Villa Architecture & Nature: Tailor-Made in Morocco

Villa A&N combines the best of architecture and nature into its stunning design. Explore this unique craftsmen's home with us for a truly unforgettable experience.
Villa Architecture & Nature: Tailor-Made in Morocco
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Minutes from downtown Marrakech, in the heart of the arid landscapes of this luxury holiday destination, lies Villa Architecture & Nature. Built in 2006, this traditional-looking house was the first Moroccan build by Studio KO, the duo of brilliant architects, Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier. Tucked between the palm trees, Villa A&N immediately captures you with its striking minimalism. Its rectangular facade blends perfectly with its surroundings, without being lost in them. Looking out at the surrounding desert, you will feel the joy that Le Collectionist seeks to inspire as Villa A&N draws you in with its extraordinary personality.

Meet Majd Chetouani, the manager of Villa A&N and former owner of La Ferme Berbère, an ecological guest house in the centre of Marrakech. He joined the Villa A&N adventure in 2019 when the pandemic shook the whole world and upended the hospitality business. Already attuned to the large hotel business in Morocco, Majd immediately understood that this health crisis would upset the expectations of travellers. A long-time friend of the owner of the property, Madj seized the opportunity to join the Villa A&N family.


Dreamed up by a lover of art and history, who spent his childhood in Morocco, Villa A&N is a tribute to the traditions and contemporary architecture of the city. The result of long discussions with Studio KO, this house is "a work of art" in the eyes of Majd Chetouani. A tailor-made project between architecture and nature, Villa A&N was built with traditional Moroccan techniques using bricks and earth, thanks to the expertise of local craftsmen. This high-level architectural undertaking was not without its challenges, says Majd. Beyond a demand for perfection down to the smallest detail, Villa A&N is a feat of design. The owner wanted the rooms of Villa A&N to be filled with the brilliance of the sun while staying cool. Luckily, Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier knew how to play with light, bathing the whole villa in a chiaroscuro effect of sun and shadow.

The decoration of Villa A&N is just as carefully thought out as the philosophy behind its design. Just like the structure of the house, the smallest element of decor carries meaning. Renovated in 2021, the house has been meticulously redecorated. Leather sofas, hand-woven rugs, and custom-made wooden furniture, all the materials are high-end and paired to take you on a sensory journey. Continue your exploration at the villa's spa, entirely designed by Olivier Marty and Karl Fournier. Nature and ecology are at the centre of Villa A&N, embodying the calm of the Moroccan countryside on your luxury Marrakech holiday


Villa A&N is a great place for guests with unique sensitivities, and Majd Chetouani is happy to accompany you at every step of your stay with an attention to detail that reflects his idea of ​​hospitality. He is eager to share the Morocco he loves with his visitors, he believes that the real journey begins with shared emotions. So, admire the scenery and walk between the desert garden and the farm located at the entrance of the estate to see the animals, olive trees and vegetable gardens. Then, stop to relax at the yoga pavilion. There is no lack of imagination when it comes to hospitality and exclusivity at the villa. Perhaps you will be invited to a delicious dinner prepared by the private chef, enjoyed under the desert stars!


The Collection

If you want to venture outside the estate, don't worry, Majd has thought of everything. A tour of the Ourika Valley will take you to the doorstep of a local family who will be happy to invite you to their table. Everyone will find their own way to be immersed in the beauty of the estate during your stay. Early in the morning, take the time to curl up in an armchair in the large living room and admire the flames in the fireplace. The morning is also the time when the light is most beautiful, dancing around the room as it pours through the carefully designed windows. At Villa A&N, luxury and joy go hand in hand in this one-of-a-kind home.

Majd Chetouani’s Suggestions:

  • Have dinner on the estate with the private chef
  • Have a day of relaxation in the spa
  • Visit the Ourika Valley
  • Have an authentic lunch with a local family
  • Have a sunset picnic overlooking the Agafay desert

With Le Collectionist, your dream luxury holiday can become a reality. Explore our collection of luxury villa rentals in Marrakech and choose the perfect home for you! Be sure to contact our Tailors to make your stay truly unforgettable.

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The Collection

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