Brunnenhof Residence: the Alps from Every Angle

In the heart of the Austrian Alps, discover the Brunnenhof Residence: a stylish newcomer to the famous village of Lech.
Brunnenhof Residence: the Alps from Every Angle
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In the heart of the Austrian Alps, Brunnenhof is a newcomer to the village of Lech. With more than five floors, this luxurious property brings together some of the most beautiful apartments in the region, with a heated swimming pool, spa, hammam and sauna. In this refined building, just steps from the centre of the resort, you are sure to find an alpine refuge to suit your style, whether you are more adventurous, authentic, or free-spirited!


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Brunnenhof Apartment 5: For Adventurers

If you feel like Jean-Claude Killy as soon as you slip a foot into your ski boots, then Apartment 5 is for you. From top to bottom, this home is an adventurer's refuge, filled with pairs of old skis and ski batons, and cosy plaids. Spend the day going down the slopes and when night falls, bring everyone together for a delicious fondue dinner.


Brunnenhof Apartment 7: Less is More

If you think that the magic of the Alps stands on its own, Apartment 7 is made for you. Clean and sleek, it is the ideal haven for lovers of minimalism. Its raw wood and recessed lighting make the living spaces perfect for sipping homemade hot chocolate after a long day of skiing. The large dining table has been designed to bring guests together for a delicious meal before ending the evening in the living room with a board game by the light of the fire.


Brunnenhof Apartment 8: God Save the Alps

Do you love Downton Abbey and have a weakness for British humour? Then Apartment 8 will make you want to say “cheers!”  In this peaceful oasis, it’s always tea time. Between pastel accent colours, soft sofas, and upholstered armchairs, you could spend your day snuggled up by the fireplace with a good book and forget to put on your skis!

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Brunnenhof Apartment 11: Austrian Alps

Apartment 11 is a modern tribute to Tyrolean traditions made for mountain lovers. From the exposed beams on the ceiling, to the vintage maps on the wall in the dining room, to the slate paintings in the kitchen, there’s no need to wear traditional clothes to find yourself in the heart of the Austrian Alps. Make sure to taste the local dishes, that are as delicious as they are difficult to pronounce. On the menu: Spinatknödel and Kaspressknödel!


Brunnenhof Apartment 12: Vintage Alps

No matter what the calendar says, are you always ready to put on your best outfit and thaw out the après-ski to the sound of the best hits from Donna Summer and Cerrone? In that case, go back in time within the walls of Apartment 12 of the Brunnenhof residence. Both retro and contemporary, the decoration of this vintage home reminds us of the 70s, the golden age of studio 54 and flared clothing. Scandinavian chairs, marble fireplaces, rounded tables and designer lamps are all retro touches that warm up the atmosphere. This trendy chalet is an invitation to cocoon between two styles, or two choreographies, for those who have never really said goodbye to disco.

At Le Collectionist, we offer unique and extraordinary experiences in our many luxury holiday destinations. After choosing your dream home, contact your tailor and book one of our luxury chalet rentals in the Austrian Alps, for the perfect family ski holiday.


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