Our selection of villas for your dream Formentera holiday

Discover our selection of luxury villas on Ibiza's little sister, Formentera.
Our selection of villas for your dream Formentera holiday
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Much more intimate and preserved than its big sister Ibiza, Formentera enjoys a privileged natural space: the fauna and flora are denser and offer a much more authentic aspect of the Balearic Islands. Bordered by an infinite transparent sea, it is one of our most luxury holiday destinations in Spain. Departing from Ibiza, discover this timeless island in one of our luxury holiday homes.

The Sacred refuge of formentera

The sun rises, spreading heat and light over the flowery countryside of Formentera. On a tree near the terrace, a crested and colorful bird - the hoopoe - begins its morning song. We climb on the saddle of a bicycle to explore the small island and its riches.

First stop of our journey: the limestone coasts which border the island. In the hollow of the cliffs, caves and secret creeks hide the nests of protected birds. We go down along a steep path to reach the sea and take a first bath in the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

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For lunch, we pedal to a picturesque fishing port. At the table of a restaurant we taste local specialties: a salad, the Ensalada Pagesa, fresh and grilled fish and of course sheep's cheese. On the stone quays in front of us, the sailors get out of their typical blue and white boats and are busy untangling their colorful nets.

The afternoon is divided between exploring the island's enchanting scenery, swimming on warm sandy beaches or a bit of shopping in the hippie capital of Formentera, San Francesco Xavier.

Villa Lilou


Villa Lilou is an immersive journey into the typical life of the Balearic Islands. Its white facade with blue shutters traversed by bougainvilleas is an evocative reminder of the beautiful villages of the islands. Its warm interior takes us into the gentle life of the coast for luxury escapes. Located in the north of the island, it is the perfect vacation home to discover the quiet life of Formentera. We reach an intimate beach by a small secret path at the end of the house.

Villa Lavandine



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Villa Lavandine has a unique cubic shape in the landscape. Lying on a towel, you can relax on the waxed concrete terrace facing the incredible swimming pool in mosaics as yellow as the sun. In its garden, an expanse of lavender diffuses an intoxicating and sunny scent. Inside its minimalist style is contrasted by the extravagant colors of the seats and the paintings that represent the wild nature of Formentera.

During the day, we discover the marshes of the island inhabited by elegant pink flamingos, too concentrated by fishing to be offended by our presence. Then we walk along a long path to reach the lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria, its natural cave and its wonderful view of the sea.

Villa Panoramica


Hidden between the sea and the dunes, the shaded terrace of Villla Panoramica offers an exceptional view of the infinite blue water. Its warm whitewashed facade, its shape and its light wood furniture make it one of the villas with the most typical architecture of the area. Its rooftop is a quiet cocoon in which relaxation is the key word. Curled up in the large sofas, a glass of wine in hand you can enjoy the burning sun that dominates the skies.

Villa Patricia


In the heart of the island, Villa Patricia is a secret refuge among the trees. Its covered terraces are peaceful havens where plants and lanterns hang, it brings us freshness and well-being during long meals or shade and relaxation in the afternoon.

In the morning, we dive into the beautiful swimming pool where we read a book in the large sofas and benches scattered around the garden of this luxury house before getting back on the saddle, heading to the pretty beach of Cala Saona to curl up next to the picturesque boat sheds clinging to the reliefs.

Explore Le Collectionist and find the perfect villa for your luxury holiday in Spain. Discover our experiences and all our other luxury villas in Formentera.

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