to bring this feeling of being grounded and calm indoors into the villa itself. An ode to the gentle way of life on the French Riviera, she has created a cocoon where friends and family feel immediately at home. Whether it is having apéros on the terraces or sitting around the crackling fireplace playing board games together at Christmas, a warm welcome is guaranteed. 


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One of Élodie’s greatest pleasures is to share the joy of Gigaro in La Croix Valmer and Villa de la Vallée with her loved ones and she invites you to flick through her address book to find all of her unearthed gems.

Elodie’s favourite addresses: 

  • Lily of the Valley, for dinner and drinks in a luxury spa-hotel overlooking the glistening sea 
  • Chez Jo, for delicious seafood, right on the beachfront
  • Cabane Méditerranée, at this beach restaurant savour fresh, local and seasonal delicacies
  • Brocante de Cogolin, on Sunday mornings rummage through this flea market to see what treasures you can find 


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