The island that has it all: Corsica villa holidays

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide the kind of holiday you want: relaxation or adventure; culture or beach? Fortunately, Corsica has it all. Dive into the amazing villas we have on offer, leaving you to adventure the island.
The island that has it all: Corsica villa holidays
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Corsica holidays flaunt a realm of endless variety and exploration. The island has somehow crammed in a geographical variation of bounteous proportions. Few places present visitors with the opportunity to explore high peaks, sun on sandy beaches, horse ride through scrubland, and snorkel crystal clear waters. On the island of Corsica, all of this is possible in the same day. 

Nature and beauty are defining characteristics of the island, but so too are luxury and comfort. After days spent on deserts, beaches and mountaintops you will undoubtedly find yourself in a splendid restaurant, whether Michelin-starred or a simple local favourite. Our villas are no exception to this balanced life of intrepidness and lavishness.  


Corsica is one of Le Collectionist's favourite luxury holiday destinations and there are a number of luxury villas available for holiday rental on the island. The Isle of Beauty, as it has been dubbed, was the inspiration for Matisse's love of colour. Live your most colourful life in Corsica by choosing one of our villas and letting us take care of the rest, so you can explore the amazing island.

These Corsica villas are paired with the perfect activity that awaits discovery within the vicinity of the villa.

Dance in the desert or bathe on the beach

Villa Rosabelle is located in Curzo near L'Île-Rousse, on the coastal fringes of the Agriate Desert. Walk out onto the patio and amble towards the swimming pool for a plunge in the heat of the day. From here, you are greeted with sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea and L'île-Rousse. Spend the evening lapping up the sunset from the rooftop with a refreshing drink in hand.


The villa is on the doorstep of the desert, a fascinating and breathtaking place to explore. There are also some spectacular beaches awaiting discovery just a stone's throw away. Take a boat trip to Saleccia beach or drop down to Plage de Bodri for an easy dip in the early evening. 

Sunset in paradise 

Villa Frida seamlessly blends onto its spacious terrace, allowing the evening light to pour into the living spaces. The panoramic view is simply stunning, as the sun begins to sink below the horizon, the sky is set ablaze with a pallet of warming colours. Surround yourself with candlelight as the night sets in and the town below begins to glow. 



Drive to Saint-Florent and catch the ferry to spend the day swimming in the azure waters of the paradisiacal Lotu beach. Or cling to the villa's serenity, tucked against the mountainside on the north-western side of the island, by lounging beside the infinity pool. Discover more amazing Corsica beaches here. 

Peaceful Pinarellu

This neat villa, just twenty minutes outside Porto-Vecchio, is set amongst wild flowers and a tangled foliage of pine trees. The air is fresh, but laden with the scents of nature, as it dances through Villa Gabriela. An easy sense of solitude envelopes the house and its oasis-like pool. The beautiful view over the treetops and the greenery sharply turns blue as it meets the sea, transforming into a sky-blue hue as it soars about the horizon.


Explore the fishing village of Pinarello, which has held onto its quaint charm and authenticity. Take a tour of Île de Pinarellu, which is crested with a Genoese tower - a testament to the rich history of the island. 

Culinary delights in Palombaggia

Villa Vittorio is situated near Porto-Vecchio overlooking the bay of Palombaggia. From its front, the villa's contemporary lines and the white façade make it stand out from the landscape. From the side, the rock and slate wall makes it feel so naturally part of its surroundings; it surprises from all angles. 



As with most luxury destinations, there is an expectation on luxury France holidays to provide a rounded experience. However, there is quite often a special emphasis on food, given France's reputation for producing culinary excellence. Corsica wholly abides by this emphasis, and its gastronomy is filled with exciting elements that balance the island's offerings. Experience the very best of Corsica's dining at the two Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant at Le Casadelmar. 

Tizzano by horseback 

Delve into the bucolic wonders of Corsican life with Villa Rosetta as your base - a place of comfort to return to after an adventurous expedition. Half an hour from Propiano you will find a ranch near the beach of Tizzano. Trot and prance through the maquis on a ride to suit your level of comfortably atop a horse.



Come back to submerge yourself in the massaging movement of the jacuzzi, or sink into the cool of the pool to wash away the sweat you built up on your travels. Once refreshed, an appetite will inevitably need satiating. But the journey is not yet over. The taste is yet to be exercised, and La Table de la Ferme will be sure to set you on a culinary odyssey. 

A Nature Reserve for restorative ambles

Villa Piana slots into its natural surroundings like it was designed for that purpose alone. It seems unfathomable that it can do anything more with such perfection. Yet, it is faultlessly homely and comfortable, its interior so inviting you would be more surprised if the previous guests weren't still hanging around. 



The villa is on the doorstep of the strait of Bonifacio nature reserve. The wild olive trees and scrubland seems to spill over, hemmed in only by the rock walls and footpaths that lace their way through the property and around the pool. 

Discover Corsica's history

Villa Francesca is ideally located to pique the interests of the culturally curious and historically inclined. Near to the villa is Filitosa, a significant archaeological site where prehistoric artefacts were discovered in 1946. There is a rich history on the island, and a culture where quotidian living is wholesome and unpretentious.

This stylish house is an idyllic retreat, set back from the buzz of the town with mountain and sea views providing a soothing touch. The beach is within walking distance: a serene place to slip off to for a quiet walk along the soft stretches of sand.


The villa's locus on the western coast reveals Corsica's more rugged side without losing any of the comforts. During the hottest of day's, dive into the cooling embrace of the pool before ambling back into the shelter offered by the villa's central air conditioning. This is the perfect setting for your trip, whether you are on Corsica family holidays or jaunts with friends.

Villa holidays in Corsica are unlike any other. Explore our luxury holiday homes to discover the best Corsica holiday villas the island has to offer.

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