What to do on your Cote d'Azur holidays

Discover the paradisaical joys that Cote d'Azur holidays have to offer. Spend days on the beach or sampling local wines in a world-famous beach club.
What to do on your Cote d'Azur holidays
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The Cote d'Azur's rise to stardom in the world of holiday destinations is beholden to the region's natural beauty. This glistening stretch of coastline has pockets of wondrous natural beauty: small beaches cradled by formidable rocky inlets, like a pearl in an oyster; coastal cliffs that plunge into the sea, their plateaus lined with vines that produce ambrosial grapes and wines. Open the door on the wonderful world that awaits on the Cote d'Azur.


Beyond this beauty that the Cote d'Azur's natural side flaunts, there is a deep well of tradition that exists in all facets of life. While the French Riviera has become notoriously glitzy, which has its own allure, the region still holds its rich traditions and culture dear. Discover the age-old practice of winemaking, passed down from one generation to the next. Play petanque in the fading afternoon light beneath the trees of Place des Lices in St Tropez. The Cannes Film Festival, nearly in its 75th year of being, embodies the fertile appreciation for cinema in the area. 

All of these things, and much more, come together to make Cote d'Azur holidays intriguing, alluring, and wholly luxuriating experiences. On your next Provence holidays, make sure to explore the endlessly picturesque stretch of Mediterranean coastline in the South of France. The Cote d'Azur is without a doubt one of the best luxury holiday destinations that France has to offer.

Is the Cote d'Azur good for beach holidays?

While Cote d'Azur holidays are known for much more than just the beaches, there is an effortless appeal to the shimmer blue waters of the Mediterranean. Even from the train, where a blur of red rocks whizzes past and the sea passes with relative steadiness, the views are breathtaking. Only the veterans of this journey will be able to resist ogling out of the window. 


In the summer months, however, the beaches are prone to being overcrowded. That said, there are countless hidden coves to discover; where relative quiet prevails. Traverse the wild and rocky paths of Massif de Calanques to find these tucked-away coves. Or, simply opt to spend the day flitting with the sea breeze between your sunlounger and some of the world-famous beach clubs that line the shores of Ramatuelle. Cannes, Antibes, and Nice are also home to some of Europe's best beaches which burst with life in the long, languid days of summer. 

Just another day on your French Riviera Holidays

From the St Tropez beach clubs

Since the days when Brigitte Bardot and her fellow cast members in And God Created Woman strutted their glamorousness on the shores of St Tropez in 1955, Plage de Pampelonne has become a hotspot for the trendiest and most exclusive beach clubs and bars. With the beauty of the area and the delicious Mediterranean food, it's easy to see why.

Le Club 55

This is arguably where it all started. During the filming of And God Created Women, Le Club 55 welcomed the cast with open arms and refreshments to get them through their long days of shooting. It is a beach club that is steeped in history and tradition; intertwined with the folklore of the region. Today, the beach club is a stalwart of the beach club scene that seems to do everything it does with expert simplicity. Enjoy the theatre of ordering the crudités in this lavishly relaxed beach club. 


Plage des Salins

This is a recognisable familiar favourite: the beach club, with its Italian and seafood restaurants on the cusp of actually being in the sea, look to be a sea themselves. A wave of blue umbrellas ripple in the breeze in front of the restaurant and the sea follows suit in front of the umbrellas. 

Indie Beach House

The trendy youngster of Pampelonne, Indie Beach House is a contemporary, rustic-chic beach club with an ambience that whispers of crisp linen shirts and feet-in-the-equally-crisp-sand afternoons. Spend your day on this white stretch of sand and feast on Mediterranean delights at Indie Beach House. During the long summer evenings, music oozes from the bar while guests sip on refreshing cocktails.


Read our guide to the best of the best St Tropez beach clubs here.

Unique experiences on your Cote d'Azur holidays

Here at Le Collectionist, we value providing our clients with utterly unique experiences; to make each holiday a personal experience, so that you and your loved ones can forge unforgettable memories with those you cherish. 

Create your own personalised perfume in Cannes

Learn about this fine and sophisticated craft from the noses at Maison Molinard - a family-run perfumery that is steeped in the tradition of one of the area's historical crafts. 

Climb along the edge of the sea in Gassin

Feel at your most alive as you abseil and rock climb along the picturesque but daunting climbing routes that dangle over the Mediterranean below. 


Discover the wines of the region

Taste the delectable wines and rosés produced in this region by paying a visit to one of the oldest producer's chateau and estate. Learn about the processes that have been passed down from generation to generation. 

The best activities for your Cote d'Azur family holidays

Gone fishing in La Croix Valmer

At the crack of dawn, head out alongside Yohann, an expert fisherman, to catch the morning's haul and learn about his beloved sport. 

Scour the sea for hidden treasures in Gassin

Take your children aboard a pirate ship to find hidden gems on an unforgettable outing. 


Paddle and picnic in Grimaud

Depart to a secret picnic spot, where a candlelit spread and a magical evening of paddleboarding awaits you and your family.  

To arrange these amazing experiences and more, speak to your dedicated Le Collectionist holiday tailor. 

Villas with pools on your Cote d'Azur holidays

Villa Hanoï, Ramatuelle

This Hockneyesque, California-style villa near the thriving Pampelonne Beach is an idyll in the heart of the vibrant life that St Tropez ancotd the surrounding area boasts. Villa Hanoï is perched amongst its manicured lawns with splendorous views of the sea below. Spend the weekend dipping into the beach clubs that thrive and jive in the summer months, before reclining into a Sunday night film in your very own alfresco home cinema. 


Villa Arthur, Grimaud

Villa Arthur is set against the hillside above Sainte-Maxime and commands amazing views over the bay below. The villa's linear facade, with its stone walls and large windows, seamlessly blends with the verdant vegetation that seems to spill from the villa and trickle down towards the enticing sea. To cool off during the heat of the day, slip into the cooling embrace of the dark-tiled infinity pool or nap in your plush room with the large sliding doors open, allowing the fresh air to lull you to sleep.


Your luxury France holidays are about immersing in the country's rich and varied culture and beauty. Explore Le Collectionist to springboard your next luxury Cote d'Azur holidays.

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